Racism is really just Black and White – Can You SEE THIS

We love our Tumblrs  and because of that we often repost the best posts that cross our dashboards.  These post is one that we couldn’t ignore.  It’s probably going to force you to click a few links, but they’re well worth the look.

if you’re not on Tumblr – you should be

Lets kick it off with Pat Buchanan calling President Obama a Drug Dealer.. yeah,

Pat Buchanan calls President Obama a ‘drug dealer of welfare’ (For a related post, click here   http://christiannightmares.tumblr.com/post/248509308/our-culture-is-superior-our-culture-is-superior)


This is a resource post for all the Good White Persons out there. You know, the ones who say things like “It’s not my fault I’m white! Don’t generalize white people!”, or “I’m appreciating your culture! You should be proud!”, or “Why do you hate all white people, look I’m a special snowflake who’s not racist give me an award for meeting the minimum requirements for being a decent human being”.

Well, if you are actually interested in understanding racism and how it ties into cultural appropriation, please read instead of endlessly badgering PoCs on tumblr with your clinched, unoriginal arguments and repeating the same questions over and over.

On White Privilege
aka don’t blame me just because I’m white:

On Reverse Racism
aka you are being racist against white people:

On Cultural Appropriation
aka I’m just appreciating your culture:

Assorted Vials of White Tears and Miscellaneous Antidotes
aka I can’t change that I’m white/not all whites are racist/we are all humans:

Okay. I agree. I’ve been socially conditioned not to notice racism and recognize my privilege. What can I do?

I don’t care about this bullshit; you’re making a big deal out of nothing, go home and delete your blog:

 And then we found this – which really made us say Hmmmmmm ?

This video is called White Racist admits America is a White Supremist Nation.

Because we think you’re going to want to see the whole piece, we’ve put all three segments into one neat player for your convenience.  oh trust us, you’ll be glad we did so that you don’t have to go diggin this garbage up.  Believe us when we tell you that it will serve you later in one of those situations with the folks we’re discussing today.  We suggest a good cold drink and some stretching room to enhance your ability to process this, before you ship it out.

Recap of this week’s fuckery:highvoodoopussypope:

[TW: Racism, Lynching, Violence, Rape]

It’s not even Friday yet. What the hell people. What. The. Hell.



Everything else though I agree with.

hey guys you wanna collect your white supremacist



New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez requires women seeking childcare assistance to prove they were “forcibly raped.”

You all know the go-to Madeleine Albright line: “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”

Ahh! Okay don’t say we ain’t warn ya, cause this is the fire and you are the smoke; Go Blow This Post UP