Who are the real heroes in the Trayvon Martin killing?

The trial is still upcoming in the Trayvon Martin murder case. Today we provide you with a reminder courtesy of Current TV.  Please Recirculate This Video so that We can Keep The Truth First In This Murder Case.

We Must Never Forget Trayvon -

We have not forgotten and we know you haven’t either.  The trial starts finally in June and we’re sure that the Stand Your Ground defense will present a whole new view of the murder; because of the misuse of so many Floridians.

The very next move in this case is in the hands of the prosecutor. We’re sure that the case is about as tight as it can get.  With all the witnesses and forensic evidence that has been amassed; within the past fifteen months.

We Are Trayvon

We Are ALL Trayvon

Controversy is swirling around this case.  Thats’ why we know that there will be a sharp look at the crime; and then the law.  This case may very well be the deciding ruling which modifies the prevailing factors for it’s use.  For that we should all be pleased.

Murder is not something anyone should ignore – ever.