Hey NYPD – How Come Don’s Never Had His Lemon Squeezed ?

Just Imagine, A Black News Anchor Saying He Supports Stop and Frisk?

Well it’s happened. Don Lemon came out and said that he believes the racially motivated stop and frisk program keeps people safe.

What People Don ?

Take a moment and watch this short video on the Stop and Frisk Issue

A shocking new video shows the essence of New York City’s “Stop and Frisk” program.  The video has a secret recording by a teen who was stopped by an officer and threatened by the officers stopping him.  There are also officers who are admitting that their supervisors are the ones forcing them to engage in the program.

Don Lemon from CNN made news this week by endorsing the program, stating that it keeps people safe.  But studies show that the program might lead to more arrests and incarceration, but doesn’t lead to a reduction in crime.


Don maybe you should stick to speaking for YOU. Remember that those who are being stopped and frisked don’t live in gentrified digs like you sir.

Listen to Don and his confusion being clarified by a White Man Explaining Racism to Him -

We can’t fathom what would make Don Lemon a Black Man say such a ridiculous thing.  Could he be suffering from the privilege syndrome ?

Could being around all those White folks actually have made him think that he won’t be stopped and frisked just like any other Black Man in New York ?

Don Lemon has disappointed us on many occasions so now we rarely watch him.  His views step too far from the group he claims to be a part of; African Americans living in America, and still being treated like criminals. Simply because we are African Americans, living In America.

Some day soon some NYPD plain clothes officers will fail to recognize Don’s face and throw him up against a wall and get frisky with him.  He won’t feel the same about it, after it happens to him a few times, guaranteed.  Don will join the class of Black’s Who Look Suspicious; Just Because They Are Black.

Don did you know that the majority of NYPD’s 250′s are School Kids?

Take a moment and get ready to spitfire, because that’s what this video will make you want to do. It explains the entire ruse and why it’s being done in Minority Communities Only.

When it happens, will Don then accept the responsibility to recant his misjudgement ?

We seriously doubt it. Don has shown reticence to support anything that rubs against the pseudo preference he represents as a Black Man on Television News.

To the majority of African Americans who look at the news, Don is a non factor.  Mostly because that’s how he wants it to be.  He’s as liberal as he can be, with his opinions about why Stop and Frisk is a good thing. Yet you’d think that he has never experienced it himself.

How Can He Have An Opinion On It IF He’s Never Experienced It ?

Or Has He ???????


Don Lemon Sued For $50,000 For Stop & Risk Years Ago, But Now He is In Favor of It : Lemon, an African-American who is general assignment reporter for WCAU-TV (Channel 10), has filed suit against Tower Records and a white, former security employee of the Tower Records Video Books shop at Broad and Chestnut streets charging that he was followed two blocks to his car after purchasing a compact disc player there the afternoon of Feb. 3, roughed up, and accused of shoplifting.

ooooo, so it looks like he might have some experience with Stop and Frisk.

So why is he talking all this craziness? That’s what we’d like to find out. Clearly Don is a special case and being that we want to give his reputation a chance to stand for itself.

We’ve seen very little from Don in the way of support for More Minority Media Hiring and Programming.  We have never heard of anyone saying that Don is a Stand Up For His People Type of Journalist. Not even from one of the other minority journalists at his station.

It’s clear to us that the shade of White Skin Preference has crept over Don and is preventing him from recognizing that He Is A Black Man; just like the one in the video above.

Don, You Are Being HUNTED. Just like every other POC in New York. There is no excuse for this type of treatment.  That means there is no excuse for saying you agree with a racist and dangerous illegal policing tactic Don.

Hopefully we’ve tagged this properly and Mr. Don Lemon will see his name mentioned enough that he will want to know what we’re actually talking about – in regards to himself.  If Don gets a chance to read this piece, hopefully we say again – Maybe He Will Finally Find It Within Himself to Accept the Fact that He Is A Person Of Color.  And further that he like all POC’s in New York are Being Hunted by the NYPD.

There is no reason to question it Don, just look at the reporting from you very own station -

Like a lot of folks, Don seems to be in Denial about who he really is. His burden will one day become real. Lets just wait and watch his drama play out. There’s no way to know this far in advance what will happen.

We however remember how many bright eyes passed through the portals of big-time cable news before Don.  Surely we all know that one day we’ll see Don’s twinkle go out.

Lets just believe that when it does, he will have remembered by then that He Is A Person Of Color;and that makes him a target of Stop and Frisk.

Don Wake Up Because The Alarm Is Going Off Brother Man,