See The Tivoli Murder Victims Video – WARNING GRAPHIC

We find it Hillarious that the JDF is just reporting their “discovery” of closed circuit cameras that were installed in Tivoli. Don’t they understand that we understand already that these are the very same cameras that were tapped into to record the visits to the Presidential Clique offices, by various and sundry police,  government officials and politicians ?

From What We Hear, the Police went in looking for the TAPES Not Dudus. AHHHHHHH,,

So now we have the police participating in their own cover up of the cover up. Damn the drama thick mi tell unu.  next we come to hear that the evidence like Dudus; has Left the Building.

Laaaaawd A Mercy..

DISCLAIMER * Be Warned that This Video is Graphic and Horrible – We Do Not Know Who Made it Nor do we Know any of the people who are in the video. we received this anonymously to our video library – to be Shown for the world to witness what has happened in Tivoli Gardens in May and June of 2010.

Jamaica – Posted to BadGalsVideo on June 02, 2010

We fretted over showing this video for weeks, yes weeks. yet after all that has happened we feel compelled to show you what The JLP, Jamaica Defense Force and Jamaica Constabulatory Force did to it’s own citizens. We Warn You that this video is very very graphic. it shows the bodies in the morgue, some with visible damage to skulls, limbs and the general condition that occurs after sitting for days before being attended to by the coroner. some of these bodies were apparently left to swell and bloat in the heat after being shot in the Western Kingston War of 2010.

Politics Jamaican Style indeed..

This is what the Police Department Does to it’s Own Citizens – Declares War on Them.

This is Dwight Nelson the Minister of National Security – He is a KILLER, Listen To His Words. He is speaking to His Own Cops – Telling them they are in a War – against their fellow citizens.

They carry M16 Rifles and Glocks EVERYDAY – and They Use Them Like Nelson Says. yet we see in the headlines that the largest portion of corruption is committed by the Police and the Politicians.  every year Jamaica’s crime rate and murder rate increases, but what we keep ignoring is that the majority of the murders are committed by the Police. They have the majority of the guns and ammo on the island.  They have that 50 caliber anti aircraft gun that we showed you a few weeks ago. They said it belonged to Dudus, yet we can’t see any ammo for it removed from Tivoli or any of the other locations.  Yet in the pictures and videos they were the only ones with Ammo and the Gun, so logic tells us that this was another piece of their contrived pie.

So We can now clearly understand why the citizens have to protect themselves against these corrupt and deadly war mongers. being caught up against them is a loosing battle. there is no way anyone can live if they are shot with an M16. why do you need a weapon of war in an urban setting if you are keeping the peace ? the reason the people are arming themselves is now evident – so gun men; hmm maybe we need to  RE-Think of them as Protectors of Their Families and Homes.

Please remember that the JDF shot one well known unarmed businessman 20 times in his  own home, in an upscale neighborhood. He didn’t even have a gun in his hand or any other weapon so why did they shoot him with an M16 instead of their Glocks ? FEAR.

They Shot Him 20 times with an M16 – yes.

Why does the JLDFP Continue to Try to Play with Peoples Heads ?

Mr Golding sir – Inflating the amount you put in bounty on Christopher “Dudus” Coke will not make anyone turn him in. Christopher “Dudus” Coke is more important to Jamaicans than the entire political structure that you represent. Quite simply because he made sure that the small man got his share, unlike politicians like you.  Christopher “Dudus” Coke is just the most recent face on an old problem. Rest Assured Politicians, that your problem will eventually eat itself and you before you get Dudus in your clutches, again.

An example of how corrupt you are is in your police force.  who would take money from someone to sign a bail book and then get arrested for doing it; remain a cop and then be ordered to report for his own bail book signing to the same Police Organization where the entire drama all began ?

When will the war against the citizens of Jamaica End ?

(both these stories were clipped from the jamaica star)

A district constable charged with breaching the Corruption Prevention Act after being accused of hatch a plan with an accused man to sign his bail book even when he did not report to the police station was taken before the court on Thursday.

Charged with seven counts of breaching the Corruption Prevention Act is 47-year-old Alton Bennett from a Kingston 11 address.

The court was told that the complainant was an accused in a case but had been granted bail. It was revealed that the accused was ordered to report to the Duhaney Park police every day, but subsequently got a job that made it difficult for him to do so.

Bennett, the court was told, agreed to sign the complainant’s bail book for days in the future. It is alleged that the district constable solicited various amounts, ranging between $300 and $400, from the complainant for this favour.

It is also alleged that the complainant was seen by the arresting officer in his case, who made enquiries. It is then that the complainant reportedly told the officer what was happening. The court was told that when the arresting officer viewed the bail book on June 3, dates up to June 8 had already been signed by Bennett.

Bennett’s attorney applied for bail telling the court he had been a member of the police force for 14 years and had never been in trouble before. Bennett was granted $200,00 bail with one or two sureties and is to report to the Olympic Gardens Police Station three times a week.

The matter returns on July 30.


Cops say gunmen saw routes soldiers took into Tivoli

Police believe Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke and a number of gunmen who challenged the security forces on May 23 made their escape with the aid of a closed-circuit television (CCTV).

Head of the Criminal Investigation Branch, Assistant Commissioner Les Green, told THE WEEKEND STAR that the CCTV system was recently found in the ‘Presidential Click’ office which is known to be occupied by Dudus. The office is located in a section of Tivoli Gardens called ‘Java’ where Dudus is also known to hang out.

“A CCTV system was found in his office and we will be checking to find out the areas which it could monitor,” ACP Green said.

In addition, the police will also be making further checks to find where the footage from the camera system was saved.

A number of sources are theorising that the CCTV system was used to the advantage of Dudus and his defenders who fled the community and the security forces as they invaded west Kingston.

The massive offensive led to the death of 73 persons, some of whom may have been murdered before the incursion actually began.

The death toll is said to be nowhere near the amount of men who barricaded themselves inside west Kingston, armed and ready to take on the security forces.

“This is one avenue by which we believe a decent amount of gunmen were able to escape … If you think about 400 men from different parts of the island were here ready and waiting to take us on and we know they escaped. They could only do so with some good aid and this CCTV thing is one such way it could be done as they could see the points from which the security forces were entering and with that knowledge could plan their escape route,” one source explained.

When contacted, one thug who chose to remain in the community, expressed surprise at the finding but said he believed some of his counterparts who escaped did so with some form of help. “A suh di boss a move camera and all these things mi neva know I swear,” he said.

The thug who was among hundreds of men who vowed to fight for Dudus added: “Me neva run cause mi naw run lef my family eno but mi did always suspect dem know weh and weh dem coulda run, mi jus neva know how dem figure out weh fi go, so mi guess it mek sense now.”

Even other residents claimed they were unaware of the CCTV system while the police say another set of cameras were found in a house also at Java.

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