When White Males Riot Why Isn’t It Called A Riot ?


Today again we ask you one of those questions from the news. Watch the Video and then continue

Wonder why none of the major news stations are calling this a White Riot ?

We Offer This in Comparison – from a historical record

On this date, July 30, in 1866, the New Orleans riot occurred.

Angered by the enactment of the Black Codes in Louisiana, and by the legislature’s refusal to give black men the vote, the Radical Republicans in Louisiana reconvened the Constitutional Convention of 1864. Only 25 white delegates met in New Orleans, but another 200 supporters, who were primarily African-American veterans from the Civil War, joined them.

Former Confederate soldiers, aided by the New Orleans police, fearful that the state would fall out of Southern, white control, attacked the gathering. Both the blacks and the delegates were targets and were shot even after raising white flags of surrender as they tried to flee the building where the convention was being held.

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When we saw the news reports of the riot in Huntington Beach California this past weekend (07/28/13) We wondered when it would be reported as a riot instead of just some surfers kicking over portapottys and wrecking a commercial business. We waited and waited for at least one of the national news crews to get a report of city police talking about what happened and who was charged.

There seemed to be a blackout instituted after the first and only broadcast of the incident; occurred the night it happened. No further reportage was offered, which leads us to wonder as the participants in the first video said ” is it not a riot when white males are involved”

All this silence on it has led us to our own conclusions. First off we see it as an incident that was hushed up since it was connected to several major global sporting goods corporations who sponsored the events. Next it seemed that the short footage we saw was shot by spectators with cameras who acted as stringers. When the local news bureaus ignored the story, it got covered. The Local news crews showed up after a few hours to get interviews later that evening after everything was finished.

We wonder if they had said that Black Folks were rioting in Huntington Beach would the response have been the same ?

We think history is a good predictor of action so we submit this exhibit:

Black Folks are just like everyone else, as far as it goes in America. White Folks believe and conduct themselves as though everything is about their viewpoint and judgement scale. This in itself is why America has no chance of survival unless it’s inner pain is finally exposed. That’s the only way that this is ever going to get fixed.

America, Take off the damn hoods and stop acting like kids

When we saw the incident, we reached out and surveyed someone who is Black and lives in Huntington Beach. He told us that it’s not going down. the Huntington Beach police will not tolerate more than three minorities together at anyplace without showing up and investigating. This is why minorities who work at the bars and restaurants are often pulled over when leaving work at night.


The Resident said that when events are held at local bars the owners call the local police to alert them if more than 5 Black Folks are in attendance other than in the band. They want the police to be on stand by apparently.

Having personally experienced southern California racism; we can wager that most reports we heard about what happened on Sunday were toned down. The damage is reported to be in the neighborhood of $100 Thousand Dollars. not a small figure for a little fracas.

So once again we ask the question

When White Males Riot Why Isn’t It Called A Riot ?

Yeah You Get Back To US When You Get It Figured Out, Please -