Tivoli Stories Part Four; The Aftermath

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Tivoli Stories Again.. This time the Part you all know

Part Four -  The Aftermath..

This is a whole different perspective from the past, about the future. the music, the news, the vibe; all reflect the future that will surely come to Jamaica; too late to save it from running kicking and screaming into the past.

Death to the shotta mentality and to the garrison politics that have all but killed the Jamaica of One Love.

If you get the opportunity we suggest you check out Betta Mus Come. this movie trailer that will give you a view of what made Tivoli the volcano that it has become Today.

Remember that Dudus is in Jail in New York awaiting trial for crimes of others; including his dead father.

Why ?

Because the US has an attitude of if it can it will. Buju is proof of that.

Pass this on because the next release will deal with the court journey and the evidence trail mounting against Dudus.

Strength is what YOU Are; Weak is what they want for you to be,