you can find alot of evil clowns on YouTube – watch these

We want to warn you that this is not funny ha ha stuff.

Seriously each of these videos will probably make you think. This post is to make you listen to what each of them says and then think about what it means to you – and how it can effect your life today – and Tomorrow; more importantly.

Ms Prada – singing and dancing about his sweaty stank clit.

At 3:03 when that wig flies off – Ohhhh Weeee.. Priceless

People Please Practice SAFE SEX ALWAYS

Next This clown goes nuts over a bumper sticker – yes a bumper sticker and uses his clown car to take the show to another level.  amazingly the man was not hurt but his car sure was, and that’s not funny.  these  clowns need good insurance because they cause alot of mayhem wherever they show up always; guaranteed.

Crazy ass clowns..

Next we have a subliminal piece with no words, just visuals. very strange eyes which are totally scary. Watch this guys eyes.  there is something very very sinister about this short video. we didn’t ask so don’t you tell (wink-wink)

This is a whole lot of talk and most of it will make you want to reach into the screen and slap them. they are replacing facts with their version of the facts.

Slavery is what they are justifying. these clowns keep talking about the pillaging of the south; as though they can blame anybody except themselves. These are what is commonly known as patriots for the destruction of the United States.

They are 2010 Confederates – yes we still have them, and most of them have joined the tea party – why ? because when you watch this video you’ll agree they’re bonafide Teabaggers.

Yes their flags flew over slave ships just like they fly over false government buildings today. They get to the Democrats finally, and then they think they’re home free. it’s sad that they don’t see how far they are from the reality. this is one of the best clips we’ve seen of this length of white rage.

Yes this is a raging white clown.  He is using a prop instead of makeup to get peoples attention. remember clowns are masters at getting attention. some-folks even call them Ringmasters..

This one makes us really laugh because these are actual Signs carried by Teabaggers at their various rallies around the country. can you imagine what could be accomplished if they would only put their energy into helping to FIX the crisis left by their eight years of clowning around..

This is a Mime.. No Really. she has nothing to say she is just there; sadly.

Take note of what the signs say to be sure you can identify them when you see them again. because if they get into office you will see them often, trust us clowns love to put on all kinds of dog and pony shows, instead of fixing problems.  they’ve been known to employ Blue Smoke and Mirrors to distract you while they make their get away.  truly memorable..

He is telling the truth, we’ve got to watch these clowns. they are really crafty. you just can’t let em mass up or they will cause a real three ring  circus to take over the stage up on capital hill. People trust me, these are some realllly scary clowns.

Now we have the God Made People Gay Video – and he quotes the verses from the bible oddly enough. this one made us the most uncomfortable of all of these. We just do not like batshit crazy people playing games with logic;  and using the bible to make their crazy shit seem logical.  that’s too much Clowning around for anybody.

Be Warned Christians – This Video May Anger You.

Butterah what we don’t understand is What’s Realllly Going On With His Hair ? we mean like Realllly..what is up with his hair ?

Finally we have these clowns stepping on a woman’s head earlier this week. notice that they don’t even have on their face paint.  they are just cold skrate clowning live on demand.  this is clearly a “freestyle” street performance .

Can you imagine stepping on a persons head in a crowd of news cameras in front of a candidate for public office ? oh please, she had marks on her neck. her attack was recorded on video and now it’s up to who to do what ? more clowns.. more clowns people.. remember this picture on November 2. it’s very important to be clear about who will be in the big top in the next session.

Between you and me, this is not the bunch to reason with – they’re evil clowns and they’re up to no good.

Now if that doesn’t scare you,  just wait until November 3rd if you don’t vote these republiclowns out.  Trust us, they have a whole three ring circus for our asses.

This post is just to show you that on youtube you can find alot of evil clowns. and fyi NONE of these are Juggalos.

VOTE NOVEMBER 2nd Like Your Ass Depends on it – Because IT DOES

That is All –