Who Really Controls the Price @ the Pump – Today WE Tell YOU

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2012-10-14 19:37

A debt collector, angered that a disabled US Army veteran was living off of disability payments, told him he “should have died” in war instead of “taking advantage of” other Americans.

Minnesota-based debt collection agency Gurstel Chargo is now facing a lawsuit for verbally abusing the Army vet over a $6,000 defaulted student loan, Courthouse News reports.

“If you would have served our country better you would not be a disabled veteran living off Social Security while the rest of us honest Americans work our asses off,” one of the agency’s debt collectors allegedly told the vet. “Too bad, you should have died.”

Michael Collier was declared 100 per cent disabled after suffering permanent spine and head injuries while in the Army. As a result, both Collier and his wife receive disability payments from the federal Social Security Administration, which are exempt from seizure by debt collectors.

But in an attempt to collect on the defaulted student loan, the collector seized the money from Collier’s wife’s savings account. The credit union then proceeded to freeze her account.

The Colliers filed an objection and requested a court hearing, at which the couple was told their frozen funds were exempt from such garnishment.

But the debt collection agency’s lawyer continued to harass the couple. Telling Collier “he would need to get a lawyer in order to get his money back,” an unidentified paralegal cursed at and threatened him over the phone.

“F—k you!” the paralegal allegedly said, “Pay us your money! You can’t afford an attorney. You owe us. I hope your wife divorces you.”

The couple is now seeking compensation for actual damages, statutory damages, and punitive damages for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), privacy invasion, malicious infliction of emotional distress and conversion.

The FDCPA considers it abusive for a debt collector to make empty threats, misrepresent the legal status of a debt, or use obscene of profane language.

According to the Daily Beast, debt collectors sometimes use abusive techniques to pry money from the indebted because of the commission rates they receive. On average, debt collectors make 20 cents for every dollar recouped. At this rate, the Colliers’ debt would be worth $1,200 to Chargo.

Verbal harassment is a commonly-used technique to instigate debtors into making payments. In 2010, the Federal Trade Commission received 50,000 complaints about severe harassment from debt collectors, 18,000 of which included the use of obscene language.

And some say that number is low.

“That’s just the tip of the iceberg, as far as I’m concerned,” attorney Sergei Lemberg told the Daily Beast.

While Chargo’s berating took it too far for the Colliers, there are of thousands of cases of abuse that never make it to court.

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Listen to this evidence of who really sets oil prices; and it’s certainly not the folks you think. Try the IMF and World Bank; who set the prices for Credit and Debt Bonds around the US Debt. Listen to him talk about Iraq and Iran and why they decided not to sign on the dotted line to set oil prices according to the World Bank demands. Can You Say Henry Kissinger ? Yeahhhh…

So now you know that the fine line between international development and colonialism has again blurred. This is why the economies of the Middle East are all linked to their US Defense Contracts. Remember that an army needs oil and it’s always easier to set the price yourself if you’re running the show. Hello IMF Do You Think We Don’t Read Your Reports ?  We watch the US DOD expand it’s budget each year with no clear need; yet Oil prices also seem to rise comparably.  The cost of a barrel of oil has risen higher as the death toll in foreign undeclared wars also rise.

This is a clear indication that the two statistics are directly linked.  unremarkably however, the public just seems dumbfounded as to why their wages are not rising at the same rate.  Could it be that the record profits being earned by these very oil producers; are gobbling up the living wage considerations of its major consumers – The General Public Globally ? Co’mon, you know that’s just not the case – there’s a whole different drama going on beneath this med.

So What Really Happened to cause the Cost of Oil to Go Crazy ?

Yes Once Again we can call them Banksters – the Wall St Futures Market Thieves; Speculative Investors who will never touch a drop of oil but will make more money on creating volatility within the market because of their guessing games. This financial leveraging by funds needs to be put into check. This is why Oil Futures in Index Funds are being bought up by Large Institutional Investors like Harvard University and Hedge Funds on Wall St’s Merchantile Exchange.  Yes those very hedge funds which control most of Americas’ pensions fund investments.

 Is this picture starting to make sense to you yet ?

Why Has Congress Not Put This Problem In Check ?

We speculate that this is why the cost of a barrel of Petroleum affects everything around it.  From its production, to its delivery to its sales – the prices are rising and dipping; but not with demand which has remained fairly consistent.  The only appreciable rise in use is from the consumption of large military or industrial operations; such as the undeclared military actions in Iraq; Afghanistan and Libya.   Oh yeah and the amount they spend in Lobbyists to keep Congress voting their way.  Americans obviously are not the bottom line in this equation.

Since This Petrol Ponzy Game Began, Americans have seen no drop in Petrol prices at the pump; even though each drop was paid for with blood, quite literally.

Oh yes we knew you’d thank us for sharing this with you. Just Keep It Rolling and that makes it good.