Today’s date is 04/27/2005 – so why do all these calendars say it’s 2013 ?

Today we talk about Illusions and Lies. We believe that you deserve to know the facts always, so here’s a huge nugget of truth to start your year out right. This year just say YES to FACTS.


If you follow the video series by Da13thSun you know that the actual calendar is not the julian calender. The truth is amazing when you can find it. We want to remind you once again, there are many mind tricks going on today – don’t become lost in the maze; because it’s set up just to keep you walking endlessly on the wine press. You have a choice, and you should make that choice in the name of your beliefs.

Don’t let someone assign a role model for you. Define your own, and then live it. Stop allowing the pressure of the outside world to manipulate you away from reality. You own your own reality and no one can take it away from you – unless you willingly surrender it to them.  Disney creates fantasy to retrain your head to hate reality.  That in itself is contrary to reality.  Life is not a Game and Reality is not a Fantasy.


Don’t Fall for The Okie Doke Demand Fact and Then Assess It for Yourself. You will know if it’s leading you astray.

Don’t be tempted to indulge your fantasies and ignore Reality. You’ll only end back up at the same place you began, just a little more distressed for the wear. This is not the time to ignore reality, unless you want to begin to blend in with the flock. We may be many things, but sheeple we are not.

Sorry Harry Potter, your wand doesn’t work in this universe