Kony is in the Congo so let the Shadows Be Revealed

This is a beautiful Pink picture of blood, death and suffering. Watch This and understand why this pink picture shows you the soft view of absolute hell on earth for the Congolese people.

Today we bring you a look at an unorthodox approach to shock reporting. We must say that the use of this special XRay film truly brought this to a different light.

Check This Out, and watch the video to see the ghosts

Richard Mosse: The Impossible Image from Frieze on Vimeo.

Artist and photographer Richard Mosse reveals the stories behind the making of his latest film, ‘The Enclave’ (2013), in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which will be shown in the Irish Pavilion at this year’s 55th Venice Biennale.

The Congo’s Unending War Captured in Vivid Infrared Color

Irish war photographer Richard Mosse has traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo three times in the past three years—he’s made it his mission, he says, to document a war so deep-seeded and tragic that it challenges “the limits of description.” To describe the indescribable, Mosse has developed a unique methodology: he shoots using Kodak Aerochrome, a rare infrared film originally developed by the military to spot camouflage from above.

We’ve covered Mosse before, back in 2011, when his first still images were shown in London under the title Infra. But this week at the Venice Biennale, Mosse will unveil The Enclave, a film documentary shot over the past year in the interior of the country. Projected on dozens of massive screens within a darkened gallery, Mosse describes the film as an attempt to move viewers out of their ambivalence, using a one-two punch of extreme beauty and extreme violence:

Beauty is the main line to make people feel something, the sharpest tool in the box. If you’re trying to make people feel something—if you’re able to make it beautiful, they’ll sit up and listen. Often, if you make something that’s derived from human suffering or war, and if you represent that with beauty, it creates an ethical problem in the viewers’ mind. And so then they’re confused, and angry, and this is great—because you got them to actually think.

It’s strange to frame war photography as a pursuit of beauty; In a way, Mosse is brandishing our own ambivalence as a visual weapon. If you can’t make people pay attention to the reality of war, make war into something people do pay attention to: beauty. Check out the whole video above. [Richard Mosse]

This is the reality of what’s going on in the Congo – A Fight To Steal Minerals; and the US is a key player

To see real time reports on LRA activity in the D.R.Congo, Central African Republic and South Sudan visit: lracrisistracker.com/

To learn more about Invisible Children’s recovery efforts in the post-conflict regions of northern Uganda AND our work with communities currently affected in D.R.Congo, Central African Republic and South Sudan visit: invisiblechildren.com/programs.html

We want to take this opportunity to remind you that the war is all about a War Lord – Joseph Kony. This is the reminder

If you should have any information on the whereabouts of Joseph Kony please call the whitehouse and claim your reward. President Obama claims to have him on the drone hit list and will pay for information on his direct location. This is the one time when I would support him using a drone to take care of a real humanitarian issue.

Joseph Kony cannot continue to kill The People of the Congo. Soon We Hope, the Invisible Children are finally allowed to come home, For good.

Koney, We Gon Find Ya – Know That General; Know That.

Mr Obama you said you were going to send Marines in to get Joseph Kony and as of yet, we’ve heard nothing from this contingent. Can you offer us an update on their progress ?

No doubt Mr President, if you sent the Navy Seals this would be over. Yes we’re bigging up the US Navy Seals because we know they get their man; one way or another one.

Joseph Kony, either the Dronekids or the Navy Seals are gonna make you this years prize.

We can hardly wait. We want an end to war in the Congo. We talked about King Leopold yesterday, and his rape of the Congolese. Today we remind you that his cause was taken up by a man from the Congo with just the same Ice Water in his veins – Joseph Kony.

Mr Obama, Let the Seals Go Get Kony, NOW