This Weather is not a coincidence, This is a FEMA murder plot

FUK FEMA – This is Not A HOAX so don’t even try to think like the donald. this shit right here, ooooo shidddd. FEMA is planning in advance by years to Kill US. How else do you see it knowing that this shit was written in 2007 and it’s happening now, with dates now.

This man is showing you the FEMA Disaster Schedule. Yes we said National Disasters – watch this and get mad enough to Start Demanding Answers

This is not a JOKE – Ask Your Government Why they’re doing this shit. seeing this and knowing what happened this week with the tornados, makes me really really really uncomfortable.

This man is showing you where the storms happened; and how they were created on a weather map.  rings and squares. thats’ some deep science, and people are understanding it clearly.  please watch this so you know these Tornados are not random.  Also look at the date the vid was made. he has it entirely mapped out by date and time. unbelievable.

Sure we know there’s nothing we can do to stop them, but exposing them to the world may make it a lil harder for them to kill us.

We’ve found info from our friends at Labvirus Blog that proves this shit is going down. Read this clipping about the tornados that flattened the south this past week.

That was NO RANDOM Weather Occurance - It Was Orchestrated as this will show you.

Still more quakes tornadoes and HAARP questions

Posted by labvirus on April 30, 2011


Yeah we said Kill US. this shit was written in 2007 and it’s happening now, with dates now.

HAARP – Chilling Information You Really Need To See!

This is not a coincidence, this is a murder plan. Look AT This if you think we’re crazy. We’re trying to open your eyes before they shut them permanently.  you must pass this info along or know that you could have done more.  this is not the type of info you can sit on. re tweet and re blog this.

PDF DOWNLOAD Tier One Interagency NLE (National Level Exercise) to take place just after 15 May 2010 – FEMA Regions 8 & 9 – including CA, AZ, GUAM, HI, NV, CNMI, RMI, FSM, American Samoa, CO, MT, ND, SD, UT, WY – where the scenario is a NUCLEAR DETONATION IN NEVADA

Posted by labvirus on February 8, 2010


* Tier 1 National Level Exercise as per the National Exercise Program
* Domestic Terrorism focused
* Guided by National Planning Scenario #1: Nuclear Detonation
* Fully Integrated with Eagle Horizon 2010 (continuity [COG aka Rex-84] exercise)
* FEMA Region VIII and FEMA Region IX, select State and Local jurisdictions (venues) and the National Capital Region (NCR)
* Multi-day (4-5), operations-based exercise scheduled for May 2010

Don’t Forget Forwarned is Forearmed

TELL A Friend, A Neighbor, Post it to Your Church Bulletin Board; Your School and Work Bulletins. Everyone Needs to KNOW This is The HAARP Being Tuned Up ON AMERICA.

Don’t You See The Writing In The Sky Now ?  The year 2014 Will BE Here Before You Know it..That’s All We Got to Say bout it

So Are You Packed and Ready ?