SHE Has Spoken – Congress You Need To Get Yo’ Life

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Our Idol – Ms. Tamar Braxton has a saying that no doubt will become a part of your vocabulary, if it’s not already.  It’s not like that ratchet crap;  This is a Real Saying – With Clear Meaning.  So as our gift to Congress and the Senate, we spent a few days laying our soul, down on the console.  Hopefully this will motivate them to get America Back To Work.  Otherwise there’ll be no taxes collected to pay their $130.k a year + Benefits.

People like Eric Cantor and John Boehner helped make America 25th in Education in global rankings this year.  How can they expect to retain their positions with problems like this ?   These gop folk seem to now understand the value of a good worker and taxpayer.  Yet the Americans who could occupy these H1B positions are still sitting waiting for Congress to Come Back To Their Minds Again.

This end of year present, is our yearly wrap up of whats’ on the table; whether you know it or not.  Now everyone knows so lets get on with the Funkin Up.

Clearly if  you are watching the news, you know that the citizens of the US feel it’s time out for Chit Chat; and time for Work Congress.  There aren’t enough rich folks to carry the bags that will be piled up shortly outside the capital; if congress keeps ignoring it’s bosses and primary financial source – otherwise known as  The American Tax Payers.

If Congress makes the mistake of playing golf instead of working out a budget compromise we’re sure that their bosses will have their jobs.  That is a direct step away from what they were charged with and expected to do. Just because most of the filabustas are lame ducks (did not win re-election) they have no right to hold up the business of this session.

WE Say – “Until they (gop) complete their duties as legislators, there should be no recess or vacation; and most certainly No Pay“.  The legislative session cannot be over, if there are still problems as great as the impending fiscal cliff.

No One is taking this lightly, unless you are a member of the GOP.  So for them we have the word and it goes like this,

“Congress You Need To Get Yo Life”.

This Homegrown American Sound Script Reads Like This -

  1. Eminem : Ode to Detroit

  2. Nina Simone : Do What You Gotta Do

  3. Parliament : Back in Our Minds Again – Mama ASID Remix (background for our vocals)

  4. Parliament : Chocolate City

  5. Eminem & TrickTrick : Who Want It

  6. Angie Stone : Do Whatcha Gotta Do

  7. Prince : When Will We Be Paid


We Wish All Our Visitors, Supporters, and even our haters;  a good time, and much progress toward your goals.  Congress doesn’t have enough power to stop a powerful movement of The People.  Trust That,

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