Tyson and Ye are Gay Fish – see the videos

Tyson shows his ass

DISRESPECTFUL – Tyson Beckford Says On National TV That He Would FUDGE PACK President Obama.

There is nothing about this funny to me, sorry Tyson.
I always thought of you as one of the real sexy mofo’s. but this totally erases confirms that.

Why would Any Man sit on an international tv show and say he would sodomize The President of the US so he could be in power; and have his wife hold the camera.

Tyson My Bwoy, You just OFFICIALLY Joined the FASSY POSSE’

somehow this reminds me of the Whole Is Ye a Gay Fish video..
you remember that lil scenario right ?

AAAhhhh Yeahh.. here’s the rest since it’s friday and we wont be here till sunday.

You See when the whole Gay Fish piece hit the internet, Our Favorite Gay Fish Ye was not amused; nor was he interested in disputing the rumors.

that’s what really got our attention. he was NOT Denying. it was like His Coming Out on Errybody’s Tubes. the whole drama played out on the internet after his Mom’s Death.

Then Amber Surfaced.. AHHHHHHH Yes; the Great White Shark

Ooops I meant Blond Bish with Swish.  okay that’s about as nice as I can get about the whole situation and still remain relevant and honest.  they are a MESS with Capital Letters.   (smdh with a dash of side eye)

in the videos watch carefully as Kanye sees a gigantic “white” fish and literally attaches himself to the fish..

hmmmmm, uhruhhhh how bout this pic ?

when I see them I always just automatically assume that there will be some drama before the end of the photo shoot.

Why Sweet Minty Jesus, Why ?

Whooooo BABY – You Go YE !

Swim Free Gay Fishes !!!