Do You Know When You’re Government Is Lying ? Watch This and Learn

These days we often wonder when we see these so called acts of terrorism, if they are staged or real. Please think about this one question as you watch the video, because it could make the difference in your survival and freedom.

Now that you’ve had a moment to think about it, and you’ve watched the video; What are you going to do the very next time you see one of these organized acts of disruption ? Will you fall for the plot or will you watch and learn ?

These days we can see clearly that the US Government is involved in Neocolonialism globally; via their proxy relationships with other NATO partner nations. When the WikiLeaks on US State Department spying hit the fan, Americas’ hand was revealed to be stirring the pot of political drama in the Sinai.

Today we can clearly see that, because even the newly formed government in Egypt is reassessing its financial and diplomatic relationship with the US; mostly because of the US relationship with Israel.

The Israeli’s are consistently spreading their arms and screaming that they are under attack, when in fact it is clear that they are the attackers in most of these cases. United States foreign budgets for defense are busting the bottom out of the already overtaxed US domestic budget.

Many of the crucial elements to maintain stability within the US are under attack from those who inflate the DOD budget; to serve as financial proxies for financing false flag attacks. Right now we can see that the situation in Iran is on the top of the US list of places to bomb. Yet billions of dollars are being diverted from necessary domestic programs like education and healthcare – to finance this basic shit stirring.

How long will the US taxpayers stand for this misplaced budgetary assignment ?

Shouldn’t there be some new growth in jobs if the economy is picking up ? the only growth we’ve seen lately is in chinas’ hiring. Homer Simpson voted for Mitt Romney and he was outsourced – so think about that choice before you make it.

The US debt clock has reached it’s all time high with the most recent budget borrowing binge. Until the DOD budget is reigned in and balanced against the needs of the domestic budget; there will be no way that America can fix it’s house of paper.

We loved the most recent short from Jon Stewart on the Romney campaign and it’s absolutely comical attempts to make its candidates over the edge statements somewhat acceptable to the majority of Americans; who he recently alienated by his own statements.

Enjoy this – because this is absolutely what’s happening on Bullshit Mountain these days

Just So You Know, Theres no going back once you make the wrong decision. Thats’ why were working on gathering the best information about the situation.

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