We Think that Today is a Great Day for A Long Tall Iced Tea, How Bout You ?

Today RE Ausetkmt discusses the Shooting Sheriffs Saturday by Anti-sec; the Googlecar which caused mayhem and wants Nevada to license driverless vehicles; and who’s got ice for the Tea Party in Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan. This Video is Hilarious and Timely.

Shooting Sheriffs Saturday was highly successful; As the FBI and many police departments around the US, found their most secret data openly distributed. By Who ????? Who else – #Anti-sec. this is apparently some of the data gleaned from a tap by LULZSEC a while ago. the data was retrieved from a hole in an FBI security contractors firewall. bingo. check this out – http://news.cnet.com/8301-27080_3-20089054-245/antisec-hackers-post-stolen-police-data-as-revenge-for-arrests/

Of Course the rumor is that this was done to show their displeasure at the arrest of Topiary last week, in the English round up. No Word on when those who were taken into custody will be either charged or released. we expect them to bring charges, but when they do – no doubt they’ll suffer even more security breaches. some could be even larger than this 10 gb release.

The data was left open on a torrent, for the entire world to download at their leisure. google even carried a listing to it in it’s search engines. talk about understanding seo. those Anti-sec folks really have their fingers on the pulse of the global data pathways.

Also we discuss the Tea Party and Why We’re Bringing Ice.. Tuesday is guaranteed to be hot in Wisconsin, which is why we’re bringing this ice to keep the troops chillin. there’s going to be a show down and the GOP will find themselves under voted and eliminated. not only in Wisconsin, but also in the upcoming races in Iowa and Michigan.

Yes We’ve got a big ass freezer and we’re making cubes around the clock for these climate change deniers. we intend to furnish as much of the peoples viewpoint as we can find. it’s time that the major networks knew that the news belongs to the news-makers – The People.

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We Think that Today is a Great Day for A Long Tall Iced Tea, How Bout You ?