Are You Interested In Being Dry Raped In Public ? Watch This

Are You Interested In Being Dry Raped In Public ? Watch This

This is why We only fly when it’s the only way to get there. We don’t like the physical pat downs and the basic sexual assault that we always seem to  experience  Check out this recording made at the airport in St. Louis with the TSA Illegally Detaining a traveler.  the rest of the 3 are available at the end

Under United States Federal Law you are legally required to declare more than ten thousand dollars when crossing the US Border. Other wise during domestic travel there is no requirement to declare any amount of money, Even when traveling to Puerto Rico, Guam or Hawaii.   This is how millionaires went to Grand Cayman on cruises and left briefcases to prevent seizure in the US.

If it were required that you declare all currency, most of the couriers who work for large banks, real estate companies and other private fiduciaries would be basically out of business.  Monetary instruments are instruments according to federal currency regulations. stocks, bonds, cash, checks, deeds, and any collateral instrument counts withing that definition.

Not all money is moved electronically. more and more people are using personal couriers for transactions. we see the evidence of this because there are purchases made on a flash basis.

We’ve seen people fly with a check for six figures from east to west, to sign paperwork and process forms. many of the most exclusive jewelry purchases and luxury purchases are made in cash. that puts the cost into a lower bracket removing charges and delays in processing.

FYI – The tsa has also been caught putting drugs into travelers luggage. This happened In Detroit of all places.  Yes One of our Home ports.

This was right after the underwear bomber was deplaned in Detroit.

As you can see they are really going to far.

With the holiday season underway, intimate security checks at American airports are continuing to upset travellers.

When passengers refuse the full body scanners they may be submitted to what authorities are calling an enhanced pat-down.

Politicians are calling for them to be outlawed but the department of justice has threatened that flights whose passengers are not screened will be cancelled.

Nancy Campbell, a 33-year-old from Brooklyn, compared the experience to being “sexually assaulted”.

She had been rushing to board an early morning flight to Washington from New York’s La Guardia airport when she was selected for a check at the gate by a female official from the US Transportation Security Administration or TSA.

“[The official] asked me to spread my arms and my legs… and she explained that she would check me from the outside of my arms and the outside of my legs first and then proceed with the inside.

Nancy Campbell recalls her unpleasant airport experience

“What I wasn’t prepared for was a full examination of my breasts and when she got through that, that’s when I asked her to stop, that I’d had enough.”

But Nancy was told that either she allowed the search to go on or she wouldn’t be able to fly. As she was on an important business trip, Nancy felt she had little choice but to agree.

“She basically touched the insides of my legs – touching my crotch and my buttocks, all the time not offering me an alternative.”

Nancy filed a complaint about her treatment with the TSA.


She is far from being a lone voice in the storm which has been created by the new security measures, which include more thorough friskings and whole-body scans, since they were introduced at American airports last autumn.

“The reaction to the enhanced pat-down has been outrage for a lot of cases,” said Chris Anderson, senior travel editor at the Huffington Post.

“It’s not that the TSA is trying to tick people off – I just think the amount of people going through this… there’s going to be a breakdown in communication and a personality conflict. It’s a human interaction after all,” he added.

To Read the entire piece cick the title link, it’s well worth it.

This year we suggest people start asking their political candidates about their stance on the TSA and Homeland Security. That should help you to figure out quickly which side of personal liberties they stand on.

This is what happens at my other home airport – which is a mess

After watching that how can anyone feel safe flying ?

Did you hear the man say that He Doesn’t Fly – and He Works for the TSA; Because It’s Not Safe. Exactly. it’s not safe regardless of how much they feel you up, they can’t find anything. tests have shown it all along. the TSA is Useless as a security organization.

Clearly America has submitted to this fruitless invasion of privacy for far too long; and it’s time that it was put to a stop. Either electronically screen everyone, or screen no one. this physical accosting should stop now. It’s gone on far too long, and injured too many innocents in the ineffective process.

As Bob Marley Said – “Get Up Stand Up, Stand Up For Your Rights“,


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