Lets Reason – Women, African-Americans and POC are Commited, So Is The Rest of America ?

Yes America the count down has begun again – the poor sad elephants are trying their hand at Maths again. It’s a self repeating prophecy of  failure built on hatred. That’s why they fail eachtime. they spend their ducats building a sacred calf when they know that won’t work. That’s why we see folks like the guys below blowing millions on what they know is a wall of hatred; against the real 99% of America.

You Tell Em Jon

2012-11-08 12:48

Broadcast Company Defends Anti-Obama Election ‘Special’

The top news executive of the broadcast company that aired election eve anti-Obama specials in several swing states defended the programs in an interview published on Thursday by a TV trade press website.

“No doubt it was hard-hitting, but it was fair,” Sinclair Broadcast Group’s Vice President of News Scott Livingston told TVNewsCheck. “No one is disputing the facts of the stories that aired in the special.”

As TPM reported earlier this week, the half-hour specials that aired Monday night featured segments and scripts produced by Sinclair but presented by local news teams. While not entirely dismissive of Obama, the programs included some of the most partisan criticisms of the current administration, and little, if any, criticism of Republican nominee Mitt Romney

The Richie Rich posse’ lost and now their whole demeanor has changed. They are all looking at their candidate and asking Where they went wrong.  Even this douche’ thinks theres’ something wrong.  That proves that things are finally going in the right direction.

OBTW He did Finally get those College Transcripts he wanted – The Electoral College Transcript that Is. LOL Big Smile

co’mon 1% you know where you went wrong, when you saw the signs – Minorities/POC and Women UNITED FOR AMERICA. Yeah That Sign.

We have come up with a theory – Black People and other POC  have finally decided that they are tired of the legislated 1% white collar racism in the northern states; and are now committed to changing things.  Thats’ why all that RMoney did no good. It only sets itself apart from the Real Americans donations. Hate speech and Hateful reactions are what built this wall of division in America; and believe it or not it will take just as much money and commitment to tear it down.

That’s why we are seeing many new start ups in the south; run primarily by and for Minorities.

Everywhere we go in the New South, we see new minority businesses.  From the mom and pop dollar stores, to the carwashes started by young entrepreneurs in their own driveways.  We see Taco Trucks, Wing Vans, and folks Frying Fish on the Curb in Florida. These new businesses are  showing up in places where we never traditionally saw food sold on the streets.  These businesses are not a part of a secret underground of bundlers. These new businesses are what you call grass roots start ups.


Exit Polls Show Asian Americans backed Obama by wide margin
Voice of America

Exit polls suggest Asian Americans overwhelmingly voted for President Barack Obama in Tuesday’s election that handed the incumbent Democrat a second term in the White House. Preliminary national exit poll data suggested that 73 percent of Asian Americans voted for President Obama, while only 26 percent supported his Republican rival, Mitt Romney.

Hell yeah we did.

America, These are folks who have decided to finally have it their way and to make it happen from their own sweat.  These are folks who are tired of being considered minority earners when the majority of tax payers are like them – $50.000 a year and less; but making it happen just as well.  You can call them Modern Day Sharecroppers. They ARE working it out to have something of their own.  Rmoney said the middle class in America earns roughly $250.000. a year – which proves just how out of touch even his advisors are about the Real America.

2012-11-08 11:52

Man walking around Venice, CA yesterday selling Obama t-shirts.

As the polls settle, pollsters are citing the increase in minority vote – and Mitt Romney’s lack of ability to get those votes – as a big factor in Barack Obama’s reelection. New numbers released following Tuesday show that the Latino vote increased from 9% of the population to 10% from ‘08 to ‘12. Romney carried only 27% of the Latino vote on Election Day – down from 31% in the McCain won in ‘08.

This just shows you how tired most of America is, of folks who just don’t know what they’re doing; but want to claim to be leaders.  look here,  The Rmoney posse even put up a winning website AFTER HE CONCEDED. DUHHH ? 

2012-11-08 12:24

Mitt Romney was so sure he was going to win the election, he had a website ready to go live.
And it did…

We see more POC putting their two cents into the pot to fuel their own version of  America and that makes us feel much better about the situation.  There is no 47% of  America when you have 99% of Americans united under one principal – Being An American.  No Separate and Unequal dominions of financial serfdom ruled over by folks who don’t see themselves as a part of The Whole of America.  America is tired of this wall of cash separating those Who Have from Those Who are Trying To Achieve.  

America Wants it to be One For ALL and All for ONE America

The One Percent No Longer Defines Who America Is 

The popular vote on Tuesday proved that.  You have much more minority involvement in the overall voting picture; which means in essence that the 99% are taking America back.  There is little doubt that everyone is tired of seeing folks like Sheldon Adelson decide who is going to lead.  The Koch brothers don’t even allow their pictures to be taken – which should make everyone wonder what they’re hiding.  These Bundlers are the stuff that built that wall that separated Americans from their dream for far too long.

Sadly Crying crocodile tears won’t stop change anymore; because this time the cards are in the hands of America – and not just the 1% .  That’s why they’re really crying.  they don’t run the game any longer and they won’t be setting the rules any longer either; once congress is seated for this session.  They can finally get the help they need for their Romnesia, because the president made it easy with Obamacare – which covers pre-existing conditions.  That shows you how much Americas’ 99% wants to help those sad one percenters, finally come back into the whole.

Yes More folks want to see themselves in a position of  power; which is why we see the majority of new and first timer seats won by Women and Minorities.  Those who pay the taxes and do the work are finally “The Deciders” and it’s a glorious day.  These days of divide and stop progress are Dying out and hopefully their supporters will find a new life that includes Progress; instead of just supporting a party of  Filibusters.

Those who like the status quo have no reason to be upset because this is continuity. There is always disruption when a change happens and this is what America needed – Continuity for Forward Motion.  The less dust we kick up now the better.  Everyone has a job to do and it’s time that All Americans pitched in instead of hiring out their hands to those who only seek to discredit and disrupt progress.  That’s why RMoney didn’t even win his own home state.

The people who have been held back are finally able to say to the 1% – We Made This and We are Going to Make It Run Again

Hey Old White Hatred – YOU No Longer Define America – because Barack Obama is that Quilt that  all  Americans seek to cover themselves with; as One Nation Under One Set Of Rules -

AMERICA for Every American; not just the 1%.


September 30, 2012 12:23 am
By Daniel DiSalvo /

A century ago, nine of 10 African-Americans lived in the South, primarily in formerly Confederate states where segregation reigned. Then, in the 1920s, blacks began heading north, both to escape the racism of Jim Crow and to seek work as southern agriculture grew increasingly mechanized. “From World War I to the 1970s, some 6 million black Americans fled the American South for an uncertain existence in the urban North and West,” wrote author Isabel Wilkerson in “The Warmth of Other Suns.”

Principal destinations in the Great Migration, as the exodus came to be called, included Chicago, Detroit and New York City, and carried tremendous political implications, both good and bad. It helped spur the civil rights movement, but it also trapped many blacks in urban ghettos. More recently, the Great Migration has reversed itself, with blacks returning to the South.

This reversal fits within a larger demographic shift among Americans in general, who are moving from the Rust Belt to the Sun Belt. But the new black migration is nevertheless significant: Not only could it portend major changes to the nation’s politics; it also testifies to the liberal North’s failure to integrate African-Americans into the mainstream. As historian Walter Russell Mead has observed, that failure is “the most devastating possible indictment of the 20th century liberal enterprise in the United States.”

The New York Times noticed in the early 1970s that, for the first time, more blacks were moving from the North to the South than vice versa. Last year, the Times described the South’s share of black population growth as “about half the country’s total in the 1970s, two-thirds in the 1990s and three-quarters in the decade that just ended.”

Many of the migrants are “buppies” — young, college-educated, upwardly mobile black professionals — and older retirees. Over the last two decades, according to the Census, the states with the biggest gains in black population have been Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Texas and Florida. New York, Illinois and Michigan have seen the greatest losses. Today, 57 percent of American blacks live in the South — the highest percentage in a half-century.

Much of the migration has been urban-to-urban. During the first decade of this century, according to Brookings Institution demographer Bill Frey, the cities making the biggest gains in black population were Atlanta, Dallas and Houston. Meanwhile, New York City’s black population fell by 67,709, Chicago’s by 58,225, Detroit’s by 37,603.

Plenty of the migrants have been moving from cities to suburbs, too. “By 2000 there were 57 metropolitan areas with at least 50,000 black suburbanites, compared to just 33 in 1980,” notes sociologist Andrew Wiese. The 2010 census revealed that 51 percent of blacks in the 100 largest metro areas lived in the suburbs. As journalist Joel Garreu describes it, suburbia now includes a “large, church-going, home-owning, childbearing, backyard barbecuing, traffic-jam-cursing black middle class remarkable for the very ordinariness with which its members go about their classically American suburban affairs.”

Four factors help explain the Great Remigration.

The first is the push and pull of job markets. States in the Northeast and on the West Coast, where liberalism has been strongest, tend to have powerful public-sector unions, high taxes and heavy regulations, which translate into fewer private-sector jobs. In southern locales, where taxes are lower and regulations lighter, employment has grown faster; the fastest-growing cities for job creation between 2000 and 2010 were Austin, Raleigh, San Antonio, Houston, Charlotte and Oklahoma City. For upwardly mobile blacks, the job-creating South represents a new land of opportunity.

The second reason for blacks’ southward migration is the North’s higher housing prices and property tax rates. The 2010 median single-family home price in northeastern metro areas was $243,900, compared with $153,700 in southern metro areas, according to the National Association of Realtors. Overall cost of living is an issue, too: Groceries, utility bills, housing and health care cost less south of the Mason-Dixon Line. High costs in the North make life difficult for the middle class regardless of color, but they pose a particular challenge to black families. From 2005 to 2009, according to a Pew survey, inflation-adjusted wealth fell by 16 percent among white households but by 53 percent among black ones.

Third, high taxes in northern cities don’t always translate into effective public services. Public schools are a prime example: Though class sizes have shrunk and average per-pupil spending has increased markedly over the last three decades, schools with large black populations continue to perform poorly. In search of a solution, blacks have become far more amenable than other groups to experiments with vouchers and charter schools.

Finally, many blacks moving to the South are retirees who, like other older Americans, are seeking better weather. Over the past decade, Florida has attracted more black migrants than any other state. Sociologists Calvin Beale and Glenn Fuguitt have found that black retirees are moving not only to classic retirement destinations in the South but also to “a cross-section of southern counties from which thousands of blacks migrated during the exodus from farming in the 20 years or so after World War II.” Many may be responding to what anthropologist Carol Stack describes as a “call to home.”

The political consequences of that summons may soon become apparent in the South. As the shared experience of discrimination abates and as more middle-class blacks succeed, the gap between the reality of their lives and the old political rhetoric may become too wide to ignore. “In neighborhoods offering the resources and opportunities that facilitate future socioeconomic mobility,” writes Harvard political scientist Claudine Gay, “the likelihood of believing that one’s fate is closely linked to the fate of blacks as a group declines, and pessimism about the severity of antiblack discrimination recedes.”

At the moment, black Americans are among the most reliable Democratic voters. As they move south and presumably bring their liberalism with them, they may help shift the political balance of power in these conservative states. Alternatively, as they move to states with better business climates, they may see their upwardly mobile and business-friendly attitudes reinforced and slowly shift to the right, even if they remain Democrats.

The most important barrier standing in the way of a new black politics is majority-minority districting for congressional and state legislative seats.

The 1965 Voting Rights Act has evolved into a mechanism for facilitating the election of black Americans to public office in rough proportion to their numbers in the population. To achieve this, the law mandates that blacks be shunted into districts where they constitute a majority. But as political scientist Abigail Thernstrom and others have shown, majority-minority districts create safe seats, reduce voter turnout and produce legislators well to the left of the national norm. These politicians develop voting records that cannot attract broader support from whites, and it becomes difficult for them to leave legislatures and run for higher office.

As blacks spread out residentially, however, it becomes harder to draw predominantly black districts. Further, increased numbers of black immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean are likely to change the equation, as their experience in the United States differs significantly from that of native-born blacks. The traditional grievance narrative doesn’t capture the imagination of entrepreneurial Nigerians in Houston or Somalis in Minneapolis.

New political attitudes among blacks also have trouble finding expression when black candidates are concentrated into one party. So some blacks may eventually decide to test their political fortunes outside the safe harbors of the Democratic Party — and that means becoming independents or even joining the GOP.

Recently, Republican ethnic minorities have had more success than their Democratic counterparts in winning office in states and districts with white voting majorities: think of Reps. Tim Scott (South Carolina) and Allen West (Florida), Sen. Marco Rubio (Florida) and Govs. Bobby Jindal (Louisiana), Nikki Haley (South Carolina) and Susana Martinez (New Mexico). That trend could coincide neatly with the southward migration of middle-class, entrepreneurial black Americans.

The South, then, in addition to holding more economic promise for blacks, could soon offer them greater political opportunity as well — and, in the process, transform the two parties’ long-established racial dynamics.

Daniel DiSalvo is an assistant professor of political science at the City College of New York and a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute’s Center for State and Local Leadership.

First Published September 30, 2012 12:00 am

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But since this is supposed to be Fair and Unbiased – we found a lil somthin for those who love the future of America.  We’re down with all of this all day, everyday – and it’s gonna happen so get your party hats ready for the first Female President and First AA Veep – Clinton/Booker 2016 !

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As Jezebel writes:

Fuck this election. We’re looking toward the future. Clinton/Booker 2016. Hillary for prez; she holds it down on a global level. Cory Booker for veep; he’ll save your grandma from a burning house and then invite you over to chill, while quoting Frederick Douglass. America needs this now more than ever: Something amazing to look forward to. Look at that image by the incomparable Jim Cooke. Don’t you feel better already? Clinton/Booker 2016. Pass it on.

Fuck yeah, pass it on. This might be the best damn thing you’ll see all day.

America You Took Back Your Vote – Now Take Back Your Control;  Do It For the Future. Because it’s time to let the Past Be The Past.

Be sure to tune into the Reasonin today from 6pm to 8pm (or 9 if we really get alot of  calls from our listeners, which we usually do) and enjoy our summation of the election and where the country seems to be headed.  We predicted the victory before it happened; as we did in the previous election and we’re going to unveil a few more of our predictions for the upcoming term of the presidents next four years.  You don’t want to miss this because you’re going to get the heads up on where America is Headed Starting Today.

Keep it Level and Start Working Together to Rebuild America, for All Americans