Welcome to The New Level Gamers – Obama Has Added Secret Wet-Ware Bonuses and We’ve Got The Previews NOW

Mondays are always big news days and today is no exception.  President Obama and the Legislative Branch has done the one thing we all hoped they wouldn’t – Stuck their finger in our collective eye.  Yes the Wireless Wiretapping is back and still in full effect. Somehow that piece of legislation never reached public announcement, but we still received the advisement.  Therefore You Get The Bonus Round Previews.  And Yes This Time They’re Using WET WARE.  We’ve Got PROOF.

Read This and then check out what follows to understand the cascade effect this ignorance is having on everyone; everywhere.


With Obama’s nod, Congress promises 5 more years of widespread government surveillance
January 27, 2013

While pundits and partisans argue about what President Obama’s second inaugural address bodes for the next four years of political in-fighting, the assault on privacy rights that began under George W. Bush shows no signs of abating under Obama. Just before the New Year, the President signed into law an extension to a warrantless intercept program that infringes on basic legal precepts of privacy and, many argue, directly contradicts the Fourth Amendment.

In all the drama surrounding the “fiscal cliff,” the renewal of the FISA Amendments Act (FAA)—the 2008 legislation that allows for warrantless surveillance of the emails, text messages, and internet searches of US citizens—seems to have slipped under the radar.

Under the renewed law, for the next five years the National Security Agency (NSA) can  eavesdrop without a warrant on US citizens who are suspected of engaging in conversations with suspicious non-US-citizens. Conversations have to contain “foreign intelligence information”—but exactly how this broad term is interpreted by the NSA is unclear. What’s more, a FISA order on one specific person can be used against entire groups, potentially meaning blanket surveillance on thousands of Americans at a time.

The 2008 FAA was created in the wake of a journalistic expose revealing how the Bush Administration had circumvented a previous law—the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) of 1978. That earlier FISA had mandated that the NSA obtain a warrant from a special court if it wanted to spy on Americans. When confronted with the Administration’s blatant law breaking, Congress took the route of least resistance, crafting the FAA, which retroactively immunized the culpable parties. It also entrenched the Bush-era blanket surveillance as law.

“Not Reasonably Possible”

Federal courts, routinely deferring to the executive’s assertion of the “state secrets” privilege, have hitherto stiff-armed challenges to FAA.  Indeed, it is so swathed in secrecy that not even those who voted for the invasive program fully understand it. When Senators Ron Wyden [D-OR] and Mark Udall [D-CO] asked last May for a rough estimate of how many Americans have been targeted through the FAA,  the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) responded: “I’m sorry. That’s not reasonably possible”.

In response to another letter from Wyden in July,  the DNI  conceded that “on at least one occasion the government’s implementation of section 702 of FISA has sometimes circumvented the spirit of the law,” and that it was “unreasonable under the Fourth Amendment.” The  Wall Street Journal said that this “represented the first time the government has acknowledged U.S. spy activities violated the Constitution.”

Wyden was joined in opposition to the FAA by  Senator Rand Paul [R-KY], who said that reauthorization of FISA would be “unconstitutional.”

“Over the past few decades, our right to privacy has been eroded.” Paul said. “The Fourth Amendment was written in a different time and a different age, but its necessity and its truth are timeless.”

But such warnings were disregarded by the majority, as the Senate voted 73-23 to reauthorize the Act. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid justified this action, claiming it was essential in the fight against terrorists.

Channeling Dick Cheney, Senator Reid warned that without it, “We will be giving terrorists the opportunity to plot against our country undetected. [Sen. Paul] is threatening to take away the best tools we have for stopping them.”

Exactly how these “tools” are being used is still unclear. During committee debate in December, the Senate rejected all proposed amendments that might have brought some transparency to the FAA. These included a  modest proposal from Wyden, which didn’t seek to take any power away from the NSA. It would merely have required the agency to report each year to Congress on how its surveillance was affecting American citizens. Even that tepid and modest request was out of bounds.

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After this weekend, we’re sure the DOJ will be quite busy.  This is of course at their own choosing, since they choose to ignore the  pleas of an entire world of activists, lawyers, judges and journalists.  They just plain thought they were invincible.  But Not So Fast G-Men, There is someone out there who is not afraid of you and who has come to let you know – Dig This,

‘Anonymous’ hacks government site to protest hacktivist’s death

By Marisa GerberJanuary 26, 2013, 5:34 p.m.

A collective of hackers known as Anonymous commandeered a Department of Justice website Saturday to protest what it called the harsh treatment by government prosecutors of Internet activist Aaron Swartz, who committed suicide this month.

The hackers replaced the site’s content with a video denouncing the government and praising the 26-year-old co-founder of Reddit, who hanged himself two weeks ago as his trial date for allegedly hacking into an MIT computer network neared. Swartz, who was accused of illegally downloading academic articles, faced up to 30 years in prison.

Swartz had long promoted open access of information on the Web.

Anonymous said it deliberately hacked the U.S. Sentencing Commission’s website to call attention to “the federal sentencing guidelines which enable prosecutors to cheat citizens of their constitutionally-guaranteed right to a fair trial.”

The FBI’s Criminal, Cyber, Response Services branch put out a statement Saturday: “We were aware as soon as it happened and are handling it as a criminal investigation. We are always concerned when someone illegally accesses another person’s or government agency’s network.”

The almost 10-minute video declared that “a line was crossed” when Swartz, facing what Anonymous called “a twisted and distorted perversion of justice,” decided to kill himself. The hackers decided they had to do something for Swartz, adding that “several more of our brethren now face similar disproportionate persecution.”

As word of the hacking jolted around the Web, some saw an opportunity for advocacy. A tweet attributed only to “Anonymous” linked to Congress’ website and encouraged people to contact their representatives and ask them to support an evolving piece of legislation already known as “Aaron’s law.”

Last week, Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) put a draft of a bill that would limit the scope of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, a 1986 law that prosecutors used to help lodge their case against Swartz.

Activists and Swartz’s family have publicly blamed Swartz’s suicide on the government. Last week, Bob Swartz, Aaron’s father, said he thinks his son “was hounded to his death by a system and a set of attorneys that still don’t understand the nature of what they did.”

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The people of the world are not interested in providing intelligence chatter for the warmongers who are on the drone level.  That’s why Anonymous has said that their missile defense system will only deploy if the DOJ or Other Named Parties Pushes It’s Button First.  We know that this weekends’ passage of the renewal of the Patriot Act was that first act of offense.  We can only hope that the global Nano Fibers don’t become anymore deadly or we could see a sudden mass die off of target populations – from the Viruses employed to accompany their WetWare.

Want to know who created The H1N1 and other Viruses – Watch This – At 3:33 he explains that this is Germ Warfare

Yes The WHO is supposedly investigating the creation of this super virus; from the dna of a cadaver and two other deadly flu viruses.  That in itself means it’s only reason for creation could have been to weaponize it; deploy it; and watch the casualties, which are clearly mounting globally from this new super  strain.  One of the casualties was the creator of the super H1N1 virus himself.  He committed suicide; through clearly unlikely means. This was after the creation of the virus for a government lab at a state university. Yes the criminal dna is evolving.

This Video Will Clarify The new WetWare and Who’s In Control of This Level of The Game

There is no where in the US that you can go and not hear discussion about the WetWare – H1-N2 Virus and its new component NoroVirus.  Yes the previously only Seaborn killer NoroVirus, has reached Dry Land and found a hospitable target population.  We believe that this is because the WetWare that is being deployed in mass all over the US;  is spreading the Virus through target populations at rapid rates.  Many employers are forcing their employees to take on this WetWare by threat of firing.  Yes that’s right –  Redundancy; unless you host the Nanoprobes.  Many employees of large healthcare or other public service providers are finding themselves sacked for saying no to the jab.  It is being explained and reasoned that an immunity to this virus is needed to prevent being a transmission point.

Absolutely Incorrect and with a deadly purpose

Viruses are Man Made – Yes WetWare.  Biological warfare which employees the same protocols as polio vaccines and other man-made viruses like HIV and H1N1 or SARS travel through and live in the bloodstream.  All these Man Made WetWare Defense Tools are Now Being Deployed in Large Population Areas all around the US.

Some of those areas have obvious signs of the success of the WetWare such as Atlanta, which has the Largest Gay Male HIV/AIDS Population Statistic per the CDC in the US.  Or New York City which has the largest infected population Statistic of STD and VD Identified by the NYC PHD.  These are clear levels of identification and success for those who are deploying these deadly Nano’s.

Luckily there are some who are smart enough to understand the deployment and the delivery methods.  We are among those who are anxiously listening to the information being released daily on this battle.  There is no longer a line of embarkment – everything has meshed and become one dangerous fishbowl.

The ones who choose to disbelieve and look the other way will be the first to go, and we honestly wish them well in their choices.  We however know better and will do all we can to find out everything we can to deploy the most up to date information and technology; in this level of the game.  We’ve never considered ourselves gamers, but this weekend things changed drastically for us.

Shit Got Really Real Sun

We looked out the window on Friday morning and the entire sky was Fuzzy.  It looked liked electricity was coating every molecule of everything we could see and that created an immediate concern for us.  We spoke to others in many different geographic locations, to find them experiencing the very same atmospheric outview.  This is not how we’re used to seeing the world.  It reminded many we spoke to and us of a recent episode of the television syfy drama Fringe.

Usually if we phone home from the UK we can expect to hear a variety of weather systems. Not generalized fuzziness.  That proved conclusive enough for all of us to start searching for answers to the fuzziness, which is how we arrived at various points of the same conclusion.  That fuzziness was a nano atmospheric exchange that was being deployed for a scheduled event.  No one knows of any specific events, but there were several large deaths around the globe in various geographic locations all within this very same period of fuzziness.  Beijing was cloaked in smog.  Take a look at the weather graphic above of Sunday’s Weather.

This has made us contemplate re-reading a favorite thesis publication entitled ‘The Fuzziness of Probability”  by Dr. S.F. Thomas.   This tome specifically examines the magnetic relationships between attractions within the universe of possibility.   This resonance is very important since each level of existence in a game is determined by its resonance.

This is not something that can be ignored, or explained without careful immersion to understand the practicality

Our generalized focus is not on the metaphysical reasoning of existence – but the hard and fast drama that occurs because of it. This time however it seems the tables have turned.  The air is thick everywhere.   Fires are burning out of control in Australia and New Zealand.  several hundred People died in a huge nightclub fire; due to barricaded exits, in an a somewhat affluent area of Brazil.  Workers perished in another  Sweatshop fire in Dhaka Bangladesh due to barricaded doors.  Fire, and Death are raging.  Many were lost in Typhoons and flooding in the Australian Outback and the Philipines.   The Rains and Thaws are creating dangerous flood warnings throughout the UK and Europe.  While the rest of the US; Russia; and Canada go through a series of artificial winters and springs by the weeks.  Icy weather strands many without water or warmth in the coldest weather in decades; in formerly tony communities along the now tattered eastern shoreline.  The Earth is Angry.

The sheer destruction caused in New York, New Jersey and the surrounding areas by Hurricane Sandy is still apparent and causing a re-examination of the social fabric of these old bedroom communities.  The Nanofibers of  America’s very existence is being pulled to straighten it’s very crooked edges.  This is why we believe that the DOJ and it’s co-players have deployed this extra step to prevent anyone from opening any escape hatches before they deploy their final viral bonus round.  The stakes are too high now to ignore and we hope that others will heed this warning as we won’t be giving it again.

We know when the game has changed, and this weekend it did

Pretend as you might that things are the same as they’ve always been, it’s deathly clear that the fuzziness of probability is upon us and there is no time to waste.  Either take the time to prepare when you can; or just prepare to become a part of the casualty count at the end of the level.  This game is rounding up, and there is no more time to waste.

We’re modifying our blogging and posting to reflect our new commitment to facts and information about the Fuzziness. Therefore we won’t be serenading you with Beybots’ appearances at the Superbowl – because they’ll be deploying more nanobots on that day than you could ever count.

We also won’t be telling you about any extraneous distractions because it would dampen our true commitment to awareness in this level of the game.  With that said, we hope that you will join us if you haven’t already by subscription; since we will be writing more from offsite locations and less frequently.  This will allow you to receive the freshest updates when timely; instead of daily.

Remember You are in-charge of your own defense systems and with that we say,

Expect Everything – Always