What is Post Racial America Hiding Under That Blackface ?

Can we finally understand what fuels Americas’ Racism ?

We’re going to start presenting this collection along with articles which give us a clearer picture of what this new era racism has morphed into. Some want to deny it exists – yet we see it in practice everyday, all around us. Just take a look at our legislature and get the picture right quick.

These are the future legislators doing what they typically do – Play Blackface.

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This is the first episode of this groundbreaking new series – Our Imperfect Union

Check out Bree Gant a Detroit Photographer who talks candidly about her cycle when dealing with White people as a Black woman

Welcome to America 2013 – Like it or not, This is Our Imperfect Union. Certainly Not One Country Under God. This includes the lyrics so that you can be sure you understand what the controversy is all about.

This is totally what we’re talking about – Ellen and Brad Paisley talk American Racism without talking racism. Yeah, real Americans.

The lyrics want Black folks to forgive and forget what’s still happening on a daily basis; because of White folks and their industrialized supremacy. Until the Truth is told all of this making nice is not going to do anything to resolve the festering sores of Racism in America.

This is a piece from the Fashion world where Racism seems to be always on the runway. Vogue once again hits the skids with their Blackface spread which was supposedly meant to celebrate the contributions of Black Fashionistas. Vogue just doesn’t seem to understand after a repeated history of this very same faux pas. Example :

Vogue Uses Blackface in Clumsy Tribute to Black Fashion Icons

Friday, 03 May 2013 06:58

By Krishana Davis
Special to the NNPA from the Afro-American Newspaper

(NNPA) The fashion community is in an uproar over Vogue Netherlands’ attempt to pay homage to Black icons in a feature with a White model in Blackface in its May 2013 issue.

The editorial “Heritage Heroes” showcases white, blond model Querelle Jansen as American-born French singer and dancer Josephine Baker and electrifying Jamaican singer and model Grace Jones. Jansen is pictured in the spread with Blackface and a funky, black Afro wig and a cone-shaped high-top hair style in the other photo.

The feature was designed to underscore the contributions of Baker and Jones to the fashion world.

Fashionita.com, a leading fashion blog, said, “A couple of alternative ideas: use a model who already looks something like Grace Jones or Josephine Baker without face paint. Or just, you know, don’t paint a white person’s face Black ever? Why is this even something we have to keep pointing out? European editors and stylists especially, it seems, are really not getting it.”

Blackface has been a recurring issue in many of European fashion publications.

Numéro magazine was recently under fire for its March 2013 issue, placing model Ondria Hardin, 16, in an editorial “African Queen.” Her skin is painted black. The editorial was shot by photographer Sebastian Kim. In 2010, Numéro magazine published a similar editorial with model Constance Jablonski in black and blond Afro wigs alongside a Black toddler.

In 2009, Vogue Paris published an editorial with model Lara Stone dressed in black paint from head to toe. The 14-page spread was styled by then-editor Carine Roitfeld, who left Conde Nast to launch her own publication CR Fashion Book, now in its second year.

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So as you see this is not an isolated fetish, it’s become as american as Apple Pie.  How Poor is the Judgement of American History ?  Clearly it’s run out of ethics because it’s approved Blackface as just another american mask.

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