We predict Obama wins a second term – pictures to follow

 We predict that President Obama will win a second term.

This is TYT talking about why this election is going to be a questionable situation. Democrats and the GOP are all wading through statistics; Cenk explains clearly how this win will happen. This video is eight days old so you can see how this is developing before your very eyes. BTW We’ll be posting the latest TYT Later Today as the election progresses.

This guy shares his feelings about this election and voting in the US today.

He has some good points and many folks believe exactly what he is saying. There is a good reason to vote today and it’s not about this political dog and pony show for president. We already know that Barack Obama was elected to a second term Five Years ago; as we told you in a previous post here early in October. The Illuminati is at work today, and if you are thinking about fighting them get out there and vote for your Local Representatives. That Vote Is Golden.

Your local elections decide many important issues, that the presidential election won’t even address. School Funding, Healthcare Funding, Local Redistricting, Taxes, Millages; all are in play today. As well as the vote for Senator and Congress. These are the two most important votes for every us voter, Decide who will represent YOU in the next 3 years. Decide who will be your voice in DC and Your State. Don’t give away your power. Reclaim it by Voting Today for Your Local and State Elections because we all know that anytime you spend more than a billion dollars to be elected to an office that won’t pay you two million in the entire contract peroid; you are money laundering.

Don’t Forget that Today We Need To Discuss the Electoral College and Why They Decide Who Will Be President; instead of the popular vote.

Now wasn’t that refreshing ? you can now be clear on who’s electing whom; when you go into the booth to cast your vote.

Our updates will be posted throughout the day including videos and pictures of the candidates.

Please vote Today like your economy depends upon it.

RE Ausetkmt. – Editor