Kartel Walks; Mavado Dumped and Fined; Vegas Burns; MumaSaw Strips;

this is probably our first Yard Update for the year 2009.

Politics it nah nuff, so we fall offa we routine, but we start pick it up back so.

Today we ago share some entertainment news updates wid unnu;  including the info on Taurrus Riley and Jimmy Riley’s Arrest on Violence which includes a video and then a joke.

Rebel Salute’s 16th anniversary honored President Barack Obama

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rebel.JPGRebel Salute went all night until daylight last Saturday, with patrons getting what they were promised and more.

Marking its 16th year the show shook Port Kaiser Sports Club in St Elizabeth, with invigoration stamped on Tony Rebel himself who stirred up the crowd with his, “Another Rebel Salute Again” and so many other great shots. This was a huge celebration appropriately billed as, an Obama pre-inauguration event.

It was a refreshing new emphasis in the chants from artists, who echoed a steady note of respect and joy for the historical first taking place in the United States. President Barack Obama’s picture served as the backdrop and his achievement, a well espoused theme.

Despite the disappointing lack of luster in a few of the more vintage moments on stage, the concert was popping, with its numerous band changes going smoothly for the most part. Seasoned hosts, Mutabaruka, Isis, Jenny Jenny and Cordel Green were the MC’s who worked well in keeping things flowing.

Well received by the crowd, artists like, Lady G, Mykal Rose, Cherine Anderson, Luciano, Konshens, I Wayne, Tarrus Riley and Queen Ifrica gave stirring performances.

Tarrus and his new Empress

It seems like Tarrus and Etana are no longer an item as his new tune “Cold Kisses” seem to be written for Etana….”Cant believe that your love is fading, can’t believe you pushing me away”. However he was spotted at Rebel Salute with a new empress from the Bahamas on his arm, I guess she is keeping him warm. And guess what the new empress is definitely ROYAL…what a substance.

This is Taurrus Riley – Start Anew
Word is it’s For His Dad Jimmy Riley; who was recently cited in court for beating up his wife; and threatening her life. shame on you Jimmy and we did think unnu was a Rasta.

Jimmy Riley arrested, fingerprinted and bailed for punching wife

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jimmyriley.jpgJimmy Riley is one of Jamaica’s hard-hitting reggae icons whose artistic excellence lives on in his son Tarrus. However the reggae star has a bit of a lesson to learn about keeping the heavyweight act for the studio and stage, rather than following up belligerence with physical violence.

Last week Riley appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court and faced the serious charge of hitting his wife. Sandra Bramwell-Riley was also present in the court, where she backed up her police report, given on January 4 at the Stony Hill Police Station.

In her report, Bramwell-Riley alleged that following an argument that developed while she traveled with her husband, he hit her hard in her face and later threatened her with a knife. Injured by the attack, Bramwell-Riley followed through with charging her husband and told the court that this was not the first time she has been abused in this manner by him.

Riley, whose real name is Martin Riley was also said to have hit his wife on other occasions. When Bramwell-Riley went to police on after a previous similar incident, she was told to go home and try working out the domestic dispute.

In Riley’s defence, his lawyer, Peter Champagnie offered the rebuttal that the alleged incident did not happen as reported by his wife. In his view, the matter should be referred to the Dispute Resolution Foundation or for counseling; not an option for Bramwell-Riley who no longer lives in the matrimonial home, she said.

Riley will return to court on January 30 and was ordered to be fingerprinted by Senior Resident Magistrate Glen Brown who extended his bail.

Bramwell-Riley told the court that Riley has been steadily pleading with her to drop the charges since she made the police report.<

One Comment – Lady Saw has reached an age, where she needs to stop with the lingerie modeling. it nah look to nice pon her 40 year old body.

Muma Saw’ nominated again and again this year.

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ladysaw01.jpgCome February Lady “Muma’ Saw will be busy on the award show circuit, as she has a few nominations pending.

The EME’s – Excellence in Music and Entertainment Awards will take place on February 5th at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. Muma Saw goes up for Female DJ of the Year at that one.

Then just two days later on February 7, dancehall’s first lady will be featured as nominee at the Youth View awards, at the National Indoor Sport Centre. For this one, Lady Saw has been nominated in the category – Favorite Female Dancehall Artist.

Lady Saw is yet on another list of nominees, for the February 26th Hype TV Awards, to be held at the Hype TV Studio.

‘Muma’ is always blazing up dancehall scenes globally, whether through her hot videos and albums or in person. The well deserving ‘multi-nominee’ has the single “Boyfriend” at number 16 on the current Hype TV Single Chart, with its video reaching number 1 on video charts at RE TV, CVM TV and Hype TV

Mavado Was Unsuccessful in Busting BET Because Of His NASTINESS. YOW BET, Maybe you start watch video before you program dem finally.

No “I’m So Special” for BET 106 & Park.
Movado32225.JPGAfter all the hype surrounding Mavado’s “I’m So Special” video, it did not premier on BET 106 & Park, however it was launched via the internet.

According to his management, intervention from someone in the legal department prevented the video from airing. The person had censorship issues with the video, as it relates to “excessive display of alcohol,” and “careless use of women as writhing set dressings.”

People can now watch the video online.

mavado_so_special_video_photos.jpgWe were as surprised as everyone at BET’s decision not to follow through on their promise to premier the “So Special” video on yesterday’s 106 & Park. Despite 106 & Park’s presenters hyping the premier for several days, including showing clips from the video, a last minute intervention by someone in the legal department prevented the video from airing.

“The anticipation was very high for the BET premier,” said Mavado’s management team. “We weren’t notified until late in the day that there was a last minute objection by one of the legals over there, who had a censorship issue. He objected to “excessive display of alcohol” and “careless use of women as writhing set dressings!” The video is now available to watch online so people can make up their own minds about that.”

Mavado’s management went on to say that when the video was first submitted to BET they flagged several issues and were sent 3 different edits before approval.

“The show’s programmer had passed the video and had been running promos so she was livid at the decision,” he continued. “It’s disappointing but all is not lost. If anything this may help publicise the video even more – Mavado can’t seem to step without some form of controversy!”

And The Double Standard for the same charge, Only  On Stage In A Show In JA Can Man Cuss Togetha; Both Get Arrest Togetha; and Only One Man Pay fi dem typa crime. Whaaaa ? Kartel Walk, Vado Pay.  this censoring drama start get expensive and thick. u no see it.

Mavado fined $3,000 for swearing

Rasbert Turner – JA Star
spanish town

David Mavado Brooks
Entertainer David ‘Mavado’ Brooks was fined $3,000 or 10 days for using indecent language, when he appeared in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate’s Court, yesterday.

Brooks, who was unrepresented, pleaded guilty with explanation before RM C. Wiltshire, who gave him the chance to explain.

It was a lyrical battle between myself and another entertainer your honour. Things got out of hand and I lose mi temper and curse de bad words. I am sorry,” he said.

Displeased fans

Having heard the entertainer, the RM fined him. He paid the fine and left the court building surrounded by a number of persons said to be his supporters.

The fine was not pleasing to some persons on the outside of the court.

The entertainer was dragged before the court following a verbal clash between himself and fellow entertainer Adidjah ‘Vybz Kartel’ Palmer at the 25th staging of the Sting stage show at Jamworld on Boxing Day, December 26, last year.

Kartel walks free

Vybz Kartel – File

Several eyebrows were raised in the Spanish Town RM Court yesterday after a judge admonished and discharged entertainer Adidjah ‘Vybz Kartel’ Palmer of indecent language.

The entertainer, represented by attorney-at-law Michael Deans, pleaded guilty before RM Simone Maddix. His lawyer told the court that although his client is guilty of the offence, he knows that the entertainer is very sorry for his misdeeds.

“Your Honour, I know the name Vybz Kartel might send off a negative vibes. However, I am representing Adidjah Palmer who is a totally different person from the entertainer persona. And it is in this light that we want to say we are sorry to the music fraternity and Jamaica at large for what happened at Sting,” he said.

His responsibilities

He further mentioned that the entertainer is a responsible citizen and in this light having owned up to his responsibilities, he will be asking the court to admonish and discharge him of the offence. After hearing the submission RM Maddix spoke with the entertainer.

“Your lawyer said that Mr Palmer is different from Vybz Kartel but you need not be different, I cannot see how people use indecent language. It is negative and you being a responsible person must do things that reflect you as a totally responsible individual,” she told him.

The entertainer was subsequently told that he was free to go and the case was admonished and discharged.

“I am pleased that things turned out this way, but I must admit that sincerity goes a long way. It was a sincere request that my lawyer put across as indeed I am sorry for the whole thing,” Kartel said after leaving the court.

Kartel is accused of using indecent language at the Sting show on Boxing Day last year.

Mr. Vegas’ “Tek Weh Yuh Self” Makes Vibe Magazine’s ’80 Best Songs of 08′

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Vegas Performance pic 2.jpgThe fire of Mr. Vegas’ killer single “Tek Weh Yuh Self” continues to burn after years of getting love in the dancehalls. Recently, the monster hit “Tek Weh Yuh Self” was voted #74 on Vibe Magazine’s “80 Best Songs of 08″ list.

Mr. Vegas’ presence on the Vibe list is by all means a pleasant surprise. And even more impressive is the fact that Mr. Vegas is one of only two dancehall artists to make the billing, the second is Mavado. The phone lines have been ringing incessantly since the January 2009 issue of Vibe was released.

According to Vibe Magazine, “Tek Weh Yuh Self” thrived in part because it featured “one of dancehall’s perennial hitmakers over a stripped-down, spring-loaded track.”

“It is overwhelming to know that the music that I am making has longevity,” says Vegas sincerely. “Even though I recorded ‘Tek Weh Yuh Self’ some time ago — each time I perform it, the audience reacts as if it is a brand new song.”

It’s clear that Mr. Vegas has the ability to meticulously deliver straight dancehall music to the doorsteps of a mainstream audience. Making Vibe’s “80 Best Songs of 08″ is just another example of Mr. Vegas’ universal appeal. The dancehall star shared a spot on the list along with heavy weight artists including Mariah Carey, 50 Cent, T-Pain, Lil’ Wayne, Chris Brown, Rihanna and Jay Z to name a few.

“Tek Weh Yuh Self” is just one of Mr. Vegas’ hits that are receiving attention. The omnipotent “Mus Come a Road” continues to dominate loads of international charts. And the steamy new single “Deh Pon De Scene” is killing the place.

MACKA STAR !!!!!!!!

Macka to star in first ‘Collywood’ Flick

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1 Dandy Shandy Video Shoot - edit.jpgMacka Diamond is pulling out all stops as she lets her creativity flow for the benefit of her current fans and those she is yet to win with her upcoming role in an action packed Caribbean focused movie.

The chart topping DJ, who is in high demand globally, has opened up many new avenues for herself, starting with the launching of the book, “Bun Him”, which she authored; and now continuing with her major role in the film titled, “Paradise Redemption”.

Set to be shot in Antigua, the film is said to be filled with drama. Macka told The Star that “Paradise Redemption” is about her character, a middle aged woman, whose grown daughter is in the garrison. The daughter’s boyfriend is murdered and after getting involved herself, she also gets killed.

From there Macka’s character gets involved as she seeks revenge. In doing so, the DJ said, she’ll be getting down and dirty, pulling off some serious matrix stunts that even involve riding bikes. “It’s gonna be crazy,” she is reported as saying.

A Patois Language Lesson (Joke)

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American: Porch
Jamaican: Varanda

American: Bathe, Shower
Jamaican: Bade, Hol’ A Fresh

American: Collard Greens, Spinach
Jamaican: Callaloo

American: Stick Shift (Car)
Jamaican: Standard

American: Charge It
Jamaican: Trus’ It

American: Can You Give Me A Lift To The Corner
Jamaican: Beg Yu A Ride Go Dung Di Street Noh Sah

American: Oh My God!
Jamaican: Lawd A Mercy

American: Excuse Me
Jamaican: Beg Yu Pardon

American: “You Wanna Fight?”, Or “You Want A Piece Of Me”
Jamaican: “Touch A Button!” “Touch A Button”

American: Where Are You Going?
Jamaican: Weh Yuh Deh Go?

American: Excuse Me
Jamaican: Gi Mi Pass

American: Sorry
Jamaican: Hush

American: The Shoes Is A Little Tight
Jamaican: Lawd Di Boot A Bun Mi

American: Oh Stop It You’re Killing Me
Jamaican: Lawd Ma Top Eh Man Yuh A Go Kill Me

American: I Do Not Practice Oral Sex
Jamaican: Mi Nuh Bow!!!

in the words of Bounty Killa -

Now Hol Dat !