Oh Yeezus it’s Thirstday – You Servin the SCOTUS Too ?

Ahhhhh, it’s the reminder that the same folks are still in charge. SCOTUS you don’t understand what’s happening in the country obviously. Because you can’t even hear the words, that are coming out of the mouth of one of your own members; – RBG.

Somehow this seems like only yesterday,

Whoever ignores RBG is beyond Deaf

Justice Roberts Can You Hear Us Now ?

You see it works like this – We know that these anti family, anti minority, anti low income; decisions that are being pumped out by the end of the year SCOTUS are totally built on WSP.  Yes WSP, because the WSW clearly do not have anything to do with it.

RBG or Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is one of the clearest thinkers remaining on this fractured court.  When she retires there will be no chance for any of the disenfranchised to have a say in their own lives.

Hateful decision makers who do not regard women or minorities as constituents make their personal mandates rule over the majority; as though they are gods.  Yet we all know they are not.

This time they may have touched a rock, because the most effected are usually the ones who will yell loudest.  Women are tired of being seen as secondary in policy considerations.  Women are demanding to be heard and responded to.

This is why Justice Ginsburg in the Descenting voice on the SCOTUS this term spoke out and made it clear that she can see the WSP has a God Complex; and he should re-examine it quickly before it consumes him.

They treated the voice of Justice Ginsburg like a placard – by ignoring what it said as they passed by it.  They have yet to see the damage that repealing the Voting Rights Act will do.

But just wait because very soon the shit will start hitting the fan all over and they will have to accept their blame for the destruction of one of the fundamental rights, Previously guaranteed to all citizens by the Voting Rights Act.

Well it’s going to start a chain of events that will end up crashing the system.  By writing this decision everyone knows that there is no doubt the majority on the SCOTUS as Yeezus said all those years ago “Doesn’t Like Black People“. well we hope that you get used to Black People Not Liking You Either.

Yeah we still listenin to Yeezus, How Bout You SCOTUS ?