Jew Knew ? – Israel as much as you try we all know you Ain’t Real; Alicia Keys what’s your excuse ?

We haven’t been Alicia Keys stans since she became a home wrecker but the fact that shes’ planning on going to Israel to perform makes her a blinking beacon for ‘Fuck You’.

 Alicia Keys what’s your excuse ?

She has to know better.  regardless of what her handlers tell her, her gut should tell her something else, especially since she already knows the facts.


Maybe She’s the Sammy Davis Jr of her generation, since she appears to not know what this is all about.

Today we decided to show you all whats’ happening in Israel everyday.  Right Now.  In Adition to the constant drama with the Palestinians; they are royally working over the Falashas.  This is not good,  This is not ignorable.  And Yes Alicia, they Look Like YOU Bish.

Welllllllllllll, I’ve got some real good wisdom on this bs and it’s basic to fact that the Israeli’s are afraid that their genetics will become open knowledge.  They are absolutely Not Hebrews. Yeah.. They are Kasers or more popularly known “Kazars”.  thats’ the bottom line and everyone knows it.  The geographical proof is in these children who are from the Mountains of Ethiopia.  They are clearly not Caucasian.

Don’t Believe My Black Jew Ass, listen to these Paleface Non Jews tell you the truth – about their origins, yeah.

We all understand how things get carried away and well this has been carried away for too long.  Now it’s time for it to finally become clear fact to the rest of those who don’t know so that this clear policy of genocide can be ended.

Nothing about these White Folks from the Caucasus mountain range is Hebrew – I repeat NOTHING.

By Blood, I Was born a Falasha and I know Who I Am and Who They Want To Be.

Stop Lyin Caucasians, We Know Who You Are -

No Doubt these blond imposters are happy like Alicia Keys But -
This is what is happening in Israel and it should concern you since these are the real Hebrews being force deported; Not these Americans and Europeans above.

Source: meenerhabi






Israel is rounding up and deporting Africans and will soon be putting tens of thousands of them in detention camps.

Meanwhile, they invited 350 Jewish north American immigrants to the country, 127 of whom will be serving in the Israeli army.

The immigrants arrived today and were greeted by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself at a special ceremony, a stark contrast to Israel’s treatment of Africans. The Zionists were welcomed with open arms, while Knesset Members Miri Regev and Danny Danon called Africans “a cancer in our body” and “infiltrators”.

More than 4,800 American, Canadian and British Jews have or will be making aliyah (“ascent”) this year; immigration to the Land of Israel — one of the basic principles of the Zionist ideology.

(Photos: Getty Images / Reuters)

nope nope nope fuck no

“Detention Camps”. Okay Israel, whatever you want to call them.

*Shade has been tossed*

don’t fucking tell me this isn’t colonization

Just to show you how crazy they are this Rabbi says Israel shouldn’t exist. Damn, it seems someone gets it. Check this out before they kahana him. (*ie Meir Kahane a vitriolic NY Reb who advocated violence as a way of dealing with sectarian violence)

Some know and want to stop this lie, Isn’t It Time. So Alicia Keys what’s your excuse ?

This is the final word and it comes to us from one of the worlds foremost historians and African Religious Researchers – Dr John Henrik Clarke. He is speaking specifically on Who or What Exactly Is A Jew. Well Worth the Listen for those who want to get the fullness of history and facts.  We highly recommend this for Alicia Keys and her folks.

Thanks to All Our Historians who are not afraid to tell the truth. Especially those who are willing to correct the mispublished and promoted historical rhetoric which exists today as fact for some. This is the reason we decided to spend today talking about Going Down to the Facts.

Israel as much as you try we all know You Ain’t Real -  Alicia Keys what’s your excuse ?