MM: Happy Monday – Strippers? Hookers? Hair Gel? Waterboarding Dick Cheney?

SuperNews! Ep. 8 “Strippers? Hookers? Hair Gel?” // Current.

SuperNews! Ep. 8 “Strippers? Hookers? Hair Gel?”

this week we compare two manic personalities – from the news.
one thinks he runs the world, and the other one will never admit that he tried to run it into the ground; Dick and Weezie, yeah the dynamic duo. Supernews had this really great opening sketch all about Dick and Waterboarding so we had to share it with you.

hopefully you won’t get too bored, and skip to weezie, because there are some chiding hot bits in the 20+ min well produced episode – check it out :

Animated sketches include: Dick Cheney asks to be Waterboarded; Myspace stalks his ex-girlfriend; Larry King interviews the Large Hadron Collider; Las Vegas and the 9 levels of Hell; Fred and Danielle buy a dildo; Gorgon the Awkward Alien; and as always, the SuperNews! spin on this week’s hottest news!

Now since it’s Music Monday we are obligated to bring you something current and compatible. that’s why we’re giving you this Weezy Vid. his stuff is hard to find embedable online right now, because he seems to be in tight money earning agreements with universal and their partners. he opens his lil mouth, and they get a cut. yeppp,,

wonder what they plan to do when lil weezy is locked down tryin to pick up that soap ?

hmmmm,,, too bad he can’t have a mobile recording studio at the prison to record his vocals and let them work the backside. (pun intended)

but who knows…. anything can happen if you got cash to burn and grease up the right assholes, ooohh yeah literally in this case, since we know lil weezy will be doing a bit; and or maybe a couple bits.

Enjoy this piece of Real Weezy Undecipherability – and please tell us, WTF is He Saying ? No Fo Real Doh, What Is He Saying ?

Lil Wayne – Got Money

Yeah player you might have a couple stacks, but lets see what happens while you out the market, in the box chillin for a while.

Weezie has tremendous potential to get something out of this lil experience

Hopefully this retreat will involve getting him some medical attention for his obvious leaning issue; cause if he starts to get any worse they’re gonna have to put his ass in a wheelchair; like Michael Jackson – Have Mercy.

if you look at photos, most of the time you see him sippin out of that damn cup. And NO – grown men dont’ walk around with hawaiian punch in a double styrofoam cup, 24 hrs a day, slobbering and mumbling incoherently.

Weezie Get Help Baby, cause your potential is limitless if you just learn to harness your desire to be like Dick, and yeah we do mean Cheney; Cause neither one of y’all ain’t runnin ish.

Rapper Wayne faces year in prison

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne currently tops the US singles chart with Jay Sean track Down


US rapper Lil Wayne faces a year in prison after pleading guilty to gun charges arising from a 2007 arrest.

The 27-year-old admitted attempted criminal possession of a weapon in a plea deal and will be sentenced at New York State Supreme Court in February.

The rapper – born Dwayne Michael Carter Jr – was arrested in July 2007 when a gun was found on his tour bus after a hip-hop concert in Manhattan.

His sixth album Tha Carter III was the best-selling album in the US in 2008.

The record won best rap album at the Grammy awards in February, where Lil Wayne picked up three other prizes.


According to a spokeswoman at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, the rapper would have faced more serious gun possession charges had the case gone to trial.

Lil Wayne also faces felony drug possession and weapons charges in Arizona after drugs and a handgun were allegedly found on his tour bus in January 2008.

The rapper has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Lil Wayne cut a sombre figure on Thursday as he acknowledged he had had a .40 calibre semi-automatic loaded gun on his tour bus in 2007.

Rapper Ja Rule was arrested after the same New York concert on gun possession charges. The rap star, known to the court as Jeff Atkins, has pleaded not guilty. He has a court date next month.