MIXTAPE: It’s 420 Saturday and We’re Blazin – How Bout You ?

Black Friday came and went, with it’s shootings, pepper spray and long lines of debtors worsening their plight. Michigan has a plan and we’re going to keep bringing it to you until the rest of the nation realizes just how easy it is to fix this mess.

It all starts with the giving spirit

Monthly MMMA Farmers Market Meet Ups bring commerce to the people. The marketplace is booming and green is what it’s all about. Today is Medical Marijuana Saturday here in Michigan. With that said we’ve produced a short PSA with Bomb Ass Tunes for your Mixtape Pleasure.

Click This Tape to Listen to Medical Marijuana Saturday 1 Mixtape

This is our way of sharing the spirit with those we love – by giving you the facts along with a few tunes that you already love.

Check this out – This is the announcement for this weekends’  Michigan Medical Marijuana Association Meet Up Weekend :

This weekend the MMMA will be supplying Simpson Oil, as long as it last, to chronically ill patients.  To date the MMMA has given away over $20,000 worth of Simpson oil.  BBQ will be served on Saturday free of charge.  Please bring a dish to pass if you can.   On Sunday we will be hosting our genetics roundup.  Growers from all over the state will be bringing their best.  There will be no charge for transferring genetics.

Last weekend the MMMA raised over $1200 for local charities.  I would like to thank everyone who contributed.  As a community we are making a difference in peoples lives.

On the 29th at 11:30am the MMMA will be hosting a protest against Bill Schuette’s seminars intended to teach government officials to circumvent the law.  The protest will be located at;

Horizons Conference Center
6200 State St,
Saginaw, MI 48603

Thank you folks for all you do!


We want to thank Blueberry and our friends at MMMA for keeping the fight alive; and keeping the marketplace growing. Because without the activism of MMMA – many patients would be without a source for their medication; since it is technically illegal to buy or sell Medical Marijuana in Michigan. This is one of the fights that we will be supporting here in Michigan and in our homestate of Florida.

Finally The Florida 2012 ballot will include an initiative question on Medical Marijuana. There is no doubt it will pass overwhelmingly. Most Floridians have campaigned fearlessly for more than a decade for this initiative, and when it passes we expect to become one of the first Green businesses in the state.

Watch for the announcement of  ”The Buddeze Medible Goodies” to be available online. Presently our delicious medibles are only available from selected dispensaries in Michigan.  We’re planning to expand to Arizona and California in the near future.  just as soon as we can sell our goodies in your state; expect to see Beezy’s Peanut Butter Bombs and Wezi’s Medible Banana Nut Bread in your dispensary soon. We use only 70% Hybrid Indica Sativa THC Kief mix as our Medible Additive. so you know you’re getting The Bomb-a-Kush.

This is why we are asking you to join the fight and support the Medical Marijuana Initiatives around the USA. We also ask you to join us in supporting the fight to stop the criminalization of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries around the USA.

Many sick people are unable to find a job, medication and even justice because still too many people are afraid to stand up and be counted. This year take a stand and become one of those who are demanding equal rights for All Patients Under the Law; Regardless of their diagnosis.

Providing Prescriptions to some and not to all is unconsciousable and we think it’s time it stopped, Don’t You ?

Medical Marijuana is exactly that Medical, so lets fix the problem and treat illness once and for all. Stop the Criminalization of Medical Marijuana and Medical Marijuana Patients. We’re Tax Payers Too.

Now Smoke on That Bill Schuette,