It’s National Voter Registration Day #925NVRD – Press This Button and Register to Vote




Does it feel like election day is still ages away? It’s not; in fact, early voting began for half of the country this week. And for half of the country, if you’re not yet registered in just two weeks, you’ll lose the chance to vote entirely. That’s what happened to 6 million Americans in 2008; this year, we’re participating in National Voter Registration Day to help make sure you’re not left out.

If you’re in the US, you should see the button above on your Dashboard; click it to register through our friends at Our Time. No matter how you feel about politics, remember that your vote has the power to make a difference for at least one critical candidate or ballot measure on your ticket. If you don’t participate in the voting booth, you allow others to make important decisions for you.

Need some inspiration? Check out this gorgeous GIF campaign from MTV’s Power of 12, a new video from the cast of Workaholics, and a gallery of voting-inclined celebs at HyperVocal.

For more info, follow National Voter Registration Day on Tumblr, or track the tag #925NVRD. You can register in person at an NVRD meetup happening near you, or phone in any questions to the Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

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WE here at BadGalsRadio encourage You to GET OUT THE VOTE, so that Your Voice Counts. Just Click That Button and Get Registered Today.

We also want to encourage you to Vote Early if it’s allowed in your state

You can into your Local Elections Commission;  get your absentee ballot and get it all filled out and sent back.  Each vote is important in an election that is this close.  Americans have to speak up so that this stalemate government is brought back to life – to work for the PEOPLE.

Republicans took the entire past four years to filibuster the economy into a mess.  The people didn’t send them to washington to do this.  They were sent to washington to Work on America’s Priorities.

Instead America saw the least effective legislative session in the entire history of American government

 More time was spent name calling than vote taking. This has put the majority of America into an economic quagmire.  Until this filibustering crowd is broken up, there will be no work done in DC.

America pays taxes to have a system of Government For The People, Of The People; yet the Government in Legislative positions has vacated its duties.  There can be no greater evil than electing a legislator who works against the platform that they were elected to represent.

This is the calamity that befalls Americas Taxpayers and Citizens Today – Paul Ryan says this and thinks that it’s acceptable. SMDH

“Rather than having Ireland and the Cayman Islands be the haven for capital formation — the place you hide your money — why don’t we make it America?”

Paul Ryan offered a slightly different view of the Cayman Islands than his running mate during this 2010 speech.

Telling America to HIDE It’s Money, Rather than Pay Your Fair Share of Taxes ? How can this man ever be trusted again after making a statement like this.   The very fact that there is some promise to Grover Norquist – who is a superpac lobbyist; makes it clear that the American Voter and Tax Payer are not their concern.

Clearly Mr. Ryan and his running mate RMoney, are not a part of the McMiddle class; and could care less about them.  They want more tax cuts for folks in their middle class (250.000. a year is what RMoney recently called the middle-income bracket) instead of the one they crushed.

There is no doubt in my mind that America cannot afford another round of GOP tax and slash without arithmetic budgeting. Just take a look at this opinion from a well-known and respected economist – Robert Reich on this same subject.

Mitt Romney’s Biggest Problem: He’s Giving the GOP Exactly What It Wants in a Candidate


I’ve spent the past few days debating right-wingers — among them, Grover Norquist and Ann Coulter. This isn’t my idea of fun. I do it because apparently many Americans find these people persuasive, and it seems important to try to show why they’re profoundly wrong.

The second is that Americans are finally beginning to see how radical the GOP has become, and are repudiating it.

Many Republicans — including some of the right-wingers I’ve been debating — hold to the first view, for obvious reasons. If Romney fails to make a comeback this week, I expect even more complaints from this crowd about Romney’s personal failings, as well as the inadequacies of his campaign staff.

But the second explanation strikes me as more compelling. The Republican primaries, and then the Republican convention, have shown America a party far removed from the “compassionate conservatism” the GOP tried to sell in 2000. Instead, we have a party that’s been taken over by Tea Partiers, nativists, social Darwinists, homophobes, right-wing evangelicals, and a few rich people whose only interest is to become even wealthier.

These regressives were there in 2000, to be sure. They lurked in the GOP in the 1990s, when Newt Gingrich took over the House. They were there in the 1980s, too, although Ronald Reagan’s sunny disposition gave them cover. In truth, they’ve been part of the GOP for more than half a century — but never before have they held so much sway in the party, never before have they called the shots.

Romney’s failing isn’t that he’s a bad candidate. To the contrary, he’s giving this GOP exactly what it wants in a candidate. And that’s exactly the problem for Romney — as it is for every other Republican candidate because what the GOP wants is not at all what the rest of America wants.

(end of tumblr clipping)

This is why All of America needs to stand together to let these Classests know that this is not what America stands for.  America is not the 47%; it’s the 100% and until the Republican party candidates understand and reiterate this;  how can they be trusted to do the right thing for AMERICA As A Whole ?

This is what we are electing is we don’t go and cast our vote on 11/6/2012. This video is of a gop supporter much like RMoney and Ryan, who puts his whole deck on the table face up.  the spitting and name calling just goes to show you who the base of the gop support really are.  Watch This and Get Ready to Vote

 Okayyyy Now is that enough inspiration for you to Go VOTE ?

Every Vote Counts, so be sure to Cast Yours November 6th  or you may find yourself on an airplane with ALL THE WINDOWS OPEN and Spit Flying Everywhere,