Lost In The World – Interpol Hunts Julian Assange

Today we hope that Julian is Lost In The World..

The excepts from the WikiLeaks Released Diplomatic Cables include reports of some Arab leaders – including Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah – urging the US to attack Iran and end its nuclear weapons programme. – Damn

Other more concerning issues include the  Insecurity of Pakistani nuclear material that could be used to make an atomic weapon. Apparently the US has asked for their Plutonium back and the Pakistanis said basically Fuck Off. Well Well Welllll…

As well the  discussion of the widespread use of computer hacking by China’s government is also reported.  It’s appended by the news that the Chinese Hackers took control of a nuclear missle group in of all places – Iran. Oh Hot Damn !

And the latest news incase you haven’t heard yet – Interpol has been gassed up by the CIA to smoke out Julian Assange. That’s some really stupid shit. You Kick the Messenger for delivering the message to the masses.  Yeah Right..

We want to say to Julian Assange that if he needs any resources he knows that the world is His Oyster. May the grit ride under the dentures of the Bloody Flunkies. We All Know the Facts Now and you know it’s clear. The Shit is About to Hit the Fan Globally.

America you are the purveyor of Free-Doom.

Interpol issues ‘Red Notice’ for Wikileaks’ Assange

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in London (26 July 2010)

Mr Assange denies the rape allegations and has not been formally charged
BBCNews.com – 30 November 2010 Last updated at 21:08 ET

Interpol has issued a “Red Notice” for the founder of the whistle-blowing website Wikileaks, Julian Assange.

It said the Australian was wanted for questioning in Sweden over an alleged sex offence, which he has denied.

The Red Notice does not amount to an arrest warrant. Instead, it asks people to contact the police if they have any information about his whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa has said he did not approve an offer of residency made to Mr Assange.

On Monday, Deputy Foreign Minister Kintto Lucas praised the 39-year-old’s investigative work and said he was welcome to live and lecture in the country “without any conditions”.

But Mr Correa told reporters that the offer had “not been approved by Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino – or the president”. Mr Patino said it would “have to be studied from the legal and diplomatic perspective”.

Sweden turned down Mr Assange’s application for residency in October. The Scandinavian country’s laws protect whistle-blowers.

Earlier, Mr Assange filed an appeal with Sweden’s Supreme Court in an effort to overturn a ruling by the Stockholm district court earlier this month that he be detained for questioning on allegations of rape, sexual molestation and unlawful coercion, stemming from a visit in August.

His petition was rejected by the Stockholm appeals court last week.

Australia is also investigating whether he has broken any laws there.

Mr Assange has dismissed the allegations as part of a smear campaign.

On Sunday, Wikileaks began publishing about 250,000 US diplomatic cables in a third major release of classified US documents. The first two concerned the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Wikileaks release of embassy cables reveals US concerns

Hillary Clinton: ‘It is an attack on the international community’

Whistle-blowing website Wikileaks has begun releasing extracts from secret cables sent by US embassies, giving an insight into current global concerns.

They include reports of some Arab leaders – including Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah – urging the US to attack Iran and end its nuclear weapons programme.

Other concerns include the security of Pakistani nuclear material that could be used to make an atomic weapon.

The widespread use of computer hacking by China’s government is also reported.

The US government condemned the release of the documents, which number in the hundreds of thousands, saying they put the lives of diplomats and others at risk.

The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, countered by saying the US authorities were afraid of being held to account.

So far, Wikileaks has only posted some 200 of the 251,287 messages it says it has obtained. However, the entire bundle of cables has been made available to five publications, including the New York Times and the UK’s Guardian newspaper.

The leaked US embassy cables also reportedly include accounts of:


image of Jeremy Bowen Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor

The fact that the Saudis, Jordanians and others are deeply suspicious about Iran’s intentions is well known. What has not been known until now is how strongly they have been pressing for American military action.

The leaks do not tell the Iranians anything they did not suspect, or perhaps have already picked up themselves.

But they will sharpen the debate over Iran’s nuclear plans, and about the chances of military action by the Americans – or the Israelis.

The leaks are deeply embarrassing for the Americans, and will infuriate Arab leaders whose remarks have been quoted.

  • Iran attempting to adapt North Korean rockets for use as long-range missiles
  • Corruption within the Afghan government, with concerns heightened when a senior official was found to be carrying more than $50m in cash on a foreign trip
  • Bargaining to empty the Guantanamo Bay prison camp – including Slovenian diplomats being told to take in a freed prisoner if they wanted to secure a meeting with President Barack Obama
  • Germany being warned in 2007 not to enforce arrest warrants for US Central Intelligence Agency officers involved in an operation in which an innocent German citizen with the same name as a suspected militant was abducted and held in Afghanistan
  • US officials being instructed to spy on the UN’s leadership by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
  • The very close relationship between Russian PM Vladimir Putin and his Italian counterpart Silvio Berlusconi
  • Alleged links between the Russian government and organised crime
  • Yemen’s president talking to then US Mid-East commander General David Petraeus about attacks on Yemeni al-Qaeda bases and saying: “We’ll continue saying the bombs are ours, not yours”
  • Faltering US attempts to prevent Syria from supplying arms to Hezbollah in Lebanon

The leaked embassy cables are both contemporary and historical, and include a 1989 note from a US diplomat in Panama City musing about the options open to Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega and referring to him as “a master of survival” – the author apparently had no idea that US forces would invade a week later and arrest Noriega.


  • Whistle-blowing website with a reputation for publishing sensitive material
  • Run by Julian Assange, a secretive Australian with a background in computer network hacking
  • Released 90,000 secret US records of US military incidents about the war in Afghanistan and 400,000 similar documents on Iraq
  • Also posted video showing US helicopter killing 12 people – including two journalists – in Baghdad in 2007
  • Other controversial postings include screenshots of the e-mail inbox and address book of US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin

In a statement, the White House said: “Such disclosures put at risk our diplomats, intelligence professionals, and people around the world who come to the United States for assistance in promoting democracy and open government.

“President Obama supports responsible, accountable, and open government at home and around the world, but this reckless and dangerous action runs counter to that goal.”

Earlier, Wikileaks said it had come under attack from a computer-hacking operation.

“We are currently under a mass distributed denial of service attack,” it reported on its Twitter feed.

No-one has been charged with passing the diplomatic files to the website but suspicion has fallen on US Army private Bradley Manning, an intelligence analyst arrested in Iraq in June and charged over an earlier leak of classified US documents to Mr Assange’s organisation.

Wikileaks argues that the site’s previous releases shed light on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

Since they droppin files, we droppin files too..

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Everybody deserves the truth, and long may it reign. Long Live Julian Assange and WikiLeaks – The True Messengers for Our Time.

Now Hol Dat,