Have Mercy Sweet Jesus – Whos’ That Up In The Chuuch Today ?

This week we turn the Chuuch over to the people.  Yes The People.  Those who are courageous enough to put their work in knowing they could end up smashed for doing it.  That’s why we believe in their cause and motivation.  We’ve written about them many times before and we’ll continue to update you on their activities as they announce campaigns – such as the one they are bringing to us today.

Let The Chuuch Say Amen cause Anonymous Is In The House

From the beginning of this year when the USDOJ Hounded and Harrassed Aaron Schwartz until he took his own life; There has been something negative in the air. The year is just beginning and it’s already obvious that more plans are underway to take total control of the planetery population. This isn’t a joke and everyone should be grateful for a heads up. You can’t go to any major media service and find out this type of information.

This is what they want us to understand and to pay attention to, as it’s happening right in front of us on a daily basis

There’s certainly no time to waste when you look at the most recent developments in the privacy and intelligence legislation areas. The NDAA itself is so secret that no one really knows what areas it covers; sort of like the patriot act. A legal monkey wrench of sorts for the DOJ to use as it has against countless citizens; who disagreed with the US Government on some crucial point. This is why it’s so important that you pay attention to these warnings, because if you don’t you might not be able to tomorrow.

Really Doh,