Guerillas In The Mist – Today Ms. Harriet Tubman Asks Where Is Joseph Kony Really Mr. Obama ?

We received a note from a Ugandan G+ buddy of mine and though it was well worth sharing.  This is all about Joseph Kony.  We’ve heard tales about him being in hiding – sort of like an osama bin laden type of scenario.  However we don’t believe it.  We’ve heard from many Ugandan Expats that folks literally KNOW Where Kony is.  KNOW is the operative word.  This is why we are tying Barack Obamas’ drone program into this scenario.

ABC Just Dropped This Video Moments Ago – Yes The Major Media Drops Truth on The Dark Policies seeping out From The Basement of the Whitehouse.  Even US Generals are speaking out about the problems of this Drone Program being kept a secret. 

Supposedly the drones are flying low over the Ugandan highlands where Joseph Kony is rumored to have a retreat.  If the drones have spotted him and not reported his location – we want to know why. Mr. Obama has his hands on all the buttons at all times we hear, which is why we feel he knows more than he’s telling us. That means we have to find out from our own sources – which is always more revealing.  The truth is rich and in this case, covered in pure us dod bs.

Mr. Obama – Could we be seeing the new Osama Bin Laden ?

Some say this is the developing scenario to allow the US DOD to get a foothold in the East African Savannah.  If this is the case, somebody betta be tellin us something right now cause Harriet Tubman and a posse’ of her faithful are headed to the area.  As you already know, Ms. Harriet will free Any Slave Anywhere – That’s why we know Mr. Obama knows where he’s got Joseph Kony stashed.

“Voodoo Runnin From My Magic” Yes it’s true Freedom Fighters always carry their own form of intelligence, and in this case it’s the Gorillas In The Mist literally.  Yo King Kony We Bout It, All Up In The Midst.

Mr Obama knows that Ms Harriet don’t need no drones, or even anything more than the intelligence from her people on the plantations.  The talk is that Kony is in a deep cave; yes we said Deep Cave.  Ala Osama Bin Laden.  unfortunately we know that the highland Gorillas are in danger in that same area; so if Kony is smart he’ll surrender before Ms. Harriet recruits those lonely Gorillas in The Mist into her newest fierce fighting wing, already dressed in natural camouflage.

Theres’ No Way We’re Letting Kony Get Away  so just get ready for the big spring show down with the Guerillas In The Mist.

 Check out the Letter from our Ugandan G+ Contact Muweesi

Hello Muweesi

Thanks for your personal reply.  I was asking like “LITERALLY WHERE HE IS” since you obviously haven’t seen the bonus of columns I’ve personally written about  him and his dastardly deeds.
More than half a decade ago I became a supporter of Ugandan Women’s handicrafts because it helped them stop breaking those rocks and earn a little bit more to send their children to school; and to have food to feed their families.  I know that there is a lot of convo in expat communities about Joseph Kony, which is why I asked YOU Where Is Kony ?
I really mean like Where Is He so that the women can go there and whip his nyash.  Then they can turn whats’ left of him over to the children and men to finish their job.  He has terrorized many for too long and it’s time that My Ugandans have their chance to show him how they feel about him. Quite a thought for you I’m sure.
So if my new friend, you happen to hear of the whereabouts or physical coördinates/logistics of the physical location of Joseph Kony –  Let Me Know.  Since I have recently become this generations Harriet Tubman, I will be glad to go in the bush and bring him to my guerilla preyer meeting.
and Yes I do mean PREYER Meeting.

 Best,  Your Friend -

Harriet // Reality in a Foundation Sound

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Joseph Kony Joseph Kony Born: 18-Sep-1964. Birthplace: Atyak, Uganda Gender: Male Religion: Cult Race or Ethnicity: Black Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Criminal, Military, Religion National…

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