In Detroit We “Smoke LEGAL Weed Everyday” With a 20% Discount – YEAH SUN !


If you are a fan of the Detroit music scene, you’ll recognize one of the main faces in this video – Trick-Trick. This video was filmed at one of the newest dispensaries in Detroit – Green Cross. This video is also a part of the green economy because those who go to the Chronic Releaf And Wellness Dispensary received a 20% discount off of their medication purchase; when they mentioned the video.

This discount was also offered at Green Cross which had just opened two weeks before the video was filmed. The patient lounge which is known as the “Green Vapor Lounge” was prominently featured as the location, where the rappers relax and medicate. Detroit’s’ Green Mile is quickly becoming a location for patients looking for only the best. From the east side of eight mile to the far end of west eight mile, Dispensaries handle patient loads that overflow their parking lots daily. Make no mistake about it, this is a booming market segment. The police can’t do anything about their crime problems and they can’t blame the dispensaries – because they all have their own private security, which gives out more hugs than threats.

Speaking as the Godmother of the Buddez - A Detroit Medical Marijuana Activism Council; We don’t worry about droppin lettuce for our greens. There has never been a single incident of any kind involving a patient confrontation from any Detroit area dispensary in the two years they’ve been operating. We talked to more than 10 Dispensary owners and they all told us the same story. Happy, Hungry Patients who are thankful and willing to follow the rules.

The city of Detroit has no idea of how much money will be pushed into its economy by the legalization of Medical Marijuana Provisioning Centers. This short gold-rush period has shown everyone that owns a dispensary, just how lucrative it is to serve a non insured patient population. Patients come all day, everyday. they come with Cash Money, or with ATM Cards to use at the cash machines in the dispensaries. The unfortunate issue that everyone refers to mostly is that of the cashless society.

Cash is presently the only tender allowed for payment; until the IRS works out its rulings on handling cash from Dispensaries. Michigan is following Colorado in its greening. The amount of patients who sign up daily is astounding to the system. So much so that last year it took upwards of 6 months to actually receive your official patient identification card from the state licensing board. This meant they weren’t anticipating the demand; and had to uptool their credentialing process. New machines were purchased and put to work issuing those 100+ thousand new cards that entered the system in the beginning of 2012.

Watching the crowds pour through the door of my certification center is highly encouraging. Just seeing those people sitting there waiting to see the doctor and get their paperwork means Michigan has entered the age of the Green Economy. Patients and Caregivers now have more choices in where they go to get certified, and where to fill their prescriptions. So many new growers have entered the market that Strains are developing at a rate never seen before.

Michigan can literally claim that it invented the do it yourself green business model. California would be proud. There are Hashbars and Budbars opening in private locations. This means people who have the desire to go out and medicate with others legally in a private club, can do so. The State of Michigan has left open the language on clubs in dispensaries; and a few courageous dispensaries have stepped up to test the water. This is after a series of raids and arrests that occurred in 2010 in several Michigan suburbs; on coffee houses modeled after the ones found in Amsterdam.

We had the opportunity to speak with a patient who was arrested in a well publicized raid on a Waterford Michigan coffeehouse. He told us that it was a nightmarish experience suddenly happening in a place of quiet and serenity. We know that when we use the Green Vapor Lounge at Green Cross we enjoy the fact that it’s privacy allows us to utilize its facilities to medicate and then to relax before continuing the journey. This is a very important benefit and we’ve paid to use the lounge, because we see the value of it.

When the Newest Hash Bar opens later this month, we’re told that it will be strictly members only who are using Wax, or Concentrates. The designers want to allow those who have a need to chill after medicating to feel safe in familiar surroundings. sort of like your home away from home. We applaud them for taking a chance and giving Patients a place where they can feel secure that the police or others won’t prevent them from relaxing and allowing their medication time to work.

The average age of Medical Marijuana Patients in Michigan is 30-60 years old. We asked about the younger patients and were told that usually patients have to present history of treatment for evaluation, that is at least five years on. We think that makes sense. That way the patient knows if their body can handle certain treatments; and what to avoid.

We spoke with a Chemical Pharmacist last week in regards to the pharmacopeia and discretionary prescription of Cannabis in Michigan; and he told us that most patients who take Marrinol pills end up switching to a Dispensary Made Concentrate. We have a bit of experience with this and can vouch for his statement from our own treatment experience. As your body changes you need different medicine levels and types. This is why your relationship with your Provider at your Dispensary is very important.

They will ask you about your pain and tell you which strains are recommended; as well as offer their personal experience. This is very helpful when you are trying new strains and or medications. We took an in-house at the counter class with our Leaf Doc on Waxes, Concentrates and even Hash. he helped us understand why we sometimes needed to pull out the dabstick and use it instead of waiting for the leaf to kick in. Pain is a very complex response within the body to a situation of dis-ease.

This is why the dispensary usually trains their budtenders on what varieties work best for what maladies. This way the patient can get the best relief in the most time and cost efficient medication. Our belief is that by enabling organic holistic treatment such as this, Detroit and Michigan will help to handle some of its mental and physical care issues, which will help to raise its productivity ranking on the national index. Either way, Detroit will never lose as long as it keeps the discount going.

To all the great dispensaries and caregivers in the Detroit Forest, We Personally Thank You for Your Kind Service to So Many,

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