WE Got Your FREE Kaya Today – Celebrate Bob’s Legacy With US AT CRAW

Today is an International Holiday celebrated in an unofficial worldwide Smoke-Out

This is the Earth Born Strong of our beloved Hon. Robert Nesta Marley – Berhane Selassie

Yes This is Bobs’ Birthday and we’re celebrating it in the biggest way. We’ve teamed up with our partners at Chronic Releaf and Wellness in Detroit to Blow One Up for Bob Today.  So if you happen to be driving down west 8 mile near Lahser and you see a huge cloud – Breathe Deeply because that’s our Super Bong Hit for Bob on His Day.  Nothing But Pure Kaya Mon !

Chronic Releaf and BadGalsRadio has a love affair that spans to the opening of the CRAW center in the spring of 2012. The crews actually met through another celebration the year before, at another dispensary.  So to us it’s clear that this was a divine intervention. The first dispensary eventually closed due to harassment by DRAIN.  That however didn’t keep Kaya down, or the Leaf Docs out of the Marketplace.

Download our Chronic Releaf Vol 1 here and share it with your idrens, sisterens, and bredrens on This Bob Marley Day 2013

Usually most of the celebrating for Bobs’ Earthborn are private but heartfelt. Those who know and Love Bob Still; will be rolling up a fatty of the sweetest most juicy juicy lambs breath to share with Bob.  No doubt we couldn’t get the level of Marijuana Sacrament we’ve been blessed with; until we hooked up with CRAW. Yes  T & T the dynamic duo behind CRAW stepped up the Detroit Medical Marijuana game by bringing in The Leaf Doctors.  These guys don’t do anything on a small level  -  they only get the top shelf, and it always sells off.  That’s how they became involved with the areas top strain bosses who are known simply as The Leaf Doctors.

Yes Literally The Leaf Doctors,

These Guys, all we can say is “Cough Couth Coughhhhhhhh”. It’s the sound of a happy and well treated Leaf Docs Patient. When we saw our Leaf Doc Antonio on tuesday, he made sure that we had the massive big bumba kush bottomless spliffbox. No doubt you’re trying to figure out how they do that, and we’re not going to reveal their secret, but we’re going to encourage you to enjoy one today in Bobs Memory; With Us At CRAW.

CRAW Will be Handing Out Pre Rolled Spliffs to all patients today so if you’re in the database, GET IN HERE.

When we left the clinic last night, the waiting room was packed with patients waiting to see the budtenders and folks were still driving up and rushing in at 6:55 pm. No doubt they’re trying to get their medibles ready for Bob’s Blow Up today.

As is the usual case with these sorts of holy days; We had a few family members over last night to start the holiday off right – with the Big Bamboo Bong. Daddy Bui’s Golden Chalice was sparked and passed in the name of Peace, Love and Oneness. Every heart and Every mouth confessed their love for the Lambs breath and Bob.  An Irie peaceful silence fell over the room as the vibes of  Bob Marley and the Wailers soothed our collective souls.

Download our Chronic Releaf Vol 1 here and share it with your idrens, sisterens, and bredrens on This Bob Marley Day 2013

Some of you may remember this day – and yes that’s DJ Short Seed and the ever popular Monkey Paw with The Buddez own Beezy Green at the 2011 High Times Michigan Medical Marijuana Expo.  This is what you call a Real Article Soldier Posse’.

Join Us Today and Download this burner, then fire it up with your choice of the Holy Sacrament – Remember Bob Said “Easy Skanking” when you light that spliff.  Keep it lit all day and pass that truth around to all who will hear it.  If it’s the truth, everybody will want to listen.  That’s why there was almost no talking in our living room last nite; when we delivered the truth to the soundtrack of Chronic Releaf Vol.1.

Today we give thanks and praise to all those great Doctors and Bud Tenders in the Medical Marijuana Provisioning Centers Across the USA;  who make it their business to  assist Patients in finding their level of righteousness. Jah Bless and Supply You Always, Because without You there is no Party and Bob would not be happy; No Mon !

Download our Chronic Releaf Vol 1 here and share it with your idrens, sisterens, and bredrens on This Bob Marley Day 2013

Bless Up from The ASID Hi-Power Family and the Crew at CRAW and Higher Learning

If You need Medical Marijuana Certification – please use this $50.00 Off Coupon courtesy of  Beezy Green of  The FourTwentyTimes on Tumblr. Call 313 532-2200. The Coupon Code is “BIG G”  and it works at any Higher Learning Location in the Metro Detroit Area.

In Addition Your First 1/8th (3.5 grams) of Medical Marijuana will be rounded up to a full 5 grams at CRAW because we want to be your Medical Marijuana Provisioning Center.  Just Tell Them You’re a Friend of “Beezy Green” and they’ll take care of you with a smile.  Call 313 693-4564.  T and T are looking forward to helping You Blow Up Your Pain, with only the finest Iron Tested and Certified Medical Grade Leaf and Concentrate Medications. Don’t forget us for your Munchies. We stock Delicious Fresh Daily Medibles,  Gourmet Candy and Sodas.  Ask About Our Dabs Program where you get free wax with the top vaporizer on the market – The Dabstick.   Opening Soon – “Glass Heaven” and “The E-Farm” in CRAW.

Keep It Green Buddies,