The Fable of #American-Success – Look At It #Dead In The Eyes #NOW

For those who don’t understand how this all happened – this is the1%  mindset that created this #Rendition that America now finds it self caught up in. The DOD now comprises more of the US Economic picture than any other segment.  How did it happen – Look At This

Yes This Is The #Americanmindset

Today’s 99% of graduates are coming into an economy that does not have a place for them. It’s been too long coming, but today America’s #99% has to face it’s economic woes. America built it’s economy and it’s economic recovery schemes on the defense model. Think #Xbox and Nintendo.  You learned to play games, but not to be critical thinkers. Why ?

Well think about the folks who designed the system that educated you

They don’t trust anyone – especially anyone who is not like them. Most Americans don’t even know the real history of America.  When did America actually become a separate entity from the Crown ? Who Gave These Rights to Pirates to Just Claim Land in the name of the Crown ?

Yes this is how America was Made – #Stolen Literally and built on Bloody Cemeteries

America’s chief infrastructure was built Free; utilizing Slave Labor. It’s economic center is built on-top of it’s main slave profit center.  Yes Wall Street is and was the Slave Trading Capital of America, and it still is.

Think we’re talking 369 – then Watch This and Learn about Your Bloody US History

#99% of Americans are from the so called melting pot; and have yet to get a chance to sit at the table of equality.  How can it happen if these very individuals are not treated as a part of the whole ?  How can growth occur if stability does not exist ?

The Policing of America is the chief occupation

Militarism is seen as a necessary part of urban survival. Even if there is no civil war, America is living under a constant state of emergency.  This is why the president of the united states can go on national television and state emphatically that he ordered the drone hits of American citizens and others that were unknown; simply because they spoke out against this very militarism.  This seems contrary to the words of the us pledge of allegiance when it says “One Nation indivisible; With Liberty and Justice For All”.

Justice For All ?

liberal-focus: sandandglass:

Wayne Allyn Root – seriously, look his face in the last gif. 

I bet white haired guy can’t actually name one honest business that has been destroyed by the IRS.

America you are a poor role model for our youth. If they continue in the same pattern, as you can see from the illustration above, there will be No America left. let alone anyone else.  1% America has built it’s economic model strictly on War.  If Policing is the chief activity of your employee, then when will there ever be a chance for change ?

Every time there is a terrorist incident, inside or outside of America; 99% of American people cringe and wait for the announcement of action by the US Military Machine.  America funds more war than it does education.  How can that be a real model for growth or even stability for any country ?

Be Smart Young America – Start Your Own Game and let this one percent bankrupt itself out of existence – like Mittens says “Right Off The Hook”.  Honestly, we all know that is the only way you’ll get a chance. no doubt you see that. now put down that Xbox and get out there and get your life.

Now Run Tell Dat Wall St,