No Kidding – In AZ The Prison CAME To The School to COLLECT Their Latest Class of Slaves

This Is A Prison Recruitment Center – Even if it looks like a High School; CCA is at work here

Take a Look At This because this is the mood of today’s post – We’re talking about the Pre-School to Prison Pipeline

Corrections Corporation of America Used in Drug Sweeps of Public School Students

by Beau Hodai

An unsettling trend appears to be underway in Arizona: the use of private prison employees in law enforcement operations.

The state has graced national headlines in recent years as the result of its cozy relationship with the for-profit prison industry. Such controversies have included the role of private prison corporations in SB 1070 and similar anti-immigrant legislation disseminated in other states; a 2010 private prison escape that resulted in two murders and a nationwide manhunt; and a failed bid to privatize nearly the entire Arizona prison system.

And now, recent events in the central Arizona town of Casa Grande show the hand of private corrections corporations reaching into the classroom, assisting local law enforcement agencies in drug raids at public schools.

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Recently we’ve written about the problems for minorities in America.  We’ve spent weeks telling you all about the Public School to Prison Pipeline.  Well it’s finally happened;  The CCA Has Raided a School With Permission In Arizona -

This is a total violation of the rights of all the students and anyone who might have been at the school.  Recently we started watching the convo develop on this issue and thought back to our warnings. We said this would start to happen in minority school districts, who would claim they were overrun with crime.  When this raid occurred, it was kept out of the major media and off national news television coverage.  Seeing this would have probably set off a race riot in Arizona.

Tensions are so hot there right now that our relatives are telling us about pop up sheriffs roadblocks set up in minority heavy areas.  They tell us this is the only way that the local police forces can try to keep people terrified until they can find a way to trump up a charge to arrest them.  Yes I said trump up a charge to arrest them.  It’s directly clear that Arizona is tossing people into jail so that they can fatten their states coffers.

This is a discussion that needs to happen all over the country today
The US Prison Boom began in the middle of the 1980′s under the Clinton Drug Sentencing Changes. This answers many of the questions and gives you facts and figures on the present prison population and it’s relation to education. America needs Tax Payers not Prisoners.

Arizona taking a page from the book of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, it seems is receiving money to run its jails.  As well, instead of running them like regular jails they are cutting corners and making prisoners pay to be IN jail; while they are IN jail.  There are reports of payments being made to the state from inmates families – while they are incarcerated; which amounts to extortion and forced indentured servitude.

Our Fine Friends at PRWatch have done a fully exhaustive investigation into the whole situation and we think you should take a look at all the evidence they’ve gathered, so that you can make a clear decision – as we have; about why this is happening now.

We know it has a lot to do with the political climate in Arizona.  As well we believe that this is a test or pilot project to be put into place in other republican states.  This would make most of the profit off the heads of youth; as the older prisoners are replaced with long term sentences for small non violent crimes.  This type of sentencing creates a pool of profit for the CCA and it’s partners.  In this case, the State of Arizona.  We’re keeping our eyes on this situation, and we’ll continue to update you as things develop.

 Check this out and get ready to talk about this tonight with Lady D and Mama ASID on The Reasonin – from 6:00pm et – 8:00pm et.



Private For-Profit Prison Company Used In Drug Raids At Public High SchoolsIn Arizona an unsettling trend appears to be underway: the use of private prison employees in law enforcement operations.

Recent events in the central Arizona town of Casa Grande show the hand of private corrections corporations reaching into the classroom, assisting local law enforcement agencies in drug raids at public schools.

At 9 a.m. on the morning of October 31, 2012, students at Vista Grande High School in Casa Grande were settling in to their daily routine when something unusual occurred.

Vista Grande High School Principal Tim Hamilton ordered the school — with a student population of 1,776 — on “lock down,” kicking off the first “drug sweep” in the school’s four-year history. According to Hamilton, “lock down” is a state in which, “everybody is locked in the room they are in, and nobody leaves — nobody leaves the school, nobody comes into the school.”

Everybody is locked in, and then they bring the dogs in, and they are teamed with an administrator and go in and out of classrooms. They go to a classroom and they have the kids come out and line up against a wall. The dog goes in and they close the door behind, and then the dog does its thing, and if it gets a hit, it sits on a bag and won’t move.

While such “drug sweeps” have become a routine matter in many of the nation’s schools, along with the use of metal detectors and zero-tolerance policies, one feature of this raid was unusual. According to Casa Grande Police Department (CGPD) Public Information Officer Thomas Anderson, four “law enforcement agencies” took part in the operation: CGPD (which served as the lead agency and operation coordinator), the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the Gila River Indian Community Police Department, and Corrections Corporation of America (CCA).

It is the involvement of CCA — the nation’s largest private, for-profit prison corporation — that causes this high school “drug sweep” to stand out as unusual; CCA is not, despite CGPD’s evident opinion to the contrary, a law enforcement agency.

To invite for-profit prison guards to conduct law enforcement actions in a high school is perhaps the most direct expression of the ‘schools-to-prison pipeline’ I’ve ever seen,” said Caroline Isaacs, program director of the Tucson office of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), a Quaker social justice organization that advocates for criminal justice reform.

All the research shows that CCA doesn’t properly train its staff to do the jobs they actually have. They most certainly do not have anywhere near the training and experience—to say nothing of the legal authority—to conduct a drug raid on a high school,” Isaacs added. “It is chilling to think that any school official would be willing to put vulnerable students at risk this way.

CCA, the nation’s largest for-profit prison/immigrant detention center operator, with more than 92,000 prison and immigrant detention “beds” in 20 states and the District of Columbia, reported $1.7 billion in gross revenue last year. This revenue is derived almost exclusively from tax payer-funded government (county, state, federal) contracts through which the corporation is paid per-diem, per-prisoner rates for the warehousing of prisoners and immigrant detainees.

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The Center for Media and Democracy added this tidbit, which makes this clearly an illegal operation.  The law in Arizona as in most other states says that Only Trained Peace Officers Shall Investigate, Arrest and Detain Citizens within the state of Arizona.  There are no certified or licensed Peace Officers, Public Service Officers or Police Officers employed by CCA and None were utilized at the time of the raid in October 2012.  as far as we can see only 2 K9 unit officers were there to assist the CCA team.  That is clearly not the law and they all know it.

Aside from the fact that CCA is a private corporation that derives its profits from the incarceration of human beings– such as minimum and medium security drug offenders – Arizona Administrative Code provides that, in order for any individual to engage in the duties of a “peace officer,” that individual must obtain certification from the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Board. Arizona Revised Statutes defines “peace officer” to include such law enforcement personnel as: municipal police officers, constables, marshals, Department of Public Safety personnel, and community college/university police.

The POST Board is comprised of the Arizona Attorney General, the director of the Arizona Department of Corrections, the director of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, municipal police department chiefs, county sheriffs, state university personnel, and other public safety/law enforcement personnel. POST’s essential purpose, as defined by Arizona law is to “prescribe reasonable minimum qualifications for officers to be appointed to enforce the laws of this state and the political subdivisions of this state and certify officers in compliance with these qualifications.”

And, Arizona Administrative Code is very clear on this point: “a person who is not certified by the Board or whose certified status is inactive shall not function as a peace officer or be assigned the duties of a peace officer by an agency … “

According to POST Executive Director Lyle Mann, POST provides two types of certification: standards and training certification for “peace officers,” and standards and training certification for correctional officers. Arizona Administrative Code mandates that ADC officers be POST certified. However, according to Mann, employees of private prison contractors are exempt from this standards and training requirements. As such, said Mann, no CCA employee is POST certified — as either a “peace officer” or a correctional officer.

It is important to note that Arizona Administrative Code explicitly states that non-regular “peace officers” — secondary parties engaging in certain limited aspects of law enforcement under the command/supervision of regular peace officers — must also be POST certified.

According to Arizona Administrative Code, a “limited-authority peace officer” is defined as “a peace officer who is certified to perform the duties of a peace officer only in the presence and under the supervision of a full-authority peace officer.” The Code goes on to state that duties which may be performed by a “limited-authority peace officer” in the presence of a “full-authority peace officer” include: “investigative activities performed to detect, prevent, or suppress crime, or to enforce criminal or traffic laws of the state, county, or municipality.”

This definition seems to fit the description — with the exception that CCA employees aiding CGPD “peace officers” are not POST certified — of what occurred at Vista Grande High School on the morning of October 31, 2012.

Is Any of this Right?

Vast differences between law enforcement agencies and private, for-profit corrections corporations aside, former ADC deputy warden and corrections specialist Carl Toersbijns said he sees a greater underlying problem in the practice of using any prison — public or private — personnel in school drug raids.

The simple fact is this: correctional officers — people who work on a continual basis around adult criminal offenders– have a much different mentality than a teacher, principal, or police officer. This mentality, he believes, may not be the most suitable mentality to subject school children to.

“Children are different — they don’t act like adults, and I don’t think you ought to use corrections officers around children,” said Toersbijns. “It’s a different culture, it’s a different setting, it’s a different approach. It’s inappropriate.”

For example, the term “lockdown,” said Toersbijns, may mean an entirely different thing to a corrections officer than it means to school personnel, students, or police.

“They use that terminology, ‘lock down,’ in the police department too. When they’ve got something going on in the neighborhood — a robbery suspect in the neighborhood — they lock the schools down [...] If you have a group there, that you’ve called in to do a job, and some of them are correctional officers, and they hear the words ‘lock down,’ it has a different meaning — it has a total different meaning [...] You don’t tell a correctional officer ‘this school’s on lock down,’ because the mentality is: ‘oh, I can go anywhere I want and tear up anything I want and grab anything that I want. That’s the mentality we use in prison. Prisoners don’t have rights — you and I both know that — when it comes to search and seizure, they don’t have no rights. Children have rights.”

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What will you do to stop children from being bussed to prison ?

Better think quick because America is ramping up it’s security system with all types of laws like the NDAA and it’s total secrecy clauses. Can you imagine that a middle school arrests students for a taking part in a food fight ? 11 – 15 year olds arrested; 6 year olds arrested; 7 year olds arrested; Why ?

How do schools push out low performing students ?

Send them to prison.

Once they enter the juvenile justice system most minors never finish high school and usually remain long term in the public school to prison pipeline. The department of education deals with Disproportionate Minority Confinement by sending minorities to jail; instead of jobs or college. This is why America will continue to fail until it stops this madness. The merry go round of laws that play into denial of equal rights are clear when you look at the statistics for both employment and incarceration of minorities v. whites.

American refusal to see the problem as a universal problem is the real issue that must first be addressed. Until funding opportunities are equalized for minority students and schools, with the investments made in law enforcement in the same geographic areas; we will continue to see the fueling of the Pre School to Prison Pipeline.

America cannot afford to loose this much tax revenue at this stage of the budget deals and private prisons are for profit. That simply means they basically buy their share of heads from the criminal justice system. The courts utilize it’s schedules to fill the demand of the CCA and the CCA makes a donation to their campaign chests. Only the CCA and the corrupt system know exactly how much money they make; because they don’t share that info with anyone outside of their board.

Being supporters of the ALEC movement should solidify the vision of their mission within your mind easily. But acknowledging that they’re cold blooded enough to start farming new slaves with the permission of the school districts; makes one sure that it’s time to take your children out of this pipeline and homeschool them.

Keep them safe from this out of control slave machine. Until everyone stands up and demands an end to this type of treatment of students; it will not stop. America are you so blind that you don’t remember these are the ones who are going to be feeding you and changing your diapers in due time ?

We think that until that reality sinks in, the selfishness of a few will endanger the future of everyone. It’s time this game was called on account of dumb, Don’t You Think ?

America, You Betta Hurry Up and Run Tell This,