Why is the Lower 9th ward still a mess five years after Katrina Mr Obama ?

This sign, in the Lower Ninth Ward, is aimed at tourists who come through the neighborhood on bus tours and is meant to remind those visitors that Hurricane Katrina exacted a horrible human cost that was largely paid by residents of poor areas like this.   (Photo Credit: Daniel Terdiman/CNET News.com)

This is a horrible anniversary of the death and destruction of New Orleans. it still pains us deeply to see the aftermath and to know that little has been done to help those who lost the most.


This is a collection of Videos hand collected to show you the view of Post Katrina New Orleans and specifically The Ninth Ward.

Why is America Not Making Good on It’s Promise

The ignored nonrecovery of New Orleans

This is a tiny piece of a wonderful post on CNET.COM click the title to read the entire piece, which is well worth it. – BGR Editor

The truth is, the Lower Ninth Ward is an unmitigated disaster area, a wasteland, a battle zone, an abandoned community, and a national shame, all rolled into one.

For block after block after block, in any direction, the area is still, even today, in ruins. No matter how much anyone wants to sugarcoat the situation on the ground here in the Big Easy, no matter how much the city wants to convince the tourists that all is well, it isn’t even close to OK.

And it is far from the only district of town that is still suffering. During two days I spent driving around New Orleans as part of my Road Trip 2008 project, I saw neighborhood after neighborhood where boarded-up buildings abound, where empty lots stand out starkly between rebuilt structures, and where groups of nicely redone dwellings are across the street from shells of houses that in other cities would be seen as embarrassing blights. Here, they are business as usual nearly three years after Katrina smashed into this city.

But compared with these areas, the Lower Ninth Ward still stands out.

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If you’ve never seen anything like this, you can’t really prepare for it. I’d heard people whispering that the reality here was very different than the picture being spread in the media, and I wanted to see for myself.

It was worse than I even imagined. This is a huge area that was once jammed with housing, and people. To be sure, the housing was poorly constructed and living conditions no better. Today, the dominant feature is weeds taller than most people. Buildings are few and far between.

Reconstruction and recovery? Not so much.

George Bush said that He Would Make New Orleans What it Was Before Katrina. Mr Obama claims he knows that New Orleans needs help and that he plans to do what he can – so what is he waiting on ?

The BBC Has this piece on New Orleans Post Katrina, It Is Well Worth Seeing.

In New Orleans, a Shrimp Po’Boy Takes on Added Significance

August 29, 2010 5:38 PM

From ABC.com – Jake Tapper and Barbara Garcia:

NEW ORLEANS — The president lunched with his family at the Parkway Bakery & Tavern  in mid-city New Orleans today, ordering a shrimp po’boy.

Five years ago, after Hurricane Katrina struck and the levees broke, the restaurant was under 10 feet of water.


But the century-old restaurant Parkway Bakery and Tavern reopened 88 days after the levees broke, and the president used its return as a symbol of the city’s resurgence and resilience.

“Five years ago, the storm nearly destroyed that neighborhood institution,” the president proclaimed to an applauding crowd at Xavier University. “Now they’re open, business is booming, and that’s some good eats.  I had the shrimp po’boy and some of the gumbo.”

Mr. Obama said: “We are helping to make New Orleans a place that stands for what we can do in America — not just for what we can’t do.”

He cited efforts to “put an end to the turf wars between agencies” and “to cut the red tape and cut the bureaucracy,” which he said have resulted in more than 170 projects underway on firehouses, police stations, roads, sewer systems, health clinics, libraries and universities.  The Obama administration has worked to tackled “the corruption and inefficiency that has long plagued the New Orleans Housing Authority,” and recently announced a final agreement on $1.8 billion for Orleans Parish schools.

But the president acknowledged much more work needs to be done, saying, “There are still too many students attending classes in trailers. There are still too many people unable to find work. There are still have too many New Orleanians who have not been able to come home.”

The city’s population is down to approximately 80 percent of its pre-Katrina size, according to some estimates.

Officials here say they need more from Mr. Obama. Mainly more money.

“We have not received enough money to repair the damage that was done,” Mayor Mitch Landrieu said on “Meet the Press” this morning.

Locals such as Roy Arrigo — who lives along the 17th Street levee that breached during Katrina –- recall that the disaster was not just the fault of Mother Nature. It was also the fault of man — and more specifically the Army Corps of Engineers, responsible for maintaining the levees.

“If the levees had held people would be saying, ‘What was the name of that one that came real close to us back in late August of ’05?’” Arrigo speculated.

President Obama today said plans to build a fortified levee system in the city, which he pledged would be finished by 2011.

Now of course the president and the region are dealing with another man-made disaster — the BP oil spill, which the president today pledged to stay on top of until the region is restored. Many in the region say the president’s own actions — imposing a limited moratorium on off-shore drilling — have made matters worse and hurt the local economy.

“A six-month moratorium has put a blanket of fear and anxiety,” Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., said this morning on “Meet the Press,” “and it must be lifted as soon as possible.”

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a Republican, today said that the Obama administration had a “lack of understanding” of the oil business. “We can’t have a one-size-fits-all moratorium; that’s not the right way to go forward.”

Jindal reiterated requests that the administration speed up the process to fund 18 coastal restoration- hurricane protection projects and asked for the president to back Louisiana’s request that BP fund its proposed seafood safety plan, which includes testing 400 samples of seafood each month.

The governor said he was glad president Obama mentioned having ordered and eaten local shrimp in his po’boy.

– Jake Tapper and Barbara Garcia

yes the winds blew and the rain came down – but where is that Rock that people claim is helping New Orleans ?

Please Help Rebuild New Orleans President Obama -  Have You Eaten Enough Shrimp and Gumbo NOW ?

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