Obama, Colbert and Anonymous strike back while Ai Weiwei does it Gangnam Style

This week has certainly had its suprises. We went from last weeks Binders Full of Women; to Horses and Bayonets. Damn. But for us the real topping was a dance video remix put out by Chinese Artist and Civil Rights Activist Ai Weiwei. Yes Weiwei does Gangnam Style in his fashion – politically relevant of course.

Dig This – Chinese Mud Horse Style

Okayyyy,,, now how ya feelin. No doubt after that you’re ready for our main event, Anonymous and WikiLeaks. We happen to be fans of both to a certain degree. Yet our friends at WikiLeaks seem lost in strategy. Today they launched a whole new chapter with the posting of more of the Secret Pentagon Prisoner Manuals – which tell whats’ been happening in Guantanamo Bay’s Camp XRay.

Yes our folks at Anonymous are breaking fresh ground in response to the Paygate installed by WikiLeaks. We Agree with their logic and think this will open up a lot more doors. It’s time that we knew what the DOJ and the State Department has been hiding.

What is TYLER? Anonymous reveals details of its own ‘WikiLeaks’ project

The hacktivist collective Anonymous will reportedly launch TYLER – a ‘secure, no cost and decentralized’ online leaks release platform to circumvent problems inherent in WikiLeaks – on the day many (and Mayans) believe to be the end of the world.

One of the group’s members, who specified that he is representing the collective, spoke about the TYLER project and the rift with WikiLeaks in an email interview with the Voice of Russia.

According to unnamed hacker, the conflict between Anonymous and Julian Assange’s whistleblowing site revolves around the coercive fund raising techniques and a lack of transparency regarding WikiLeaks finances.

Previously, Anonymous has been a longtime advocate of WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange, vocally supporting the website’s mission of sharing secret data, news leaks, and classified information with the public.

However, information recently posted by Anonymous on AnonPaste.me says WikiLeaks ”has chosen to dishonor and insult Anonymous and all information activists” by requiring payment to view documents it previously made available for free.

But Anonymous is not a structured group with a defined leader – and the identity of the people behind the posts slamming WikiLeaks for asking for donations and various Twitter usernames remains unclear. The uncertainty has left many wondering whether these opinions represent the group as a whole, or just a few scattered members.

The hacktivists, claims the person who spoke to the Voice of Russia, see it as an ethical violation – and have responded by saying they may reveal information about WikiLeaks itself.

“What we would like to see released – either legitimately or leaked to Anonymous by a WikiLeaks insider – is the WikiLeaks financial records. We do not possess these, but should they be delivered to us we would certainly disclose them. An organization that preaches transparency to the world should provide it for themselves”, the Anonymous member said.

The annoyance that Anonymous members seem to be experiencing is likely due to the fact that they take credit for some of WikiLeaks’ major data publications.

Anonymous and other hacktivists claim they provided WikiLeaks with the more than 2 million emails released as part of the Syria files. They also apparently worked together to leak the Stratfor files – millions of emails from a Texas-based global intelligence company.

When asked about the future of WikiLeaks, the anonymous hacker said “Julian has threatened on at least one previous occasion to pull the plug on the project because the fundraising was not meeting his expectations. It was at that time that Anonymous began planning to field our own alternative disclosure platforms. Julian desperately needs WikiLeaks, and he is the only one that can pull the plug on the project. I rather think that so long as he is in dire straits, he will not do so – despite any threats from him to the contrary.”

WikiLeaks admits the paywall’s presence is less than ideal, but says it is financially necessary.

“WikiLeaks faces unprecedented costs due to involvement in over 12 concurrent legal matters around the world, including our litigation of the US military in the Bradley Manning case. Our FBI file as of the start of the year had grown to 42,135 pages,” a written response from the website said.

But at least some Anonymous members see the paywall as nothing more than a fundraising tool for Julian Assange, leading members to speak out.

A statement on pastebin.com said that Anonymous cannot support the “One Man Julian Assange show,” adding that while the group continues to support the original idea behind WikiLeaks, the website doesn’t seem to stand for that idea anymore.

The questions of who was behind that statement, how many of the collective’s members support it and can a pastebin.com post really represent the entire “legion” remain unanswered. But it would appear that the group is now choosing to focus on the future, and their TYLER project.

The serious VoR interview was lightened by some tongue-in-cheek comments about the future features of TYLER, with the Anonymous member saying he could reveal a lot about the project, but isn’t going to – and confirming the release date was chosen because it coincided with the Mayan calendar’s “end of the world.”

But the project has been in the works for months, and is clearly important to the group. Anonymous believes it to be unique as a disclosure platform, because “It will not be deployed on a static server. TYLER will be P2P encrypted software, in which every function of a disclosure platform will be handled and shared by everyone who downloads and deploys the software. In theory, this makes it sort of like BitCoin or other P2P platforms in that there is virtually no way to attack it or shut it down. It would also obviously be thoroughly decentralized.”

This came after the latest WikiLeaks ReleaseThe Pentagon terror detainee manuals


2012-10-25 12:39

Pentagon prisons revealed: Wikileaks publishes terror detainee manuals
October 25, 2012

Whistleblowing website WikiLeaks is releasing over 100 classified documents detailing US Department of Defense procedures for running Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, Camp Bucca and other infamous prisons where terror suspects are detained.

The directives and manuals, which for more than a decade directed the US military’s policy for treatment of its detainees, will be released chronologically over the next month, WikiLeaks said in a statement.

The first batch of the documents released is the 2002 Camp Delta – Guantanamo Bay prison – Standing Operating Procedure manuals.

“This document is of significant historical importance. Guantanamo Bay has become the symbol for systematized human rights abuse in the West with good reason,” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said.

Several of the documents slated for publishing “can only be described as ’policies of unaccountability,’” WikiLeaks said in its press release.

One document such document that has been previewed but not yet published is the ’Policy on Assigning Detainee Internment Serial Numbers’. Wikileaks claims it is a manual on how to “disappear” sensitive prisoners “by systematically holding off from assigning a prisoner record numbers”.

Another apparently contains the notorious instructions to “purge” interrogations tapes, which became notorious following the Abu Ghraib torture scandals in the mid 2000s. WikiLeaks called on NGO’s, activists and the general public to thoroughly read the documents to gain a better understanding of the evolution of the Pentagon’s post-9/11 attitude towards prisoners.


The importance of these files is monumental. They illustrate how the United States is the terrorist, unlawfully detaining prisoners, violating human rights & committing acts of torture. This is why Wikileaks is so important. Despite any outside conflicts the organization may currently have, it needs our support because no one else is providing this kind of in-depth information about policies the US government fights to keep secret.

We’ll continue to post about Wikileaks’ release of the Pentagon Terror Detainee Manuals as they are released.  We know after such a splendidly filling meal you just need a lil refreshment to cleanse your palate; so of course we have only the finest from our comedy cellars tonight. Lets start with a comedian; who is not supposed to be funny.

This man is absolutely transparent. He says he’s offering up five milli- to the president for his educational transcripts and passport applications. What A Joke This Man has become.  To think he is considered a captain of industry. Balderdash and Poppycock is all we can say to that load of rubbish.  He is about as trustable as RMoneys’ Economics and Math.

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Who now doubts that this man is a total loon; who needs a hair transplant pronto. Who is he to say that the US will be Satisfied with anything ? pffst, and knowing how stupid that was, we went DEEEEEP.  Stephen Colbert’s’ Super PAC Wants to Write a One Milli Check to Trump for Teabagging. Yes, this is not a rumor.

We have the actual announcement made on the Colbert show right here :

We can hardly wait to see if that check is big enough to make the donald open his mouth and finally stfu. If anybody can do it, it’s Stephen Colbert; the political powerhouse of comedy central.  Meanwhile the election season is in full swing and that means early voting in some states.  Today we saw the President cast his vote in his home precinct in Chicago. Check this out and be sure to watch the video. Mr. Prezy’s got jokes for the poll workers and they’re all lovin it.

VIDEO: Obama asked for ID while voting

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President Obama votes in Chicago, Illinois on Thursday afternoon.

We were reminded that not everyone is kosher. With that we have a second choice for those who like their politics with a bit of spicy something. Hit it Jay Leno.  It was quite a funny moment we have to admit and Jay is always asking those Baseball Questions – and the President is Answering. Yeah he’s hating on the Tigers (sigh) but admitting that He couldn’t let the D Go Bankrupt. We know he wants his team instead of the Tigers in this world series, Butterahhhhh

Either-way Bless You Boys !  and Mr President Watch Your Mouth – the girls might be watching.