Yes It’s Monday and We Want To ASK Since when did the HIV Virus Become Controllable ?

It’s Monday and we’re looking at the most recent politically related violence in the US.  Did you realize that they shoot shoftlifters at Walmart ? well they do and today we’re going to show you the proof.  We also discovered that the School to Prison Pipeline has been working overtime since the middle 80′s on Black Males. That means in essence, CCA has a whole generation of slaves and wages that they need to pay tax on.  We spend just a moment and look at Walmart and the Poverty Murder of Workers Globally.  Finally We touch the Whistle Blower Act before examining the effects of Sandy and Homelessness in NYC.

Best to get a Big Cup of  Something to Drink and Take some time to Read The Real News

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Last Tuesday, the President of the United States signed into law the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act. As President Obama was signing this bill into law, Bradley [Manning] and I were in the courtroom for [his trial]…How can you reconcile that? I don’t know the answer to that question.”

David Coombs, lawyer for Bradley Manning, the jailed soldier accused by the government of leaking national security information to WikiLeaks. (via motherjones)

 Such a Crock of Piss Poor Patriotism.  Bradley Manning Should Be FREED NOW !  He did nothing but expose the secret sludge that was eating American resources and returning nothing but coffins.  There had to be an end to this diplomatic rewording of the facts.  John McCain is bitter and blaming the DOS statement delivered by Susan Rice; for some misconscribed BS that prevents his support of her nomination as the new SOS.  Of course he would do whatever he could because he has the military credentials to buck and kick; but does he have the good sense to realize that Susan Rice was acting purely as a Script Reader for his military intelligencia ?

There has to be a limit to the amount of BS one diplomat should have to deal with and we think Susan Rice deserves a few moments alone in a diplomatic elevator with one Senator McCain to discuss his discourse on her delivery.

There has to be some decorum between the handlers and the financiers. If McCain doesn’t get that he should get in his caddie and motor back to the desert and mellow out like the old moldy cheese he is.  Who wants to think that a politician with this much influence would purposely use his strength to block someone because he didn’t like how they delivered what their handlers told them to say.

That’s a bitch ass thing for anyone to do, especially an old warhorse like McCain.  Really it’s time for him to call it a day and retire. Phoenix SBA could certainly benefit from him helping to rebuild the economy.  He could be especially useful for those returning from the military and need a hand up; instead of a hand out.   This might really be his calling since being in the Senate clearly isn’t.

First Off lets look at this craziness – One of our Tumblrs found the real dirt and decided to spread it around so we can all get our facts straight.

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Study: Black male incarceration jumped 500% from 1986 to 2004
November 12, 2012

A report has been released at Meharry Medical College School of Medicine about the devastating impact that mass incarceration has on our society.  The study, published in Frontiers in Psychology, is one of the most thorough examinations of the impact that mass incarceration has on the African American community.  The study’s authors argue that the billions of dollars being spent keeping non-violent offenders behind bars would be better spent on education and rehabilitation.

“Instead of getting health care and education from civil society, African American males are being funneled into the prison system. Much of this costly practice could be avoided in the long-term by transferring funds away from prisons and into education,” says Dr. William D Richie, assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Meharry Medical College, lead author of the paper.

The study’s authors note that 60% of all incarcerations are due to non-violent, drug-related crimes. The authors also note that the cost of substance abuse in the United States is as high as half a trillion dollars per year.

“Spending money on prevention and intervention of substance abuse treatment programs will yield better results than spending on correctional facilities,” the authors claim in the study.

Finally, the authors note that while crime rates have declined over the last 20 years, incarceration rates have climbed through the roof. The inmates occupying these jail cells are disproportionately black.  In fact, the black male incarceration rate has jumped by 500% between 1986 the 2004.  The authors note that, even for those who don’t abuse drugs before going to prison, the likelihood of substance abuse after prison goes up dramatically.

You can read more of the study at this link

The mass incarceration epidemic affects all of us, even those who haven’t gone to prison: It affects the child who grows up without  a father who has been incarcerated, the children who are bullied at school by that child, the woman seeking a husband who can’t find a good man to marry, the list goes on and on.  When so many of our men are marginalized and incarcerated, this has a powerful impact on the sociological ecosystem of the black community, the same way an economy crumbles when a few large companies go bankrupt.

The point here is that we cannot look at the holocaust of mass incarceration as someone else’s problem or something that just affects criminals.  The punishment should fit the crime, and when every study imaginable says that black people are more likely to go to jail for the same crimes, this means that Jim Crow is alive and well.  Something must be done at the grassroots, state and federal levels.  We cannot allow this epidemic to exist any longer.


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Oh Yes we realize that is alot to deal with at once sitting – but just bookmark it and come back for the full serving.  We’ll be sure to keep it hot for ya. This is all about you Walmart Shoppers and how much you really contribute to the worlds pain and death.  Did you realize that your bloody purchases are causing Death in America and in the poor countries where Walmart enslaves thousands making it’s cheap goods ?  Dig This -

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A fire inside a multi-story garment factory outside Dhaka, Bangladesh killed at least 111 people.  Most of the workers inside the building died on the first and second floors, where there were not enough exits — and those that did exist did not open to the outside.  Bangladesh is the second largest clothes exporter after China, and has a notorious safety record; more than 500 workers have died in factory fires there since 2006.  (Photo: Abir Abdullah / EPA via The New York Times)


“Wal-Mart wouldn’t pay for Bangladeshi factory safety improvements:”

At a meeting in April 2011, more than a dozen retailers including Wal-Mart, Gap, Target and JC Penney met in Dhaka to discuss safety at their supplier Bangladeshi garment factories. Bloomberg Newsrevealed minutes from this meeting Wednesday, which show that Wal-Mart nixed a plan that would require retailers to pay their suppliers enough to cover safety improvements.

Last month, a fire in a factory used by Wal-Mart killed 112 workers. There were no fire exits. Despite the fact that more than 700 Bangladeshi garment workers have died since 2005, Wal-Mart and Gap refused last year to pay higher costs for safety. Bloomberg cited comments from a document produced by Wal-mart’s director of ethical sourcing and a Gap official for the Dhaka meeting. It stated:

“Specifically to the issue of any corrections on electrical and fire safety, we are talking about 4,500 factories, and in most cases very extensive and costly modifications would need to be undertaken to some factories. It is not financially feasible for the brands to make such investments.”

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And all of those who rushed out and pushed their way past those protesting for a liveable wage probably would say they had nothing to do with this. But we think that if you look at what you purchased and find something from Bangladesh you should think twice right now because you helped fund this murder plot.   As well some of you are helping create the increase in security at US based stores due to the increase in shoplifting.  Shoplifting for those who are interested in the generalization of the law is a property crime and usually does not merit the use of a gun. However in the cases below the gun was used and it resulted in tragedy.

 We think Walmart is Too Dangerous to shop there. How About You ?

FYI Now Walmart is Shooting Shoplifters

 suspected shoplifter was reportedly shot and killed by an off-duty deputy in a Texas Walmart parking lot on Thursday.

According to KHOU, the unnamed shopper was killed after she and a number of other women were spotted “stuffing items inside their purses” at a Houston Walmart before attempting to exit the store.

An employee reportedly notified the deputy, who was working “an approved extra job as security” at the Walmart store. The deputy, who works for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, is said to have confronted the women as they were leaving the Walmart, but they allegedly “would not cooperate.”

As KTRK reports, authorities claim one of the women “hit the deputy with her purse” before the group ran off into the store’s parking lot and got into their car.

“At that point, the deputy opened the door and commanded the driver to stop,” Deputy Thomas Gilliland told the news agency. “She put it in drive, revving forward, dragging the deputy. The deputy discharged his weapon. The vehicle then fled,” he continued.

Gilliland also said that the deputy may have been “knocked…off balance” and that he had fired the shot ”in fear [for] his life,” KHOU reports.

Though the group managed to get away, police soon found the car at a nearby apartment complex. One of the women was found dead from a gunshot wound, and another was reportedly taken into custody.

The case remains under investigation.

As the Consumerist notes, this is the second shoplifter-related death at a Walmart in recent weeks. Over Black Friday weekend, a suspected shoplifter died after being subdued by Walmart employees at a Georgia store, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

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And if they don’t shoot you they just might we wwf  enthusiasts and kill you with a Choke Hold – Yes a Choke Hold We Also saw this in The Consumerist

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution says the man may have died as a result of a choke hold the security officer allegedly placed him in. He’s no longer working for Walmart.

Police say the suspect tried to exit through the front door around 1:30 a.m. with the two DVD players, but was then caught by the trio and a “physical altercation” occurred. By the time cops arrived, the three people were on top of the alleged suspect, but since he wasn’t showing any resistance, police ordered the trio to get off of him.

The man was reportedly unresponsive at that time and bleeding from his nose and mouth. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

“No amount of merchandise is worth someone’s life,” a Walmart spokesperson said Sunday. “Associates are trained to disengage from situations that would put themselves or others at risk.”

“This is truly a sad situation,” she added. “We don’t know all of the facts right now. We’re in the process of working with law enforcement to deterimine all of the facts and cooperating and providing any information we have to assist in the investigation.”

Alleged shoplifter dies after being subdued by Walmart workers [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

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Next we look at another typically American problem – the Shuffling of the HIV Hoax

Yes we said hoax since we think there is a little bit of tom fuckery going on in this case.  You take a moment and look at it and decide for yourself because we’re keeping close touch on the numbers and this makes us wonder just how much of HIV is naturally occurring from transmission; instead of medical infection ?  Yeah,, think about that for a minute.

Just like you take those deadly flu shots;  you could be hosting a disease in your body and never know it until the government decides to activate it.  That’s just beyond sinister – that’s pure 100% murder.  If this is true, Americas’ CDC has been behind one of the cruelist jokes played on the world.  Hopefully someone will be able to make sense out of this craziness because no one should have to wonder if someone will activate a deadly disease in their body; because they’ve been chosen as a secret experiment participant.  Reminds us of the Scottsboro Boys all over again.

Yes We think everyone who has been effected in some way should be reading this article and passing it around for perusal to your circles.  The sidebar about them treating cancer is another issue. It’s the Disabled Form of HIV that we need to be asking about.

 Yes Since when did the HIV Virus Become Controllable ?

Obviously it was all the time with this information leaking.
That’s why we think that everyone should just say no to anymore of these viruses that are injected to supposedly kill the possible virus you may develop in the future.
 In other words, remove yourself from the experiment before it begins without your knowledge.  Just say NO to Shots in general because there is just too much secret sorcery going on in medical labs now.  The Flu vaccine is most certainly not one you want because it’s preserved with MERCURY – Yes Deadly Toxic Mercury.  And just think they want to shoot this poison into your body in the name of stopping you from getting sick ?  No Fricken Way Today Y’all.  Just Say NO MORE.
lets step off the subject for a moment and just show you how far mankind is off it’s axis. Even the planets’ animal populations are off. Did you know that Lobsters are Now Eating Other Lobsters ?  Yes Crustacean Canibalism.  Check This Out -

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Researchers studying Maine’s lobster population, booming in recent years amid warming waters and disappearing predators, have detected something never before seen in the wild: lobster cannibalism.

It has long been known that lobsters will attack and eat each other if confined together in a small space — hence the banding of claws on lobsters in supermarket tanks.

That aggressive behavior had not been thought to occur in the wild, but with the increasing density of the crustaceans in the Gulf of Maine it seems big lobsters are feasting on little lobsters once the sun goes down.

“We’ve got the lobsters feeding back on themselves just because they’re so abundant,” said Richard Wahle, a marine sciences professor at the University of Maine, who is supervising the research. “It’s never been observed just out in the open like this,” he said.

READ ON: Cruel new fact of crustacean life — lobster cannibalism

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We think this may be behind that awful Lobster sale they have at Red Lobster.  People need to think about this before they participate in promoting this.   Lets move on to dealing with the one thing all of us have in common – debt and the promotion of it into our daily lives.

Just ask yourself, have you thought about your Slavemaster and his needs lately ? Well we sure did when we saw this today -

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Slavery was not abolished.


How do you own a person you ask….

Do you not have a mortgage on your new house filled with all of the newest “must have” gadgets, a loan on your new “cool” neighbor approved car(s)? Do you not work everyday to earn special government issued “coupons” called dollars just to then hand them over to the “masters” who hold these notes/mortgages over you?

Slavery is alive and well,

just dressed up in a neat little package with a pretty little bow on it.

Consume, Obey, Sleep…

Because we’ve spoken so much lately about the political hijacking of all the House Committees by John Boehner; we have the line up for you now. Just take a look at how this works out for the people who pay the taxes and have to live under the rules of those who don’t.  Really these choices are not a good fit for  the nation.  We believe that they were appointed to continue the culture of filibuster and no work in the house.  This needs to stop and there must be some rule which stops it.  Someone just needs to find it and bring it to the floor for action. Please someone, do it quickly.

2012-12-09 20:22

Gov Gov: House Chairs and Ranking Members in the Next Congress

House Chairmen and Ranking Members in the Next Congress

House leaders have chosen the following members to be chairmen and ranking members of committees in the 113th Congress, with several changes from the 112th Congress.


Chairman: Frank D. Lucas, Okla.

The farm bill remains front and center on the committee’s “to do” list.

Ranking member: Collin C. Peterson, Minnesota


Chairman: Harold Rogers, Ky.

This is Rogers’ second term wielding the gavel in the post-earmark era of fiscal austerity.

Ranking member: Nita M. Lowey, N.Y.*

Armed Services

Chairman: Howard “Buck” McKeon, Calif.

Beyond sequestration, this panel faces a difficult task balancing new security threats abroad and dwindling resources at home.

Ranking member: Adam Smith, Wash.


Chairman: Paul D. Ryan, Wis. The committee’s profile has never been higher given its chairman is a former vice presidential nominee and prospective 2016 presidential contender.

Ranking member: Chris Van Hollen, Md.

Education and the Workforce

Chairman: John Kline, Minn.

Kline is likely to tackle a range of issues punted by the 112th Congress, including replacing parts of No Child Left Behind and an overhaul of federal workforce training programs.

Ranking member: George Miller, Calif.

Energy and Commerce

Chairman: Fred Upton, Mich.

Given President Barack Obama’s re-election, expect more of the same in the form of measures signaling displeasure with the administration.

Ranking member: Henry A. Waxman, Calif.


Chairman: To be determined

This continues to be the most notoriously thankless job in Congress.

Ranking member: Linda T. Sánchez, Calif.

Financial Services

Chairman: Jeb Hensarling, Texas*

New leaders likely means a more contentious atmosphere on the panel as it considers banking and housing regulations.

Ranking member: Maxine Waters, Calif.*

Foreign Affairs

Chairman: Ed Royce, Calif.*

The low-profile Royce has said his main focus will be on preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Ranking member: Eliot L. Engel, N.Y.*

Homeland Security

Chairman: Michael McCaul, Texas*

Among the incoming chairman’s top priorities is border security, in addition to dealing with foreign terrorist threats.

Ranking member: Bennie Thompson, Miss.

House Administration

Chairman: Candice S. Miller, Mich.*

Miller is a former Michigan secretary of state so she has a keen interest in the committee’s jurisdiction over the federal election process.

Ranking member: Robert A. Brady, Pa.


Chairman: Mike Rogers, Mich.

Rogers and Ruppersberger share a good rapport on a panel where a top priority will be passing cybersecurity legislation.

Ranking member: C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger, Md.


Chairman: Robert W. Goodlatte, Va.*

The new chairman has a full plate with immigration, gun ownership rights, medical malpractice and renewal of the Violence Against Women Act.

Ranking member: John Conyers Jr., Mich.

Natural Resources

Chairman: Doc Hastings, Wash.

Not much is expected to change as the panel focuses on promoting an expansion of oil and gas drilling and developing nuclear, hydroelectric, wind, solar and coal powers.

via @thehill

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Hopefully if you see one of the spacewasters is from your constituency, you will address them at every possible juncture to remind them that they were elected to follow the mandate of their constituents; not the lobbyists.  Just so you know some of the folks at NASA have quit because they’re tired of the same ol’ same ole.

The good folks at Anonymous always the bearer of fresh news;  offered this from their bulletin board this morning -

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Anonymous ‏@AnonyOps

Security obsession and invasive background checks drive 100 scientists to quit NASA …

big brother is getting extremely big right about now.

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Just so you know and you can’t say you didn’t hear about it. We know alot of Real News slips throughthe cracks so we think it’s our civic duty to just toss a lil bit of it back up on your desktop for a review. Sort of like this video.  You wouldn’t have heard about it if Tumblrs didn’t dig through the trash of the internet and find the real stories they want us to ignore.

Watch This and then Ask Youself What Would You Do If You Were This Woman ?

We believe This Cop should have been retired A Loooong time ago – like in 2005; so we’re reminding those in Phoenix that he’s still out there doing what he does.  If you see P.O Richard Chrisman be sure you take precautions because he can not be trusted as evidence shows clearly. It’s too bad the Phoenix PD has such a poor record of handling their Abuse caseload – Because He Needs To GO.

anarcho-queer - Phoenix Police Officer Richard Chrisman is caught on video planting drugs (@ 3:10) on a mentally ill homeless woman. Even after the video surfaced online, Richard kept his job.

A few years later, on October 5, 2010,  Richard Chrisman killed 29 year old Daniel Rodriguez after responding to an argument with the victims mother. Court documents show that the officer held a pistol to the unarmed suspects head and said ‘I don’t need no warrant’ followed by a string of profanities.

Then after tasing the suspect, pepper spraying him and shooting his dog to death, Richard killed the man despite the fact that he was unarmed and his partner did not believe there to be a threat to himself.

The Phoenix Law Enforcement Association defended Richard’s actions and paid his bond, releasing him to the public.

Two years after the murder, a judge dismissed the wrongful death lawsuit against filed by Elvira Fernandez, the mother of Daniel Rodriguez.

Last month Richard’s murder trail was postponed for the sixth time. 18 months after Daniel’s murder, Chrisman remains a free man and has not been held accountable for his crimes.

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Jus tell us how the hell they postponed a trial with a tape Six Times ?  There’s some real BS in play here, and folks in Phoenix need to find out now.

We can’t forget our folks who were scrambled by the politics of  Sandy.  Mayor Bloomberg has no idea of how to handle his mayoral created refugees and now he’s displaced thousands of kids; and families.  This is a story that the major news crews don’t want any part of sadly.  Where is Anderson Cooper when you need his ass .. smh

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“Hurricane Sandy, if you are poor, is the Katrina of the North. It has exposed the nation’s fragile, dilapidated and shoddy infrastructure, one that crumbles under minimal stress. It has highlighted the inability of utility companies, as well as state and federal agencies, to cope with the looming environmental disasters that because of the climate crisis will soon come in wave after wave. But, most important, it illustrates the depraved mentality of an oligarchic and corporate elite that, as conditions worsen, retreats into self-contained gated communities, guts basic services and abandons the wider population.”
Chris Hedges (via azspot)
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How NYC’s plutocrat mayor made 20,000 children homeless
December 9, 2012

There are 20,000 kids sleeping in homeless shelters in New York City, according to the city’s latest estimate, a number that does not include homeless kids who are not sleeping in shelters because their families have been turned away. Up to 65 percent of families who apply for shelter don’t get in, and their options can be grim.

“Some end up sleeping in subway trains,” Patrick Markee, senior policy analyst at Coalition for the Homeless, tells AlterNet. “Some go to hospital emergency rooms or laundromats. Women are going back to their batterers or staying in unsafe apartments.”

Families that make it into shelters are taking longer to leave and move into stable, permanent housing. Asked by reporters why families were staying 30% longer than even last year, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, “… it is a much more pleasurable experience than they ever had before.”

“Is it great?” he elaborated a day later in response to outcry over his comments. “No. It’s not the Plaza Hotel … but that’s not what shelter is supposed to be and that’s not what the public can afford or the public wants.”

That deep-seated empathy for the poor also runs through the mayor’s policies, which have helped create a crisis that The New York Times has called ”an emergency.” Since the mayor took office, promising to slash the rate of total homelessness by two thirds in five years, the homeless rate in New York City has ballooned to 46,000 people sleeping in shelters, an increase of almost 40 percent. The administration blames the financial crisis, but as it turns out, there are ways to make the lives of the very poor tougher in the middle of a recession: you just need to subscribe to a governing philosophy that assumes the poor are both too lazy to get on their feet and working hard day and night to cheat the system.

Here is a guide to how the Bloomberg administration managed to increase family homelessness while using up a lot of public money.

1. Cut access to federal aid

For decades, Republican and Democratic mayors kept family homelessness down by giving homeless parents and their kids priority access to federal housing subsidies and rental vouchers. But in 2004, as part of the mayor’s five-year plan to combat homelessness, the administration knocked homeless families from the top of the massive waiting list for federal rent subsidies. Administration officials, offering no empirical proof, claimed that poor people were scamming the system by moving into shelters in order to get Section 8 vouchers. (Like many conservative fantasies involving scheming minorities, it’s no doubt true that someone, somewhere, cheated – but studies show this was not a widespread problem straining the system.)

The rate of homeless families who used federal subsidies fell to the low single digits. According to Giselle Routhier, policy analyst for Coalition for the Homeless, “In fiscal year 2010, at a time of then record homelessness, homeless families received only 2 percent of the 5,500 available public housing apartments and only 3 percent of 7,500 Section 8 vouchers.”

In place of programs that gave them access to permanent housing, homeless families got the gift of personal responsibility! First the administration introduced Housing Stability Plus, a subsidy that fell by 20 percent each year. HSP was mired in controversy following revelations that families were being exposed to hazardous conditions in their new digs: “[M]any formerly homeless families and their children have suffered from lead poisoning, lack of heat and hot water, vermin infestation,” according to a Coalition for the Homeless report.

The Advantage program, introduced in 2007, helped with a percent of families’ rents (requiring they work or take job training) but cut aid after either one or two years. When their subsidies ran out, families were supposed to find their own way into permanent housing. Instead, many found their way back to the shelter, because, as homelessness advocates point out, rents did not magically go down in New York. One out of three families whose Advantage assistance expired applied for shelter in 2011, according to city numbers crunched by Coalition for the Homeless.

2. Cut and run

Still, the administration touted the program as a success, defending it against homelessness advocates and city officials who pushed the mayor to give families priority in federal housing assistance. So it was strange that when the governor of New York cut half of Advantage’s funding in March 2011, the Bloomberg administration refused to make up the difference and just killed the program. Around that time the mayor suggested that poor families were pretending to be homeless to scam Advantage subsidies.“You never know what motivates people,” he said on his radio show. “One theory is that some people have been coming into the homeless system, the shelter system, in order to qualify for a program that helps you move out of the homeless system.”

When the city officially cut the program, 15,000 families who relied on Advantage to make rent were informed by letter that they had exactly two weeks to find other arrangements. An emergency court order forced the city to continue helping families in the program, but when the order was lifted in February 2012, the city abruptly cut off aid to tenants, saddling 7,000 households with full market rent for apartments they’d struggled to pay 30% to 40% on.

The inevitable return to the shelter of many former Advantage families helped push the number of homeless people sleeping in shelters up to 43,000 in 2012. “In the last 18 months, there has been no housing plan,” Markee tells AlterNet.

3. Spend money on temporary solutions

Instead, the administration is just frantically opening up more and more emergency shelters. The AP reports that 10 new shelters for single adults and families have opened in recent months to deal with the crisis. The administration plans five more before the year is over.

The problem with that is everything. Putting up a family in a shelter costs $3,000 a month — way more than a rental subsidy. Beyond that, studies have shown that not having a permanent place to live is destabilizing and harmful to kids, even if they end up in one of those NYC shelters that so impressed the mayor with their luxury. Homeless kids get sick more often and with stranger and more serious ailments than poor kids who have homes, suffering respiratory infections and digestive infections at significantly higher rates. The lack of safe, permanent housing delays normal development and homeless kids have higher levels of anxiety and depression, which often manifest in behavioral problems.

“If homelessness is hard on adults, for the young, it can be disastrous, starting a slide into a lifetime of problems,” a NYT editorial put it. (It’s not entirely clear what the long-term impact of Hurricane Sandy will be on the city’s homelessness rates. Right now, families who lost their homes in the storm are staying in hotels paid by the city and reimbursed by FEMA.)

4. Refuse to change course

The New York City Council has outlined a plan to revive programs proven to reduce homelessness. As Christine Quinn, Annabel Palma and Coalition for the Homeless director Mary Brosnahan wrote in a Huffington Post op-ed, “That means returning to the proven strategy of setting aside a reasonable share of open slots in public housing and marshaling valuable federal housing vouchers for those trapped in the shelter system. In addition, a new rental assistance program, modeled on the successful federal voucher program, must be created.”

An assessment of the plan by the City of New York’s Independent Budget Office found, “if a total of 5,000 families a year were moved out of shelter through priority referrals for NYCHA and Section 8, family shelter costs would be $29.4 million lower, of which $11.0 million would be savings of city funds.”

So far, the administration has rebuffed the plan. At a hearing in September, Department of Homeless Services commissioner Seth Diamond pointed, improbably, to job training programs as the way to address the city’s skyrocketing homelessness. One council member called it a “head-in-the-sand” approach.

Diamond reiterated the administration’s position that shelter residents should not be prioritized for housing aid.


Can we just stab Bloomberg

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I think a much better way of dealing with Bloomberg is to Vote His Ass Out - Once and For All.  Old White Men Running All Politics is what’s clearly fucking up the entire system.  There is no where in the news that you see their hands up when asked about fuck ups;  yet they control every other aspect of fucking up each and every one else; continually. We Think  it’s really time out for this shit and hopefully some of  You are Getting Tired.

To wrap it up we give you a clue in one statement from the one white man from the D that seems to understand wtf is happening right now, Marshall Mathers – bka: Eminem

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“And I just do not got the patience to deal with these cocky caucasians.”

In which Eminem says the most relevant thing I’ve heard in a while. (viaaduckyforchristmas)

Oh Yes it’s Monday and We’re SURE You needed to know about ALL Of This, As You Start Your Week.  

Now Run Tell Dat,