Ooo,ooo America; The Landlords say – You Need To Review Your Copy of The Lease

Did you realize that the EPA is trying to declare that Water is a Contaminant ?

The EPA Pushes the Envelope, Again

In accusing the Environmental Protection Agency of trying to regulate “water itself as a pollutant,” Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is not showing an excess of exactitude. But his looseness is rhetorical and harmless. The EPA’s is neither… .

Concerned about sediment in the Accotink, the EPA had sought to cut stormwater runoff nearly in half — a proposal that would have added perhaps $200 million to the roughly $300 million cost of addressing sediment itself.

But as O’Grady noted, while the EPA can regulate sediment, which is considered a pollutant, it has no authority to regulate stormwater — which is not.

The EPA claimed — notably, “with the support of Virginia(‘s Department of Environmental Quality)” — that it could regulate stormwater as a proxy for sediment itself, even though it had no legal authority to do so, because nothing explicitly forbids it to do so. As Cuccinelli said, “Logic like that would lead the EPA to conclude that if Congress didn’t prohibit it from invading Mexico, it had the authority to invade Mexico.”

Why would the EPA insist on regulating stormwater, which it has no authority over, instead of simply regulating sediment? After all, it has written rules for sediment literally thousands of times. That insistence makes no sense. But it does look like part of a larger pattern… .

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Can You Say Hot Tamale ! Uhhh Yeah – That and a whole lot of other strange global ecological mess is finally coming to light — and guess who’s behind most of it ? Rich Folks. Yes, the same criminals are getting tax breaks on their destruction of the planet.  Not only do they think we don’t realize what they’re doing; but they think we’re just going to stand around and do nothing about it.  That Absolutely Ends Now

When Does It Finally Stop 1%ers ?


Republicans Love the Rich Folks and Want To Destroy the Environment. Republicans: a Plague on Earth From the god fucker?

Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region holds some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the United States, even if they’re not as well-known as famous spots like Yosemite and the Grand Canyon. Historically, advocates in the state have worked hard to protect its environment, but all of that is starting to change as Republicans have seized control of the state legislature and Governor Scott Walker sits prepared to approve legislation that may repeal key environmental regulations, like the moratorium on sulfide mining passed in 1997 by the then-Democratic legislature.

For those not in the know, sulfide mining is a messy, polluting process. It’s used when sulfur-rich ores are mined and processed to get at the goodies inside, like gold and silver. This involves the generation of a large amount of acid waste, a historic and huge problem for the mining industry because it’s difficult to manage and contain. Wisconsin’s legislators eliminated the problem by banning sulfide mining, but mining companies have started fighting back, laying the groundwork to access the riches they think lie beneath Wisconsin’s soil. They’re arguing that mining will bring needed revenue into the state, but environmental advocates aren’t sold on the idea, concerned about the high environmental cost associated with mining.

Governor Walker: A Koch Brother Whore. The Koch Brothers are the Wealthiest Polluters in America.
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Yes, lead poisoning could really be a cause of violent crime | George Monbiot

At first it seemed preposterous. The hypothesis was so exotic that I laughed. The rise and fall of violent crime during the second half of the 20th century and first years of the 21st were caused, it proposed, not by changes in policing or imprisonment, single parenthood, recession, crack cocaine or the legalisation of abortion, but mainly by … lead.

I don’t mean bullets. The crime waves that afflicted many parts of the world and then, against all predictions, collapsed, were ascribed, in an article published by Mother Jones last week, to the rise and fall in the use of lead-based paint and leaded petrol.

It’s ridiculous – until you see the evidence. [++]

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Yes this is all about the white mans addiction to Carbon and Lead. To add to the conversation – Mother Jones and Natures Network have shown us more evidence of a global conspiracy to fry the planet; and it’s inhabitants both mentally and physically.  This is all about the precious carbon that kills the planet and it’s people.  Dig This


It’s official: 2012 smashes record for warmest year in U.S. Every contiguous U.S. state had an above-average annual temperature for 2012, with 19 states boasting a record warm year.

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Hottest year on record in the US, yet no coverage…


Despite this year having broken all previous year’s temperature records, the US media remains relatively silent about climate change. I would point to pandering of corporate sponsors (among other causes).


The world is getting warmer. Globally, the ten hottest years on record have all been in the past 15 years. And things may get hotter still. This week the Australian Bureau of Meteorology added new colours to its map to denote a range up to 54°C, as it forecast that the mercury would rise to over 52°C next week, surpassing the previous high of 50.7°C set in 1960. Today’s chart reveals the highest recorded land temperatures by region

From The Economist  (seem to be posting their daily chart a lot!)

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We also want you to take a look at the facts and figures for your own area, so that you can see how it relates to your personal story – Remember that YOU are PAYING The Ultimate Price For This – Your Life.  Demand The Tax Cuts for These Ecological Gangsters Be ENDED NOW. 

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FACTS AND FIGURES. Click through to get a headache.

Don’t You Think It’s Time to Stop This Planetary Assault Finally Americans ?


What’s behind the recent headlines trumpeting a halt to global warming?

As usual, things aren’t so simple. What we call climate is a superposition of disparate trends, with varying contributions from solar activity, orbital variation, oceanic cycles, volcanic activity, atmospheric soot, and, of greatest significance, anthropogenic greenhouse gases. Additionally, the strength of individual effects varies from place to place, accounting for regional variation.

Currently, our oceans are acting as a global heat sink, absorbing much of our human-emitted carbon dioxide and becoming warmer and more acidified in the process (and causing, among other things, the slow dissolution of coral reefs). So while atmospheric warming, through a confluence of some of the factors mentioned above, is temporarily slowed, oceanic warming is continuing apace.

But this state of affairs won’t last forever. Climate scientists expect that, perhaps by the end of the decade, oceans will reverse course and, from being net absorbers of carbon dioxide, begin instead to release it into the atmosphere – triggering a catastrophic runaway rise in atmospheric temperature.

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We just want those who are reading this to realize that there is a deciphered cycle and outcome already – we know what’s happening and why it needs to stop. So 1 percenters don’t think this is going to be easy for you cause we’re not going to let you kill us. Point Blank Period dot com.


We all still know the hippopotamus, the massive animal that lives in rivers. With environmental degradation came a new meaning of the word “Hippo” which not only threatens the hippopotamus itself, but the whole planet we live on. Positive action is urgently needed to avoid the spreading of “HIPPO”:

  • No more diminishing of Habitats
  • No more bringing in of Invasive Species on purpose
  • Cut down on Pollution
  • Slow down Population Growth
  • No more Over-harvesting

If we obey all this points, the world will be a better place to live in and our children might be able to enjoy the view of real hippopotamuses and not only know them as “Happy Hippo” chocolates from Kinder.


The hippopotamus is the third largest type of land mammal after the elephant and the rhinoceros. Their closest relatives are whales and porpoises. They mainly feed on plants.

The hippopotamus was added to the World Conservation Union List of endangered species with the status of a “vulnerable species” in 2006 because of a decline of its population between 7% and 20% over a period of ten years. Main reasons for its decline are habitat loss leading to loss of access to fresh water, hunting and poaching.


We humans need more and more space and resources. Our cities expand and people have to be fed. This leaves less and less space for wildlife. An especially bad example is the deforestation of the Amazonian rainforest. The Amazonian rainforest is the most diverse ecosystem on the planet with thousands of discovered and millions of undiscovered species. We are wrecking our future by killing it off. Think of all the medicine plants that are yet to be discovered!

Stop diminishing habitats now! Set up more protected areas and only harvest sustainably.


This seems to be a minor problem, but actually it can devastate whole populations of native species. Especially islands are threatened as I would like to show by the example of Hawaii, the extinction capital of the world. Stupidly, the African giant land snail was introduced to the island as a pet in the early 1900’s. Some escaped and the population grew, eating their way through native endemic plants. As if that wasn’t enough havoc, scientists brought in the predatory rosy wolf-snail to control the numbers of the African giant land snails. What a bad mistake! They ate the already endangered native snails.

Stop tampering with nature! Let nature do its own course.


Pollution affects land, sea and atmosphere. This not only has implications on human health, but on the whole planet. Around 70% of the waste in the United Kingdom goes into landfill and poisons the soil. There are swirls of rubbish thousands of square kilometres large floating on the oceans and killing off fish. The amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases we pump into the atmosphere leads to global warming with devastating effects on the whole planet. We can already experience these effects by increasing severe weather, like floods, hurricanes and so on.

Cut down on pollution now!

Think of alternative ways. They exist.

Overcome the greed of the big companies and start making the planet worth living for future generations.


All other environmental problems have their origin in population growth. There are just too many of us. If we continue to grow at the current rate there will be no more habitats for wildlife, no more trees, no more fish and finally no more humans. There will be (and there already are) wars over resources and food. And even if not, there will be not enough air to breathe, because the production of oxygen will stop or at least diminish when more and more plants are vanishing from the Earth and there are no more bees to pollinate them.

Stop population growth now! Set up programmes to control birth rates.


Our harvesting of resources is unsustainable. Over-fishing leads to empty oceans, deforestation kills the lungs of our planet, to name just a couple of examples. With all respect to hard-working fishermen who try to make a living: if they harvest too many fish, there won’t be any fish left to fish.

Stop over-harvesting now and compensate job losses with a basic income for everyone.


Stop HIPPO or HIPPO will stop us!

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And Finally we have this bottom line on why the one percent is so clearly motivated by exploitation.

This is just so that you know who they are and hat they specialize(d) in : Even Today Citibank is celebrating their part in US Slavery. Remember that US Slavery ended with the 13th amendment in 1865 which is only 148 years ago. Yes, That’s Right They are Bragging about their Roots and beginnings in Slavery. So think about this eachtime you use your Citibank Card and Pay Massa,

This is all about that Corporation that is functioning and masquerading as a government

Now you understand why America has a President; Who is the head of a Corporation, instead of a Monarch – who rules a country. It’s time to lift the veil and start dismantling this mechanized apparatus which has enslaved millions globally for generations.

Enough One Percent, Enough

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10 Things You Should Know About Slavery and Won’t Learn at ‘Django’

Better Daze!

1. Slavery laid the foundation for the modern international economic system.

2. Africans’ economic skills were a leading reason for their enslavement.

3. African know-how transformed slave economies into some of the wealthiest on the planet.

4. Until it was destroyed by the Civil War, slavery made the American South the richest and most powerful region in America.

5. Defense of slavery, more than taxes, was pivotal to America’s declaration of independence.

6. The brutalization and psychological torture of slaves was designed to ensure that plantations stayed in the black financially.

7. The economic success of former slaves during Reconstruction led to the rise of the Ku Klux Klan.

8. The desire to maintain economic oppression is why the South was one of the most anti-tax regions of the nation.

9. Many firms on Wall Street made fortunes from funding the slave trade.

10. The wealth gap between whites and blacks, the result of slavery, has yet to be closed.

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Allrightynow, No Doubt You are so pissed you want to run and tell everybody – Go Ahead, Please Do It Now,

Run and Tell Alllladis