It’s Tricky Tuesday – Let Us Butter the Bread of this Economic Treason

First Off we’d like to send this tune out to the whole Congress who participated in this economic treachery – this is one of our favorite Lilly Allen Videos and today it’s perfect.

To imagine that their version of extortion is what the Republican’ts called political compromise brings us back to who they really are

now that we’ve given you entertainment – lets get down to the reality of this pile of bs they’re calling the debt ceiling compromise. No One could ever be this stupid – and no one will forget how this played out.

Take a look at this short clipping of a very long piece from the UK Telegraph

 US debt crisis: The Republicans have shot themselves in the foot

The Right looks guilty of delaying the debt deal, while Barack Obama has won the centre ground.

In order to win the battle, the Republicans played a high-risk strategy. As a result, they may have lost the wider political war. The brinkmanship of the debt-ceiling talks has created a new narrative in American politics. In the popular mind, it has turned Obama from a liberal into a moderate, and the Republicans from free-market rationalists into economic vandals.

To get what he wanted, John Boehner pushed the country to the brink of defaulting on its debts. Ironically, the party of business came close to ruining America’s reputation as a place to do business. The Chinese government used its official news agency to call the debt negotiations “dangerously irresponsible” and Christine Lagarde, the new head of the IMF, spoke of a “weakening positive bias” towards the US among investors.

Pessimism about economic recovery and a palpable desperation for investment has made the average American voter wary of this kind of risk-taking. According to a recent CNN poll, 63 per cent of Americans do not believe that the Republicans have acted responsibly during the budget talks and 51 per cent say that the Grand Old Party will bear the brunt of the blame for any economic fallout. Only 30 per cent blame Obama for the crisis; 15 per cent blame both sides. There might be a demographic dimension to those statistics. Republican or Tea Party voters are largely white and old, and they are dying out. In contrast, the pool of Hispanic, African-American or poor voters who rely on the kind of government benefits imperilled by the crisis is growing fast. In many regards, the United States is becoming a social democratic nation by default.

Moreover, the budget negotiations eclipsed the Republican presidential race. Sarah Palin gave a perfunctory statement about the need to hold the line against debt but was largely ignored by the media. Her indecision about whether or not to run, combined with her relative lack of economic experience, makes her candidacy look increasingly irrelevant. From the opposite wing of the Republican field, Mitt Romney stayed away from the debate and cemented his image as an opportunist. The loudest voice from the primary field was the Tea Party heavyweight Michele Bachmann, who opined that the US government had “spent its wad” and was beyond fiscal redemption. In short, the new focus on Obama v Boehner has exposed the Republican presidential contest as the political equivalent of amateur hour.

this is some real shit Keith is Talking. everyone who participated in this bs should be charged with TREASON. they have turned the congress into a richmans outhouse. so as lily allen says, Fuck You; and ceelo greens adds a Fuck You Too. there has never been such a mistake made in congress in the history of this country.

This single act of congress should immediately evoke the power of the Posse’ Comatatus. Enough of this BS – its time to clean out that trash up on the hill, right now.

No More BS and No More Compromise. the only ones who give are the POOR.

Watch Keith Olbermann put this butter on the bread of america’s legislated economic voodoo budget bullshit. this should be an immediate reason to impeach the entire congress who participated in ratifying this piracy today.

As Lily Allen Says – Fuck You Republicunts