Do You KNOW WHO IS All UP In YOUR Business ?

We believe that a one world agenda is at hand. Yesterday we gave you a sermon from Malachi which explained how the power tools were stolen; but will be returned, before the coming of this new order.

You all know how much we love the JuiceNews Crew. Well this time they’ve come out with a smash hit. This is so ontime that we wonder if they are scripting the present day drama. They refer to it so well and define it to the degree of clarity. You absolutely must watch this

No doubt you’re wondering who is watching your drama ?

We think that it’s time to start looking at that very drama today. We’ve put together a full collection of pieces on the present day war on privacy. There is no way you can go through your day and not have at least one encounter with the international data miners. Most don’t recognize when they’re being mined; because it’s so covert and clandestine.

Justice Department’s Warrantless Spying Increased 600 Percent in Decade

“The Justice Department use of warrantless internet and telephone surveillance methods known as pen register and trap-and-trace has exploded in the last decade, according to government documents the American Civil Liberties obtained via a Freedom of Information Act claim.

Pen registers obtain, in real time, non-content information of outbound telephone and internet communications, such as phone numbers dialed, and the sender and recipient (and sometimes subject line) of an e-mail message. A trap-and-trace acquires the same information, but for inbound communications to a target. No probable-cause warrant is needed to obtain the data. Judges are required to sign off on these orders when the authorities say the information is relevant to an investigation.


From Facebook scanning your photos and placing them into a database; to Google giving you local suggestions in your search results. This is all part of the same plan, to micro manage you.

“… note that the largest facial recognition database in the world right now is Facebook, with 900 million users.”

Rick “Ozzie” Nelson

 Facebook Has A Festering, Global Problem With No Solution

All around the world – in France, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States – Facebook users are outraged that the social network has exposed, to all their friends, their private messages from years ago.

Facebook profile pages are now formatted in “timelines” that stretch back to when a user first joined the network. These users say that their friends are able to scroll back to the early parts of these Timelines and see what were once private messages.

The US Government has it’s hands in the dirty water up to the shoulder, as was reveled recently. Their use of the NDAA Before it was approved, and then after it was permanently blocked by a supreme court justice. is absolutely illegal.

ACT NOW! The Secrecy Must Be Stopped: Congress Members Probe USTR on the Confidential TPP Negotiations | Electronic Frontier Foundation

The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) threatens to regulate and restrict the Internet in the name of enforcing intellectual property (IP) rights around the world, yet the public and civil society continue to be denied meaningful access to the official text and are even kept in the dark about what proposals countries are pushing in this powerful multilateral trade agreement. With users having sent over 80,000 messages to Congress asking them to demand transparency in the TPP using EFF’s Action Center, Congress members have been urged into action to uncover the secrecy.

There are too many security efforts being focused on individuals; instead of crimes. Why is what we should be asking, In fact demanding. The size of the US defense budget is so large that the congress and senate have again floated the out of sync budget; until they can try to borrow money on the international market.

U.S. military creates biometric database in Afghanistan

It’s not just United States citizens that the U.S. is compiling detailed records on. It seems that the U.S. military has made it a policy to collect biometric data on whomever they please to in Afghanistan.

Few of Afghanistan’s 30m people have a birth certificate, a second name or can read. Yet America’s army and the Afghan government have collected digital records of more than 2.5m of them. Anyone arrested or imprisoned, or who seeks to join the army or police, is scanned. So are those, such as labourers, who attempt to get into a coalition military base. Each is checked against watchlists of suspects. Last year biometric machines were also put at all border crossings. In hotly contested areas any “fighting-age males”, meaning those between 15 and 70, may be scanned compulsorily.

Some patrols call all men from a village out of their homes and line them up by a mosque to be logged. At other times buses are stopped arbitrarily and all the men are taken off and scanned.

(Source: Economist)

This needs to stop, mostly because it’s unneccesary and illegal

With the RFID tags in everything we use for identification, we are clearly being tracked everymoment. In the most simple terms – we’re hot; and not in a good way.

Privacy Expert: All Protesters Are Routinely Scanned and ‘Skimmed’ By Drones

Investigator says protesters have phones scanned, identity logged by authorities as a matter of course

A prominent private investigator operating out of New York and Texas has noted that anyone engaging in any large scale protest, is now subjected to scanning by drones that skim their personal information from their cell phones.

In a talk entited “Privacy is dead”, pi Steven Rambam told an audience of hackers and privacy activists at HOPE 9 in New York recently that the authorities have the capability to extract real-time data on individuals by “surveying” their electronic devices, and do so as a matter of routine.

Rambam, who has conducted several thousand missing-person searches over almost three decades, claims that the practice is considered a “legitimate investigatory technique”, and that anyone who protested with the Occupy Wall Street movement would have been subjected to it.

Your cellular phone with it’s connection to the network which serves your signal; to your onstar live valet in your vehicle. All of these devices of convenience – are not meant to be for Your Convenience; but for the convenience of those who are tracking you. They can at any moment put their hands on you, literally.

ACLU forces government to reveal skyrocketing surveillance stats

“Feds got more peoples’ phone call records in last 2 years than previous 10.”

Even Facebook is tracking your every move.  then they turn around and sell the data. That should be totally illegal. It’s an invasion of your privacy – probably without your permission.  tonight we took matters into our own hands and Opted OUT on The Whole Follow Me.  You and do the same thing in two clicks.  Read this short piece and take a moment and  click those links to Datalogic to Remove Your Tracking with just a click.

How to Opt Out of Facebook’s Newest Attempts to Track Everything You Do, Even Offline



Facebook has started working with a data mining service to pair together your email address and other information stored on Facebook with advertising products to see what (and if) you’re clicking on ads. Privacy advocates aren’t too fond of this, but thankfully you can keep it from happening.

We’ve known that Facebook is already tracking your every move online, but the data Facebook is using now isn’t just about browser cookies. Facebook is pairing what you buy offline with what you see online.

How to Opt-Out from the Datalogix Collection

To opt-out of everything (including the Facebook comparison data) Datalogix is collecting, head to their Privacy page, scroll down to the “Choice” heading, click the last “click here” link in the paragraph, and fill in your information. This will opt you out of any and all data collection done by Datalogix.

You can also easily to opt out of Datalogix’s cookie-based tracking by clicking this link. Like any cookie based advertising, you will have to opt-out on every computer and browser you use.

From Mosquito Drones to Body Scans when you enter Airports; these are the most invasive times the world has ever experienced. The globe is turning into one huge checkpoint. Almost as though you are a commodity and need to be tracked to assure your value is accessable at any chosen time. and incase you didn’t realize it, even your tweets are valuable and owned; but not by you.

Twitter gives Occupy protester’s tweets to U.S. judge

Yes your Tweets, and your voice mails are all part and parcel of your value to the worlds data mining pirates. some call them governments and private security contractors. But recently we decided that wasn’t accurate enough and now we are interested in calling them exactly what they are – 21th century slavers.  Even those rent to own computers are involved in this mess. The FTC stepped in and put a halt to their practices; and hopefully other advances will follow in this very complex new global legal drama

Doc o’ the Day: FTC Halts Computer Spying

FTC Halts Computer Spying Secretly Installed Software on Rented Computers Collected Information, Took Pictures of Consumers in Their Homes, Tracked Consumers’ Locations

Seven rent-to-own companies and a software design firm have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they spied on consumers using computers that consumers rented from them, capturing screenshots of confidential and personal information, logging their computer keystrokes, and in some cases taking webcam pictures of people in their homes, all without notice to, or consent from, the consumers.

The software design firm collected the data that enabled rent-to-own stores to track the location of rented computers without consumers’ knowledge according to the FTC complaint. The settlements bar the companies from any further illegal spying, from activating location-tracking software without the consent of computer renters and notice to computer users, and from deceptively collecting and disclosing information about consumers.

As per the course, the FTC slapped the hand of DesignerWare of North East Pennsylvania and the rent-to-own companies. The settlement, announced Tuesday, only requires them to halt using their spy tools, which has been employed on as many as 420,000 rentals.

The software, known as Detective Mode, didn’t just secretly turn on webcams. It “can log the keystrokes of the computer user, take screen shots of the computer user’s activities on the computer, and photograph anyone within view of the computer’s webcam.

Detective Mode secretly gathers this information and transmits it to DesignerWare, who then transmits it to the rent-to-own store from which the computer was rented, unbeknownst to the individual using the computer,” according to the complaint.


We actually believe that this software the Rent to Own companies used gave them even more worth; if they were able to sell the location information to those who might be interested.  Who you ask ?  We think that some of these rent to own computers may have turned in illegal aliens, and criminals.

That means they could be using the data to provide information to the USDOJ.  They could be using it to pick up locations and events that would implicate the users and others in their close vicinity.  No doubt probation officers would relish this software and connection.  We hoped that they would confiscated all the computers with the suspect software, and destroy them; but alas they were just ordered to disable the software and pay a fine.

Same Stupidity Different Day


“The most harmful effect of private prison companies is that they have made imprisonment-for-profit politically and socially acceptable, thereby creating an insidious industry that benefits from incarceration while instilling the notion that justice literally is for sale and crime does in fact pay.”

 Did you know that the CCA is the largest employer in the United States ? Also the CCA is the largest provider of legal slave labor. Yes we said Legal Slave Labor. The private corrections facilities are not obliged to release any data to any source other than the CCA. This is how we know that they are the largest slave labor camp operators in the usa.

The trend these days for most soon to be prisoners who come to court for parole violations are given time in jail to help keep the prison work flow steady. Remember this is 100% private industry. However the major contributor and beneficiary of the operations is of course the CCA.

In China last weekend there was a riot at the factory where Apple and many other electronics brands are produced.  The mostly young worker population demanded better working conditions and a livable wage.  The chinese military responded and broke up the riot; as expected.  There has been no mention at this point of the fate of that raise or the better working conditions.  Only the mention of the riot being put down has followed.  That in itself makes us wonder if this is the beginning of an evolution. It seems clear from all indications that no one wants to be a slave laborer.

Voices stored by law enforcement

FBI Renewing Its Request For New Internet Surveillance Laws

The FBI is renewing its request for new Internet surveillance laws, saying technological advances hinder surveillance and warning that companies should be required to build in backdoors for police.

We must ensure that our ability to obtain communications pursuant to court order is not eroded,” FBI director Robert Mueller told a U.S. Senate committee this week. Currently, he said, many communications providers “are not required to build or maintain intercept capabilities.

Proposal to require police warrant for email snooping advances in Senate

We’ve talked about this manytimes before but this time we want you to look at your own circumstances and realize just how rooted you are to the system, which can find you at any moment. Your cellphone which is the constant companion of most people is the most used tracking device for law enforcement. This is why data plans and usage plan prices have fallen to an alltime low. the intelligence services want to claim as much data to analyze as they can; to supposedly prevent terrorism.

Facebook Monitors Your Chats for Criminal Activity [REPORT]

Under pressure, Facebook disables facial recognition in Europe

Well if stealing telephone data, internet usage data, and all the other breaches of your privacy are not a concern to you; then please think 1984 because Trapwire Is In Operation. Every Camera is linked directly into a globally shared database in real time. Yes Real Time.

Bringing the ‘Ghosts’ of Google Street View To Life

There’s a whole cottage industry online devoted to mining for these oddities (see hereherehere, and here, a blog devoted entirely to people caught walking their dogs on Google Street View).

Artist Paolo Cirio, however, believes that all of these images are misappropriated data.

“It’s really interesting for me that Google didn’t ask permission to do what they did, just going around every single city in the world and taking pictures without even alerting the police, or the public administration”

How Google Tracks You

That means you are never out of reach and You are always located. Some folks never turn their cellphones off, so they are always live on the grid. Turn Them Off Sometime, and Remove the Battery if you don’t want the phone to communicate or be reached.

There are still questions in play about the latest generation of RFID tags and if they are embedded in the cellphone. We are waiting patiently for the final answer on this question. when we receive that answer we will gladly post it for your information.

Just to show you how quickly things can happen to you – watch this

Your Personal Business Should BE Off-limits to Everyone including the Government. Because it’s YOUR Business and You have a reasonable expectation of privacy under the law. unless we as victims stand together to protest this unannounced surveillance upon ourselves; we can expect it to only increase.

That mosquito drone is all the proof that we need

Not only is America spying on you, but these drones can collect your DNA sample or leave RFID tracking nanotechnology on your skin.  So much for being a nation all about freedom.  We can’t even have private conversations or opinions without the government wanting to control it.


US Domestic Drone Use Causes Concern Among Citizens


Drone technology is currently used by the US military overseas, but Congress has commissioned the Federal Aviation Administration the task of developing drone technology to be used by police forces domestically.

Forty four percent of Americans polled supported the use of drone policy in the US, however 36% were “strongly opposed”, concerned that drones would be a serious violation of personal privacy.

Men were more concerned about drones than women, 40% to 30% respectively, and African American were much more concerned than whites, 48% compared to 32%.

There was little difference in concern between Republicans and Democrats on the issue.

Drones would employ infrared cameras with the ability to see through walls, and can also have “listening devices”, able to listen to conversations and activities of citizens.

Remember It’s YOUR BUSINESS NOT The Worlds; Demand Privacy Today


You are the only one who can be sure you are safe, Don’t Sleep or you may end up asleep forever,