Is it White Coon Carnival Season Already ?

Looking at the news this week there was a South Afrikaner group putting out more BS then music mostly because of their blackface performances. Die Antwoord threw up on the music scene this week with the release of their new video fatty boom-boom.

This video is pure 100% NON RECYCLABLE Rubbish. No One finds it the bit entertaining except those suffering from WSP; which we would expect.

To think that in the same month that Black South African miners are being shot in the head for asking for a livable wage, we have these fourth generation Afrikaner Boer sambos spouting the same garbage as their forefathers did on their historical and bloody great trek.

When the trio appeared at Coachella last summer; there was No Fatty Boom-boom or Black-face antics. they kept it just as typical as their video shows them to be. Of course we realize that the reason they did the black-face demo was to grab some momentary interest.  When we looked at this video interview of them were mildly surprised at just how stuck in 1870 they still are.

 Their grammar and repetative gratitous use of the Fword – even though it took a few minutes for us to realize that was what they were really saying.  To think that this is what they choose to put out claiming it’s HipHop modeled after American HipHop.. that is laughable at the least.  Eminem would piss on them; and to think they would put them selves in the same class as a group like The Beastie Boys is absolutely a crime. These Kids Stank.

The UK Guardian had a few choice words for these so called hip hop ravers. - 

Die Antwoord (Afrikaans for “The Answer”), a South African rap-rave duo, have just released a new video for their song “Fatty Boom Boom.” Among the many batshit elements of the NSFW production is a get-up donned by one of the two that looks an awful lot like blackface. “Die Antwoord totally wear blackface in their new video,” writes Tom Breihan at Stereogum. “Awesome, right? That’s really exactly what we all needed to see today.” Breihan is attempting, I think, to convey his general puzzlement: The duo, Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er, who are white, are known as provocateurs. So is this really blackface, and should we be bothered by it?

Yes and yes. While the U.S. and South Africa each have quite distinct and complicated histories when it comes to race relations, blackface has been a troubling issue for both countries. The culture of blackface and minstrelsy in South Africa dates to the 1860s, when English settlers arrived. Since that time, a minstrel festival, first known as the Coon Carnival, has been held in Cape Town every year. The Kaapse Klopse, as it is now known, primarily features the working class coloured population of South Africa these days, participating in a subversive act meant to reject white superiority and the images it has thrust upon them.

Such continued use of blackface may or may not actually reclaim control of their own images, but at the very least, it attempts to wrestle with the history behind it, unlike some costumes during Halloween or misguided school pep rallys, which are clearly and obviously unacceptable. Likewise, I am reluctant to criticize an artistic use of it if there is an intelligent point to be made, as in Spike Lee’s Bamboozled, for instance. “Fatty Boom Boom” is not an example of this. Die Antwoord’s appropriation of blackface here is in line with the—some say false—persona they have carved out for themselves as rebellious, in-your-face provocateurs who are meant to bring a voice to the disenfranchised. University of Cape Town Professor Adam Haupt has called them out for a very different video, which makes extensive use of Afrikaans and coloured cultural allusions—even though Ninja himself is a “well-resourced white, English-speaking South African.”

At the beginning of “Enter The Ninja,” he declares,

Hundred percent South African culture. In this place, you get a lot of different things. Blacks, whites, coloureds. English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu, watookal [whatever]. I’m like all these different things, all these different people, fucked into one person.

This self-proclaimed spokesperson status is something Ninja has in common with Lady Gaga, who he and Yo-Landi Vi$$er are so keen to lambast in the video for “Fatty Boom Boom.” (Earlier this year, Gaga asked the group to tour with her; they said no, calling her music “shitty.”) The pop star has dubbed herself “Mother Monster” and her followers “Little Monsters,” presenting herself as the voice for many gay young people. (She herself is bisexual.) She has occasionally been criticised for pimping the cause of gay rights for her own commercial benefit. Whatever the worthiness of the cause, to present yourself as the representative and spokesperson for an entire group is a dubious endeavor.

And so Die Antwoord’s attempt to attack the singer as an opportunist is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle, well, black. In the lyrics, Die Antwoord invoke other examples of white musicians appropriating black music to great fanfare—Vanilla Ice and Eminem both get quoted—and suggest that they are the true cultural beacons: “What happened to all the cool rappers from back in the day? / Now all these rappers sound exactly the same / It’s like one big inbred fuck-fest.”

But Die Antwoord fail to bring anything fresh to the subject. Instead, they borrow loaded imagery for a cheap thrill, and do little with the horrific history behind it.

 Well Times Up Boers, Go back to the trek; no doubt you can hear the wagon wheels circling.

Just in case you think we’re kidding about the Coon Carnivals – we also had to enlighten ourselves when we heard about this phenomenon. it’s still going on in South Africa and from what we hear it’s quite popular, as its’ a part of the Christmas and New Years Mirth Making Minstrelry.  We’ve seen that St Nicholas Fuckery and there is nothing funny or charming about it. It’s Racism plain and simple where ever you are, what ever it’s about – this is Racial Harrassment and it’s way past time to put it to bed.  South Africa seems to be struggling with it’s identity – in light of it’s most recent racial incidents. We believe that it they’d put this pair of pound puppies in a kennel there’d be less dogshit for everyone to step in from them.

This type of racial harassment as art should have long ago died out. But here in 2012 when South Africa has a Black President and Black Heads of Industry – they join the United States as a part of the Global Minstrel Show circuit.

When will racism ever die out ?

Will each new generation find their own way to put their generational spin on the hatred, as these two have done ?  Let us hope not because I seriously doubt that they want to go back to Soweto to film anymore videos without paying off all the bills for every family there.  These two need more than supervision; They Need Schooling.

No doubt you’re tired of this post, and honestly we are too; so that’s’ the stank of it.