If You Think Russia is all Vodka; Take a Hit off This Fatty

What you are about to experience is something that we just couldn’t resist bringing to you. Old School Sound and New School Flow Mixed to Perfection.

Dig This – Russian Female HipHop

Yes this is Russian HipHop found on of course,  Tumblr

Meet Rena.. She just dropped her new CD appropriately named “Number One”. Strangely the warm feel of the vocals and the familiar riddims made it a sure hit.  Smooth and Sexy.

But not all Russian hiphop is so smooth. check out this joint:

We are sure that this lady has a big future ahead of her in the european hiphop world.  She’s a member of the MamiMafia family from St Petersburg Russia. Four women hiphop artists banded together to form a working group earning as much respect as any of the male crews.

Shown in the photo below – Skaya, Mad-A, Rena, and Bi;  are known throughout Russia for staking their place in the male dominated Russian hiphop arena.

Their sound is instantly recognizable.  Each of the ladies has her own style, but our favorite is Rena. Theres’ just something about her delivery. So seasoned and  easy flowing. Exactly what you’d expect from a true veteran. That’s how we know that this lady has the stuff.

It’s time the American hiphop audience opened it’s ears and heard the talent far from their borders. Listen closely and reminisce, because this is something that we won’t hear from the likes of american overpaid plastic autotunerettes like Nicki Minaj.  Too much emphasis on fakery and not enough on talent; is why the US charts are dominated by Autotune – instead of Good Tunes.

 Record companies in the US are drowning in red ink with their present level of artistry.  Yet most US artists don’t even consider using their real voices, like these girls do.  Just listen to the quality of Renas’ voice minus Autotune. it’s beautiful and raw. no artificial enhancements forcing notes into places they weren’t made. Just artists spitting lyrics over good old school rhythms.  Plain and Simple Music.

 Rena You Are Ret to Bust the Market Babygirl,