Has #Kendrick-gate Gained #Control of the Rap Game in One Verse ?

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We love Big Sean mostly because he’s from the D, and quite Talented. Sean pushed the limit this past week by releasing a track called Control. well he took Control when he did -

Early this week the internets went absolutely crazy when Kendrick Lamar’s verse in the new Big Sean was revealed.

Yeah he said he’s the King Of New York.. Kendrick you’re from Compton youngin ? is he confizzled ? what is going on with this whole situation ?

We think you should get the whole story so lets start here – the Verse itself : Kendricks’ Verse Singled Out for Your Consumption

Yes this is evidence of his direct intentions to take over the entire rap game. He says he gives -0- fucks cause he’s out to murder them. Wow Kendrick .. ?


Should you respond to Kendrick Lamar’s verse? Here’s a handy chart to help you answer.

Okay so the contenders stepped into a queue to respond to Kendrick.

“I’d like to send a shout to the fathers that didn’t raise us. To every hoe who hated, now unable to say much.”

- Earl Sweatshirt

Then we heard this clever response from somebody named Mysonne .. Who ?

Awwwco’mon son, Jesuschrist,  okay on to the response train. cause you know it’s rollin like never before and we’re all glad because it’s made all these unknowns thirsty.

Well here we go again, PDiddy.. and frankly well who’s thirstier ?

So now you know the news media is apparently a lil parched too.

The News Media clearly decided to hype the whole scenario by talking to Big Sean; over, and over; as well as anybody who would talk about the verse.  Hey HipHop Vlogs Why Are You So Thirsty ? Aren’t there enough stories and new artists out there for you to cover ?

Wait.. Wale ? Whaddddd, Please. And this so called rapper right here

Riiiiiiiiitte we’ll hear your response soon too no doubt, no-doubt. the media even gives it opinion and it’s not a diss track – even though it is a diss track of sorts. damn, what a conundrum and panjandram too.

who are these guys talkin second hand to Meek Mill ?

Meek Mill understands that this is a game and they all want to get the hottest lick this week. Meek Mill says he was glad he rated enough to have his name mentioned. He says he lives for competition so we’re going to be listening.

We happened to find a response from Papoose a rapper out of NY; which gave us something in the way of hope. It’s lyrically sound and we think that it’s what Kendrick wanted when he dropped his Control Verse. Papoose is Muslim so he responded as a man who loves his family and wants his words to count. That’s what we admire. Good Work Papoose.

Finally tonight when completing our independent investigation into the aforementioned fracas; we found this very useful downloadable piece of evidence. We hope that you will take advantage of the chance to judge the thirstiness of the rap industry with this gratis sample platter courtesy of the nice folks at DatPiff.com.


We’re honestly glad that Young Kendrick was able to inspire them. He alone in recent history was able to at least get some of these so called rappers out of their corners and unite to quench their thirst. Somebody needed to do it for a real long time.

Kendrick Baby We Believe You Have Revived HipHop.

Thank You God Cause We Feared She Was Dead,