Why must we remind him that the Wu Tang ain’t nothing to fuk wit

All of this is for you President Obama, after jon boyand nem get through rammin yo head into that wall.

We don’t hate you so we want you to know that you can still come get some.

Just remember to retract that stupidity about not ending the so called war on drugs. Cause you damn well know that Marijuana needs to be seperated from that bs, cause it’s not a drug.

anduuhruhhh cauuu quiet as it’s kept, we all know that there is no such thing  as the War On Drugs.

Today we here at BadGalsRadio are addressing the recent reticence of President Obama to deal with the debt crisis, by ending one of the largest tax wasters in americas’ budget.  The War on Drugs.

We are going to present to you several pieces cobbled into one from various sources.  they will show you that this is not something that he should be saying, or doing;  if he intends to fix his budget issues.

“The challenge, really, has to do with the seeming inability, particularly in the House of Representatives, to arrive at any position that compromises any of their ideological preferences, None. I have gone out of my way to make compromises.

…Can they say yes to anything?

It’s the Republican Party that has said that the single most important thing facing our country is deficits and debts. If their only answer is what they have presented, which is a package that would effectively require massive cuts — if that’s their only answer, then it’s going to be pretty difficult for us to figure out where to go.”

President BARACK OBAMA, on the unwillingness of House Republicans to compromise

— even if it means preventing the country from going into default — during a White House presser earlier today.  OBama said Speaker John Boehner “walked out” of negotiations, because God forbid they raise taxes on the motherfucking rich.

(via the New York Times)

it’s just another line item way to hide and sneak money around to fund killin folks somewhere in the world.  icuf, we know bout Irancontra.. yeah now we find you in their backroom voodoo economics  games.  you don’t see that they got yo ass by the balls.   but trust us Mr. Prezzy, before it’s all over you will be the poster boy for legalization.

And I Betcha, 

AP: “New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said he will allow the state to begin dispensing medical marijuana despite his concerns over whether federal authorities could prosecute state regulators.”

Fuck the Republicans Fix the Economy by Legalizing All Marijuana NOW – make this shit Black and Green. Enough Lies and Games From Congress and the White House.

Here Have a Sip of This -

Republicans are proposing radical changes under the popular guise of a so-called balanced-budget amendment. However, their proposed amendment is “balanced” in name only.

In reality, it is a cynical attempt to rig the Constitution to favor the Republican approach to reducing the deficit.

It would write into the Constitution two mechanisms that stack the deck in favor of reducing the deficit by slashing critical investments and shredding the social safety net, while protecting special interest tax loopholes.

Oooooo BadShit- more damn Voodoo Economics . We All Remember that BS smdh.  Why must we remind him that the Wu Tang ain’t nothing to fuk wit ..

we present this very informative background piece from one of our favorite marijuana blogs fuckyeahdrugpolicy:


Obama says he’s not willing to end the drug war | The Raw Story

“Much is being asked of our generation,” a doctoral student named Steve told the president at a town hall event in Maryland. “So, when are our economic perspectives going to be addressed? For example, when is the war on drugs in society going to be abandoned and be replaced by a more sophisticated and cost effective program of rehabilitation such as the one in Portugal?”

“I have stated repeatedly — and it’s actually reflected in our most recent statement by our office of drug policy — that we need to have an approach that emphasizes prevention, treatment, a public health model for reducing drug use in our country,” Obama said. “We’ve got to put more resources into that. We can’t simply focus on interdiction because, frankly, no matter how good of a job we’re doing when it comes to an interdiction approach, if there is high demand in this country for drugs, we are going to continue to see not only drug use but also the violence associated with the drug trade.”

After several minutes of explaining U.S. efforts to help Mexico fight transnational drug dealers, the president got to the point.

“Just to make sure that I’m actually answering your question, am I willing to pursue a decriminalization strategy as an approach? No.”

“But I am willing to make sure that we’re putting more resources on the treatment and prevention side,” Obama added. +

All talk, no walk.

end of clipping -

This is one of those times when I wanna slapabitch.. yeah he deserves to have his words replayed to him over and over until he understands what he said, and realizes that all he is doing is fucking himself and everyone else in the process.

I thought he was Above the Influence. Guess Not.  I will not say Fuck Obama for this shit. but I am gonna add this to his list of shit I sho don’t like. and thank you for posting this. nodealy mr prez. even if you’re not we are above the influence of bs, and lies.  we rely on fact, supported by public opinion.

What About You and the Congress  ?

Lololol. The statistics of people who support HR 2306, the bill that would end the federal prohibition of Marijuana. Green is the people who support, orange is those who don’t. 
Look at this map. It shows the statistics of people who support HR 2306, the bill that would end the federal prohibition of Marijuana. Green is the people who support, orange is those who don’t. (Source: intellectualrevolution)

To Be Graphic – We give him the word from Sistabarbie;  in a word – PAUSE, yes Pause cause you way off point. you need to take a moment Mr President and rethink this thing.


All of this is FOR Pres Obama on that I ain’t endin the war on drugs bs..  like sistabarbie says

“Pause Bish that shit ain’t magical”

Regular Americans are fed up with the waste of tax dollars and the slashing of social programs to feed the rich tax loopholes.  Everyday Americans Mr President – even this guy here Bill Hicks – he left you a message, have you read it yet ?

Quite Simply It’s,