Gems and Junk – what’s what in this cakesoap drama

Meet Mr Diamond.. He is a very determined man

You see Mr. Diamond has been around on the dancehall scene for a while waiting for his major career making break. We think this video and the song just might be it. The positive message of the lyrics tell you exactly what is driving this quest for success.

this is what more artists need to do instead of singing about things like cake soap and sexual ramping..

The dancehall audience today is longing for music like this. But apparently the selectors want help finding it; from the artist (if yuh catch mi).

That’s the tip of what’s holding dancehall music back

Money has diluted the sound and the message. at one point every producer was releasing riddim after riddim. In hopes of one of the tunes being strong enough to hit the charts. Artists like Mr. Diamond don’t pay to play.  So basically that means if you don’t sponsor your promotion (pay for it); you couldn’t count on getting any.

Another of the issues was more Financially Devastating

The reality of making a tune and having no where to find it on sale. Yes,  the issue of no distribution meant no one knew about your tune; and didn’t hear it if not at a dance. These days that has changed. Largely because of the Internet and global radio stations like BadGalsRadio.

When independent artists approach us with a really good tune, we listen to the tune; then we decide if it’s going into rotation.

As you can see, Mr. Diamond will be in our library

The fact is that there are 199 bad-mind tunes coming out everyday in Jamaica; and 10 strong-heart tunes. We’ve been committed since our inception, to promoting excellence; and especially independent artists. We’re independent and we know the work that it takes to build your reputation and maintain it.

We work on ours moment by moment; by supporting independant music and artists who put out absolute jams; that get no play on terrestrial radio.

Do You Remember our Multiversions of Fuck You Friday ?

think about the fact that this tune was as hot as fish grease; yet no major radio stations would play it, because it said Fuck You. welll, that’s why we played it.  and look where this tune has gone now – everybody and their friend wants to have their own version.  We remember when Ceelo was a part of the Dungeon Family and we loved them all.  we played them in the 90′s, and we’re still playing them. regardless of who the artist is, if the tune is good we believe you may want to hear it

It was hard for independent artists like the Goody Mob and even Outkast back in the day.  they struggled to get play on radio. to get picked up by a company who would distribute their music and not destroy their independence.

Sadly those artists have been forced to pay for notice when they could. which put them into bed with the vampires. we all know that once the vampires suck on you, they’ll suck you dry and toss you aside.

Dealing with interactive programming is a challenge for most small radio stations. but for us, it’s a joy. we get a lot of music to listen to and only a small fraction of what we get ever makes it into our library. we’re running over 3 terabytes of music now and with that volume comes visitors and discoveries.

Artists want new Fans; and Fans want good interesting music.

That’s where BadGalsRadio and other independent global broadcasters come in. we play and put out what we think you’d like even and especially if it’s one of those sleeper tracks or an ep. we believe that the listener should be interested and entertained while listening; or why would they bother to come by and listen.

Earlier this week we gave you Libyan Hiphop

Khaled is the voice of his generation; who are filling the streets of Libya; and demanding their freedom. Have you ever heard of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya – NFSL ? Listen up as Khaled lays down the real facts straight from Benghazi.

That’s what these independant artists do – provide us with good and interesting entertainment to give to you. Please remember that because we are independant we work harder to keep our heads above the crowd. so that we can hear those hidden gems, like Mr. Diamond.

Please Support Independent Music and Global Streaming Radio. We are only here to give you the enjoyment you can’t get anywhere else, from anywhere on the globe; or for us 214 countries. we say 214 because Eritrea’s profile was 214 and the map merged it into Ethiopia mysteriously. that should show you how important we are to those who have very little choice on either end.

Be Powerful and Support Independent Entertainment – Because We Do It For You,


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