Do you know bout the new rapper – #2Termz






He gives no more fucks. Suck it, fox news!

Too bad Jay and Kanye named their album “Watch the Throne” because that would be a great name for the inevitable collabo that Jay and 2Termz would do.

lol. I like the internet. I’ll keep it.


love him so much

WAIT Just One Minute –  WE Predict you will be suprised when the reality meets your expectations.  There is now a snow storm in New Jersey where last week they had a Tropical Depression smash their environment.  This is no joke and we don’t think that most of you realize just how serious things have become.  Stop looking at the illusions and believing they represent you.  The truth is being revealed at this exact moment. We know that Mother Nature has her own task force and is now sending out her warriors; to prepare her people.  This planet is about to flip.

This is the REALITY – by Da 13th Sun

and for those who have never seen the full length piece on Barack Obama and his Deception – enjoy !

to quote Biggie – “now if you don’t know, You Know“.