Ms Diallo Spills It – HEAR Exactly What DSK Did To Her

This is a Victim – Do You Know Who She Is ?

This is the first public account of the Rape of Nafissatou Diallo. She is the 32-year-old Guinean woman who accused Dominique Strauss Kahn – former head of the IMF; of raping her.

Her words tell the whole story. No one should be swayed because of his stature, after reading this terrible account of her violent attack.

DSK is out on bail, and seemingly accusing Mme. Diallo of lying. what we are interested in here are the forensics of this case. there is supposedly physical and photographic evidence of the rape; which was taken right after it happened.  for sure there are witnesses to the state of Mme. Diallos’ body from the hospital, where she was taken after the rape occurred.

Reading her account, and looking at the pictures give us enough anger that we can hardly wait to see justice finally done in this case. once again we’ve seen the major news media construct a thin scaffolding of lies, to attempt to exonerate DSK of his crimes. yet the crimes themselves will never disappear and so he must be punished for committing them.

“Nafi” Diallo is not glamorous. Her light-brown skin is pitted with what look like faint acne scars, and her dark hair is hennaed, straightened, and worn flat to her head, but she has a womanly, statuesque figure.

When her face is in repose, there is an opaque melancholy to it. Working at the Sofitel for the last three years, with its security and stability, was clearly the best job she’d ever hoped to have, after years braiding hair and working in a friend’s store in the Bronx as a newcomer from Guinea in 2003.

Diallo cannot read or write in any language; she has few “close friends,” she says.

Almost all questions about her past in West Africa were met with vague responses. She was reluctant to talk about her father, an imam who ran a Quranic school out of the family home in rural Guinea.

Her husband died of “an illness,” she said. So did a daughter who was 3 or 4 months old—she wasn’t sure. Diallo was raped by two soldiers who arrested her for a curfew violation at night in Conakry, the Guinean capital. When they had finished with her, they released her the next morning, she said, but made her clean up the scene of the assault.

At first she said she couldn’t recall what year that happened, but later she said it was 2001. Diallo had managed to get her surviving daughter, now 15, out of Africa and to the United States “for a better life,” she said.

News Media Stop Persecuting Victims of Violent Rapes – Start Telling The Facts. Stop The Lies and Start Revealing The Facts in This Case.

Ms Diallo Is The Victim – not Dominique Strauss Khan – He Is The Rapist.

“Hello? Housekeeping.” Diallo looked around the living room. She was standing facing the bedroom in the small entrance hall when the naked man with white hair appeared.

“Oh, my God,” said Diallo. “I’m so sorry.” And she turned to leave. “You don’t have to be sorry,” he said. But he was like “a crazy man to me.” He clutched at her breasts. He slammed the door of the suite.

Diallo is about 5 feet 10, considerably taller than Strauss-Kahn, and she has a sturdy build. “You’re beautiful,” Strauss-Kahn told her, wrestling her toward the bedroom. “I said, ‘Sir, stop this. I don’t want to lose my job,’” Diallo told NEWSWEEK. “He said, ‘You’re not going to lose your job.’”

An ugly incident with a guest—any guest—could threaten everything Diallo had worked for. “I don’t look at him. I was so afraid. I didn’t expect anyone in the room.”

“He pulls me hard to the bed,” she said. He tried to put his penis in her mouth, she said, and as she told the story she tightened her lips and turned her face from side to side to show how she resisted. “I push him. I get up. I wanted to scare him. I said, ‘Look, there is my supervisor right there.’” But the man said there was nobody out there, and nobody was going to hear.

Diallo kept pushing him away: “I don’t want to hurt him,” she told us. “I don’t want to lose my job.” He shoved back, moving her down the hallway from the bedroom toward the bathroom. Diallo’s uniform dress buttoned down the front, but Strauss-Kahn didn’t bother with the buttons, she said.

He pulled it up around her thighs and tore down her pantyhose, gripping her crotch so hard that it was still red at the hospital, hours later.

He pushed her to her knees, her back to the wall. He forced his penis into her mouth, she said, and he gripped her head on both sides. “He held my head so hard here,” she said, putting her hands to her cranium. “He was moving and making a noise. He was going like ‘uhh, uhh, uhh.’ He said, ‘Suck my’—I don’t want to say.”

The report from the hospital where Diallo was taken later for examination notes that “she felt something wet and sour come into her mouth and she spit it out on the carpet.”

“I got up,” Diallo told NEWSWEEK. “I was spitting. I run. I run out of there. I don’t turn back. I run to the hallway. I was so nervous; I was so scared. I didn’t want to lose my job.”

Diallo says she hid around the corner in the hallway near the service lobby and tried to compose herself. “I was standing there spitting. I was so alone. I was so scared.” Then she saw the man come out of 2806 and head for the elevator. “I don’t know how he got dressed so fast, and with baggage,” she said. “He looked at me like this.” She inclin-ed her head and stared straight ahead. “He said nothing.”

This is the first news media release on the case – please read it and prepare for the television interviews which will come this week with Mme Diallo and ABC News.

Hotel Maid Goes Public and Speaks Out – ‘I want Strauss-Kahn Jailed’

–The New York hotel maid at the center of rape allegations against ex-IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn has spoken out for the first time, saying she is “telling the truth” and wants justice.

Nafissatou Diallo, the 32-year-old Guinean woman who accused Mr Strauss-Kahn of trying to rape her in a Manhattan hotel suite in May, told US media she wanted him jailed.

“I want justice. I want him to go to jail,” she told US network ABC in an interview set to air today.

“I want him to know that there is some places you cannot use your money, you cannot use your power when you do something like this.

“I never want to be in public but I have no choice. Now, I have to be in public. I have to, for myself. I have to tell the truth.”

She also told Newsweek magazine: “Because of him, they call me a prostitute.”

Ms Diallo’s interviews have been seen as an attempt to clear her name after New York prosecutors openly questioned her credibility, and said she changed her story and lied on her asylum application.

There were also media reports linking her to criminal activities. Police sources had said she was recorded on a phone discussing the financial benefits of pursuing charges, with a boyfriend jailed for possessing marijuana.

She told Newsweek magazine she did not have any boyfriends, just friends who took advantage of her, and she mistakenly trusted one enough to give him access to her bank accounts.

She also told the ABC she had “mistakes”, but insisted her account of what happened inside the hotel room had remained the same, even if what she said happened afterwards was less clear.

During the ABC interview, Ms Diallo re-enacted what happened in Room 2806 at the Sofitel Hotel when 62-year-old Mr Strauss-Kahn allegedly attacked her.

In the Newsweek interview, she detailed what happened as she entered the presidential suite – which she thought was empty – and called out: “Hello? Housekeeping?”

As she faced the bedroom, she said she saw a naked man with white hair appear.

She turned to leave, exclaiming: “Oh, my God. I’m so sorry.”

But Mr Strauss-Kahn allegedly replied, “You don’t have to be sorry”, clutched her breasts and closed the door of his suite.

Ms Diallo said Mr Strauss-Kahn allegedly wrestled her to the living room and tried to put his penis in her mouth as she kept pushing him away.

Mr Strauss-Kahn allegedly pushed her back and moved her towards the bathroom.

Ms Diallo told Newsweek the Frenchman then pulled up her uniform around her thighs, pulled down her pantyhose and gripped her crotch hard.

She said Mr Strauss-Kahn allegedly pushed her down on her knees with her back against a wall and forced her to have oral sex.

She said the whole incident took less than 15 minutes.

Ms Diallo said as she hid in the corridor and tried to compose herself, she saw Mr Strauss-Kahn come out of his room dressed and with his luggage. He nodded at her and then stared straight ahead, saying nothing.

Mr Strauss-Kahn’s lawyers have lashed out at Ms Diallo’s media interviews, saying that “its obvious purpose is to inflame public opinion against a defendant in a pending criminal case”.

The lawyers, William Taylor and Benjamin Brafmanm, said in a statement that Ms Diallo was “the first accuser in history to conduct a media campaign to persuade a prosecutor to pursue charges against a person from whom she wants money”.

“This conduct by [Ms Diallo’s] lawyers is unprofessional and it violates fundamental rules of professional conduct for lawyers.

“Her lawyers know that her claim for money suffers a fatal blow when the criminal charges are dismissed, as they must be.”

Mr Strauss-Kahn is due back in court on August 1.

His lawyers have called for the case to be dismissed after prosecution concerns about Ms Diallo’s credibility.

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All we can say at this point is that his history from France makes it clear that Mme Diallo is a victim. DSK is a Violent Rapist and a very Cunning liar. When he is finally returned to France, he will face charges for another of his attacks.

this time on a colleague from the IMF. she told others about the attack, so there is a trail of evidence leading to the crime. it is reported that when confronted with accusations about the Bannon incident – dsk said “I slept with the mother, and when I saw the daughter I just went crazy” Crazy ? are you kidding ? more like Mad out of his fucking mind. who thinks they can just go around raping women without consequence ?

DSK we’d just like to say Don’t think that Karma doesn’t know where you sleep at night; because she neither sleeps nor ignores,

Now Hold Dat Rapist,