YIKES ! Dudus Takes a plea deal; after the death of Patsy

OMG, JTV is reporting that Christopher “Dudus” Coke is reported to have pled guilty in exchange for a short sentence in his NY Drug Trial.  This is something that truly needs to be investigated fully before we confirm the rumor.

Dudus pleads guilty

Jamaica Observer -  Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Prosecutors alleged that FORMER Tivoli Gardens strongman Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke pleaded guilty today on drugs and weapons-smuggling charges, according to a report in the American media.

Prosecutors alleged that since 1990, Coke controlled a drug ring from Tivoli Gardens in West Kingston. While cocaine and marijuana were sent into the US, investigators alleged that guns and other firearms were sent from the US to other drug leaders in Jamaica.

Officials said that they had wiretap information, informants and other evidence allegedly linking Coke to drug dealing dating back to 1994.The United States had wanted Coke since at least 2009, but Jamaican officials at first resisted the effort. ;

The ensuing raids to capture him led to a bloody street fight between Jamaican security officials and Coke’s supporters. Coke was eventually captured in the company of Reverend Al Miller, and was flown to New York for trial after he waived his right to an extradition hearing in Jamaica.

We just wanted you to know what’s flying around.   Our calls to his family only opened up more questions than answers on the matter.  We will continue to report as we receive confirmation of the deal, from either his attorneys, or his family.  we don’t trust any other sources at this point, and want to bring you fact; instead of rumor.

Watch This to get more info on why this is the situation from the peoples view -

Also more bad news for Dudus -

Christophers’ Mom – Pauline “Patsy” Halliburton passed away two weeks ago in Jamaica (08/21/2011). She was in hospital when she passed away. Patsy had been battling illness for quite a while, and finally her fight ended.  The Nine Night was held last night in Kingston; and the funeral is planned for this weekend.  That’s’ a lot of sad news for one week.

Send the Coke Family Your Prayers for comfort and clarity, because surely they need them right now more than ever.

This is a short video list all about Dudus Trials and Tribulations

These Days Only the Smart Survive, The Political Games. Good Luck Dudus, Hopefully we’ll see you again soon,