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Todays’ Sermon comes from our Teacher – Malachi of the Holy Covenant.  This message is very timely and quite relevant to the many situations that are evolving as you are reading this.  Man cannot ignore his tragic future; because it is he who has created it.  Today we also give you links to several videos which will correspond to todays’ word.

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December 26, 2012

Christmas — The Greatest Trick of the Serpent

Dear Friends:

As I write this on Boxing Day, 2012, I reflect on the insight given to me that the Christmas “holly”-day is the greatest trick of the Serpent. That is not hyperbole; I have indeed been so guided.

Many indeed are the tricks of the Serpent. His first was to fool Eve, in the Garden of Eden, into thinking that God did not really mean it when he said to Adam and Eve:

Genesis 2:17. But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

This promise has indeed been fulfilled. We, the children of Adam and Eve, have been dying ever since. We have been condemned to mortal existence, that is, to die and have our bodies see corruption; from dust we came, to dust we return (Genesis 3:19).

Furthermore, neither Adam, Eve, nor any of their seed have lived on earth beyond one thousand years — a mere “day” to the Creator; see Psalm 90:4, also 2 Peter 3:8. So he meant then what he said — “in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die”. He had Isaiah later confirm that his word would never return void; seeIsaiah 55:11.

Certainly the Creator sets great store on keeping one’s word, as he requires us to do under his covenant with Israel; see Numbers 30:2. The story of Ananias is instructive as to the fate that awaits those who fail to keep their word; see Acts 5:1-5. It would be strange indeed therefore if Yahweh were to be a flip-flopper, or failed to keep his word. For our part, we would be foolish indeed if we were to repeat Eve’s (and Adam’s) folly in the Garden, by hearkening to the Serpent rather than to the clear and unmistakable Word of God.

From one point of view, the entire Holy Bible seeks to do nothing else but to lay out God’s plan for our redemption from the sin of Adam and Eve. God has condemned us to mortality, in keeping with his promise to Adam and Eve afore-mentioned. But in his great mercy, he has given us the possibility of regaining eternal life in his presence, through the promise of resurrection. When Eve disobeyed God in the garden, and opted instead to follow the word of the Serpent, God set up for all of us a repeat of the test that Eve failed (also Adam, for he hearkened unto his wife to do evil by eating the forbidden fruit; see Genesis 3:17).

We are tasked in this mortal life to be tested by and to overcome the wiles of the Serpent, i.e. pass the test that Adam and Eve failed. Those who overcome the Serpent, are granted the gift of Eternal Life through the resurrection; see Revelation 2:72:11,3:5, e.g.:

Revelation 2:11. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; He that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death.

The full circumstances detailed in the Holy Bible, especially concerning the role of the children of Israel, are indeed very complex, but the test itself, that we are challenged to take and pass, is simple. As Yahweh did to Adam and Eve, he laid down a simple commandment, impossible not to comprehend. Then he allows the Serpent (Satan, the Devil) free rein to entice, beguile, or otherwise induce us to disobey. Satan has been given power to tempt, but not to compel. Our task is to overcome Satan, and we know we have done so when we adhere strictly to the word of Yahweh, regardless of Satan’s temptation.

The means of temptation given to the Serpent are powerful indeed.

Job 9:24. The earth is given into the hand of the wicked: he covereth the faces of the judges thereof; if not, where, and who is he?

The reference here to “the wicked” is a reference to none other than the Serpent (Satan, the Devil) … and to all that do his bidding, whether wittingly, or unwittingly, like Eve.

That Satan has been given this power is explicit in the story of Job; see Job 1:6. It may also be inferred from the story told of Yeshua (Christ) in the wilderness, being tempted by Satan; see Matthew 4.

The devil tempted Yeshua with the glories of the world, because the devil, for the moment, has indeed been given power over the earth, and the glories of the kingdoms thereof; see Matthew 4:8-10. It is his task to tempt and to deceive us into joining him in rebellion against Yahweh’s law. It is our task to overcome, and to succeed where Eve failed.

The stakes are high indeed. But as it seemed to Eve, most of us take it to be a light thing. But what the Book of Yahweh lets us very clearly to know, is that the choice ultimately is between but two alternatives:

  1. eternal life in the presence of Yahweh, granted to those of us who obey his law; and
  2. eternal torment in the lake of fire, the ultimate end of those who, whether wittingly or unwittingly, disobey his law and therefore cast their lot with the Serpent.

The latter alternative — eternal torment — is the “second death”. Yahweh, in his mercy, gives us all a chance to avoid it. Indeed, every day that we draw breath is an opportunity to repent any transgression of his law of which we may be guilty, and cast our lot with him rather than with the Rebellious One.

The essence of the Serpent is that he is in rebellion against God. The requirement of God, is obedience to his law. In his law is found truth, peace, and justice. In disobedience is found the opposite, however well meaning we may be. Yahweh tolerates no rebellion, but the choice is ours to make. The reward of obedience is eternal life; the wages of sin (disobedience) is death … the “second death” in the form of eternal torment in the lake of fire.

 This is the sense of:

Deuteronomy 8:3. And he humbled thee, and suffered thee to hunger, and fed thee with manna, which thou knewest not, neither did thy fathers know; that he might make thee know that man doth not live by bread only, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of Yahweh doth man live.

We are to find life — eternal life, moreover on earth, not in heaven; see Isaiah 25:1-12 – in obedience to the word of God. It is to this latter that Yeshua alludes when first tempted by the Devil in the wilderness; see Matthew 4:1-4.

Yeshua (Christ) gives us in this story the very simple formula for overcoming the Devil: It is at every turn to remember, and obey, the word of God, which if we do them, it is promised that we shalllive (i.e., not be hurt of the second death, rather enjoy eternal life). It is in this sense that we live “by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God”.

It is clear therefore that we need to know the word of God that we are tasked to follow. It is also clear that there is a very clever fellow whose task it is to trip us up, as he did rather easily with Eve and Adam. We need therefore to be careful, and take care that we are not deceived; see Matthew 24:4Luke 21:8.

Broad is indeed the way that leadeth on to destruction, and strait (i.e., narrow) that which leadeth to life; see Matthew 7:13-15. Yeshua warns us that the narrow way is found by few. In overcoming Satan, therefore, there is no comfort to be found in following the herd. Indeed, if one is following the herd, that is the surest sign that one has not found the “strait gate”.

There is no mystery in finding the strait gate: find and obey the word of God. The difficulty arises only because the Serpent (Satan, the Devil) is the greatest and trickiest of deceivers, as we were warned in the third chapter of the first book of the Bible, where he makes his entrance:

Genesis 3:1. Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which Yahweh God had made.

Therein lies a warning that most of us either do not quite grasp, or fail to heed. We cannot defeat the Serpent by engaging him on his terms. We may overcome the Serpent in one way, and one way only, and that is by being obedient to the word of God.

It will often be the case that we do not understand the word of God, or cannot see the reason for it, or can find any number of reasons to doubt, including simply following the herd in its iniquity. This is all ammunition that the Deceiver may use.

This in essence is the story of how Eve was beguiled. Not understanding the full implications of God’s word, she was easy prey to the Serpent who not only flatly contradicted the word of God (“ye shall not surely die”), but also tempted Eve with the supposed benefit (“ye shall become as gods”) that would flow from eating the fruit God had forbidden; see Genesis 3:4-6.

The same pattern is at work in every deception of the Devil: Deny the clear word of God, and/or extol the virtue or benefit of disobedience. Thus today we are told that the Old Testament law “no longer applies”, and/or that it is “barbaric”, and/or that it is “too hard”, and/or that that Old Testament God is a “vengeful monster” whose laws are unjust and should be disobeyed. Etc. Satan then happily supplies, to the market-place of religious, social, political and economic ideologies, many and varied alternatives. He then invites us all to choose whichever we find most appealing (as though Yahweh gave us any choice in the matter).

And she was beguiled, and deceived into disobedience, condemning us all that came afterwards to see death, and to live through all the fruit of disobedience that have now reached full flower in this world given over to The Wicked One. It is a world of chaos, confusion, injustice, war, immorality, and wickedness in all its manifestations. We are now at the time of which Yeshua prophesied: “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold”; see Matthew 24:12.

In all this wickedness and iniquity we have the Christmas “holly”-day season, a time given over to peace on earth, goodwill to all men, and joy to the world! What is there not to like?! This to all appearances would seem to be something ordained of and by God, and if not, something that he would or should have ordained, as respite from the wickedness of this world, if only but once a year.

It is this very veneer of Sweetness, Peace, Love and Light, that makes of the Christmas “holly”-day season, Satan’s greatest trick. For nowhere in the word of God does he ordain Christmas. Furthermore there may be found in the word of God where he expressly warns against it. And finally, it does not require more than cursory examination to reach the conclusion that Christmas, with all its manifest lies and deceit, could not possibly be of God.

Rather the fingerprints of the Deceiver are all over it. This is the story of Eve and the Serpent all over again. As Eve the innocent was beguiled by the Serpent, we too in this day and age are defenseless in our innocence before the wickedness of the Serpent, and have been beguiled. Anyone talking against Christmas is immediately labeled a “Scrooge” or a “Grinch”. As an age-old tradition, Christmas is now well-nigh immune to assault. Satan’s helpers, innocent though they be, will leap to its defense, thinking they honor Christ thereby.

That is only part of the “immune-system” function that Satan has built up around this forbidden festival. There is at play a “save-Christmas” narrative, in reaction to an alleged “kill-Christmas” assault that would take Christ out of Christmas. Thus, in some quarters, it has become politically incorrect to ever wish anyone “Merry Christmas”. Instead the preferred greeting is “Happy Holidays”, “Season’s Greetings”, and other religiously neutral expressions. Satan’s helpers again are mobilized, and again are duped into thinking that they are doing God’s work by putting “Christ back into Christmas”, remembering the “reason for the season”, and so forth. They too are deceived. For indeed Satan wins, whether one chooses this side or the other side of the struggle, as long as the word of God is absent from the debate, or otherwise made to seem other than the principal thing.

 What is the truth of the matter?

First, Yahweh makes it plain that he is a jealous God. We are to have no other god, but Yahweh. This is the plain meaning of the first and second commandments; see Exodus 20:2-3,Deuteronomy 5:7-9.This leaves no room for the concept of the Trinity, which is further excluded by Yahweh’s word through Isaiah, through whom Yahweh says, “beside me there is no God”, and further, “I know not any”; see Isaiah 44:6-9.

So we see at Exodus 20:2 and Deuteronomy 5:7 that we are to have no gods before Yahweh, and at Isaiah 44:6 that there are no gods beside Yahweh. He also says in the same verse that he is the “first”, and the “last”. In Isaiah 44:8 he says he knows not of any God beside him. These scriptures put paid to any viable concept of the Trinity, and therefore to any concept of a God-the-Son that is next to or co-equal with Yahweh. Christ for his part asserts no such co-equality, rather expressly denies it. At John 5:30 Christ says “I can of mine own self do nothing … but the will of the Father …”. And at Matthew 6:9, he gives us the “Lord’s Prayer,” wherein he defers to “Our Father” in Heaven to whom is due all the power and all the glory. These are just two examples; there are many other scriptures from which the same inference may be drawn that Christ defers entirely to Yahweh, including that earlier referred to (Matthew 4) where we see him overcome the temptations of the Devil. Yahweh is beyond such temptation, but Christ must overcome, and indeed he exhorts us to overcome “as I also overcame”; see Revelation 3:21.

Therefore, there is no sense in which one may claim to be giving glory to the Father even as the Son is glorified, as the latter is during the feast of Christmas. And to give glory to any other God but Yahweh is a violation of the plain meaning of the first and second commandments, further clarified, and to remove all doubt, by:

Isaiah 42:8. I am Yahweh: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.

The entire purpose of Christmas, in violation of the second commandment and the precept clearly stated at Isaiah 42:8, is to give glory to another, i.e. to Christ. It is forbidden. It is a trick of the Serpent to get us to do so.

Not only is there this general prohibition against the worship of any other God, either before or beside Yahweh, there is also a specific prohibition against “learning the way of the heathen”, and in specific a heathen practice that well describes what today we would recognize as the decking of a Christmas tree; see Jeremiah 10:2-4.

It doesn’t take much research to find out that in its origins, Christmas has indeed nothing to do with the birthday of Christ, but rather is an ancient pagan, mid-winter festival; see here for further information.

In any case, Yahweh prescribed, through Moses, set feasts and celebrations for the children of Israel to observe, none of which were ever repealed. There are no birthday celebrations among them.

Birthday celebrations are pagan in origin. There are two references to birthday celebrations in Scripture. One is a reference to Pharaoh’s birthday (Genesis 40:20), the other is to the birthday of Herod (Matthew 14:6Mark 6:21), who was Idumean (Edomite), not Israelite. There is no reference to any king, priest, prophet or commoner of Israel celebrating a birthday.

Israelites rather were commanded to observe a feast at every new moon; see Numbers 10:10, also 1 Samuel 20:5. This certainly would have provided opportunity for regular family-centered feasting and celebration. Certainly, celebrating birthdays on an equitable basis becomes problematic in any family with large numbers of wives and children. The case of Solomon, with 700 wives and 300 concubines provides an extreme example, where observing birthdays would have had to become a daily activity for Solomon were there such a practice. Observing monthly new-moon feasts seems a far better arrangement for family feasting, moreover that ordained by God.

Finally, it should be sufficient to contemplate all the lies that attend Christmas tradition for anyone whose spiritual eye has been opened, to understand clearly that this cannot be of Yahweh. Yahweh does not require of his servants that they lie or deceive in order to serve him.

If Christmas is about celebrating the birthday of Christ as is claimed, why does “Santa Claus” come into it? Why is it necessary to lie to the little children that Santa Claus brings them toys and gifts — flying from the North Pole to do so, too besides — when that is patently untrue? What does a “Christmas” tree have to do with Christ or his birthday, and with what scriptural support? Why is Christmas shopping of such oversize proportions as to reek of obeisance to Mammon rather than God?

Why are pagan retentions still central to Christmas, such as kissing under the mistletoe, decorating with boughs of holly, and engaging in merriment to the point of debauchery? Why is it that there is nothing in Scripture or in the historical record that establishes it for a fact that Yeshua was born on December 25, as claimed? The simple unavoidable fact is that the religious feast of Christmas is a complex of lies, and therefore cannot be of Yahweh.

It is a triumph of the Wicked One that so many well-meaning self-described Christians, led moreover by pastors that ought to know better, would support and uphold this complex of lies in the name of serving God.

A proper understanding of Scripture should let us see clearly the hand of Satan in this, and the challenge to overcome, as Yeshua overcame. It is interesting that just as Satan makes his appearance in the third chapter of the first book of the Bible, he makes his exit in the third chapter before the end of the last book:

Revelation 20:10. And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

He is cast into the lake of fire. He knew the fate that awaited him from the beginning. He will take as many with him as he can. Since broad is the way that leadeth on to destruction, and few are they that will find and enter into the strait gate, we may expect that Satan will have a bountiful harvest of souls who will share his torment in the lake of fire. We each have the task of overcoming his trickery and deceit. Saying no to observing the pagan feast of Christmas is a good start.

Yahweh’s blessings be upon you all.



This is a very clear message and we know that the messenger has nothing to fear.  He is doing the work of the creator, and clarifying the word.  There are many who are taking their precious time and trying to corrupt mankind; but we know better.  We also know that to indulge their fabrications would only add credence to their elaborate plan to destroy all Human beings on this planet.

Once you find out that you are living in an illusion, you will get angry. We suggest you not get angry, but smart. Today we want you to get a thorough understanding of what is being done in this time; by those who would want to keep you enslaved for ever.

Many times the messenger is killed to prevent the message from being delivered – we won’t however allow that to happen on this front.  Our efforts to find the truth and reveal it to you are our lifes ambition.  We seek neither glory or riches. Only the good and useful place that we will earn for continuing to reveal the truth.

We know that many of you already know about this messenger – Da13thSun;  but we want you to take a moment and look at his sermon, which is just as relevant to this day as that given by Bro. Malachi.  He comes to us from a less biblical studied viewpoint, but he brings the pure truth “Blood Raw” everyday.  And for that we appreciate and showcase his fine words.

Remember Your Dreams Are The Portals To Your Realities

If you still don’t believe that Man”kind” is attempting to rid the planet of everyone who is aware of their plan, then you should spend a few moments and watch this movie by John Carpenter from the 1980′s – TheyLive.

There is no way to deny what is happening to us today.  It’s as clear as the reptilian eyes on Nicki Minage.

We won’t ignore it, and we don’t want you to either.  There is truth out here and we all need to look at that, ignoring the lies.  Thus creating a whole step of reality away from the lies and nonsense.  Become enlightened to the reality of what is happening on this planet, to you and everyone; today.

 No doubt you’re wondering who to tell – we suggest you Run Tell Everybody Right Now. That way you can cross them off the list of the 85% who will attempt to drown you in their fires of ignorance.

Stand Strong and Know that The Truth Has Set You Free,