Jamaica is still Coping with Babylon – Watch The Full Documentary NOW


Jamaica is one of the most beautiful places in the western hemisphere. Lush, and Green – yet hard to survive for those who are Native Jamaicans. The problems in Jamaica are those of the world. Crime, Economic Disparity, Educational and Social Issues; as well as the ever looming debt crisis caused by the vampire debt that has been amassed just trying to keep Jamaica “A Float”.

Today we want you to understand how Jamaica is a microcosmic view of what is about to happen to the United States; because of it’s Debt Issues. We’re talking about Social, as well as Financial. There is a crisis, and maybe drawing this parallel will remind some of how these issues manifest and eventually cause disaster.

Get yourself a Tall Glass of Water and watch How Jamaica is “Coping With Babylon”

This is just a short view of the headlines on the pages of the top Jamaican Dailies today:

  •  People’s Report – Environmental issues such as air quality, raw sewage, stagnant water, waste flowing through gullies in the community of Seaview Gardens are long.
  • Lack of morals robbing young of their rights – children’s advocate Diahann Gordon-Harrison, the children’s advocate, has pointed to a serious case of moral decay that is pervasive in contemporary society, following the gruesome killing of four-year-old Natasha Brown of Duanvale, Trelawny
  • Lasco top cop offered bail in rape case yesterday The reigning LASCO top cop for 2012-2013, who is facing a rape charge, appeared yesterday in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court and was offered bail in the sum of $300,000 with a surety.

Sounds alot like americas’ social issues doesn’t it ? This is a look at a little of  Americas’ dirty old tropical colonialism secrets from Tumblr this morning :

“Of the crimes of colonialism there is none worse than the attempt to make us believe we had no indigenous culture of our own; or that what we did have was worthless.”

Julius K. Nyerere, first president of Tanzania. (via theblacksophisticate)



“The bloody US conquest of Hawaii: days that will live in infamy.”




… ‘Hawaii Before Statehood, 1959’ image series from Life magazine

The bloody US conquest of Hawaii: days that will live in infamy.

After the overthrow of Queen Liliʻuokalani and the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1893, US President Grover Cleveland commissioned the Blount Report to investigate the US role in those events. The report concluded that the US had illegally supported the toppling of a sovereign nation, including the deployment of US Marines, against the wishes of the majority of the Hawaiian population. Nevertheless, Hawaii was annexed as a US territory in 1898, essentially becoming a plantation colony and a military base for US power projection across the Pacific into Asia, then turned into a US state in 1959.

this is why we dont like America at fucking all we dont even consider ourselves a damn state

Very timely post. I was just talking about this yesterday.

and for those who think things are any better inside the continental usa – think again.  Prisoners in MIssissippi ask you to think about them:

Rapes, stabbings, and beatings are rampant, according to the complaint, and frequent fires cause some prisoners to “expel black mucous from their noses.”

NOTE: The following post contains graphic content, including descriptions of malnourishment, graphic physical abuse, deplorable living conditions, rape, sexual assault, suicide, suicide attempts, suicide ideations, self-torture, unsanitary conditions, graphic descriptions of wounds, electrocution, psychological abuse, and medical abuse.


The boy, 16, was in jail. He suffered from serious psychosis, traumatic brain injury and a history of being sexually abused. On August 29, 2011, he “obeyed the voices in his head and stuck a wire into his penis,” according to a history of his treatment compiled by the American Civil Liberties Union. The state of Mississippi then transferred him to a prison for mentally ill inmates.

Conditions there are the subject of a class action lawsuit the ACLU has filed against corrections officials. On the boy’s arrival, a mental health worker noted that he was small for his age, appearing to be no older than 14. He was nevertheless housed, at various times, with adult prisoners, and once while being held in a cell behind a door with a broken lock, “five or six older prisoners entered his cell and beat him,” according to the complaint. His subsequent time in solitary confinement drove him to the brink of suicide, a status that isn’t uncommon among inmates.

Little wonder if the complaint is accurate. The allegations against the facility include all of the following:

  • “Rats climb over prisoners’ beds in the dark and mice crawl out of broken toilets.”
  • “Rapes, stabbings, beatings, and other acts of violence are rampant.”
  • “The air is so contaminated from frequent fires that some prisoners expel black mucous from their noses.”
  • “Medical staff has ignored gangrenous wounds. One prisoner’s scrotum swelled to the size of a softball before revealing a hard knot on his testicle. he was denied timely proper care for weeks and was later diagnosed with testicular cancer that had spread to his abdomen.”
  • “Suicide attempts are frequent; some are successful. Other prisoners engage in gross acts of self-mutilation, including electrocution, swallowing shards of glass and razors, and tearing into their flesh with sharp objects. Defendants deny prisoners even rudimentary mental health treatment and, last year, reduced access to psychiatric care.”
  • “Because there is insufficient officer staffing, prisoners are frequently left in the grime-covered shower stalls, wet, naked and cold for hours at a time.”
  • “Many cells lack functioning toilets; prisoners defecate into Styrofoam trays or plastic trash bags and have no way of ridding their cells of the waste other than tossing it onto the housing unit through the slots in their cell doors, where it remains.”

The full complaint can be read here. And Gabriel B. Eber, staff counsel for the ACLU’s prison project, has put out a powerful statement: “I’ve been in prisons all around the country, and this is the worst I’ve ever seen.” Imagine having a parent, child or sibling with serious mental health problems who committed a crime, and knowing that they were locked up inside that facility. According to Reuters, which reached a spokesperson, “The Mississippi Department of Corrections, whose top officials were named as defendants, declined to comment on the allegations in the lawsuit.”

Yes It’s Everywhere – and it’s always the same; Wicked