MIXTAPE – Today It’s Urban Summer 2011 all across the Planet

Summer 2011 has been a record breaker in many ways. From the record temperatures and drought; which the World Bank finally admitted was man-made. To the political campaigning and brinkmanship. there’s something for everyone.  Or it seems everyone except the Urban Populations around the globe.  From Brooklyn to Beirut there has been political action. no one can be exactly sure why this is happening now, but we all know that it’s making a change in all of our lives across this planet.

The UK Riots were a suprise to many, yet we see unrest from Oakland’s Bart Stations to the Peoples Square in Tripoli. No One is sleeping and settling for the situation as it was.  Time is drawing to a point of change.  The despotic leaders which shaped this anger are slowly being brought forth; to answer for their wrongs.  The cities they robbed are slowly coming back to life; from their policed slumbers.

It’s Urban Summer 2011 all across the Planet

This soundtrack brings back the stress of the streets, and the cool of the ghetto; burned into one tough 35 minute break for change.

This Scorcher Includes Such Urban Anthems As :

  • Ghost Town – The Specials
  • Glockapella  – Ceelo Green
  • Dr Funkenstein Live – ParliFunkaDelament
  • Hope I Don’t Go Back – E40
  • Check the Rhyme – ATCQ (Japan Only Version)
  • The Ninth Presentation – The Bush Babies
  • Burn Out The Rich – Dubmatix & Kulcha Ites
  • Feel The Dub  – Dubmatix & DJ Ironbelly

Producer: Mama ASID – the Iriginal BadGal for BadGalsRadio.com / RawRootsPodcast.

Produced: August 8th -17th, 2011 at Realities Studios Motown; and Mixed At Top Secret Studios Birmingham U.K.

Duration: 34:31 MP3 Format 44.1 – 128k  Stereo  Which Will Play in Your Browser.

Copyright: All Rights to Original copyright holders for all music used in this podcast.  Podcast copyright 08/08/2011 – BadGalsRadio.com / RE Ausetkmt